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Insurgency: The Complete Guide
By Pvt. Hanley [29ID]
Everything about Insurgency. Guide covers basics of how to play the game; how to select and use class system, various types of game modes and weapons, tricks and tips to get started, and the basics of modding. (WILL UPDATE AS REQUIRED)
Insurgency is a tactical based modern infantry combat first-person shooter game which pits the Security Forces against Insurgency Forces in a variety of game modes.

Gameplay offers Singleplayer, Co-operative and Mutiplayer modes, with smaller sized competitive style matches as well larger scale causal style matches, and co-op modes which challenge players against bots that can be set to different numbers and difficulties.

Game Mechanics attempt to be as realistic as possible while still being fun to play. A wide array of factors and player-made choices influence a player's experience on the battlefield. The develops of Insurgency include veterans of the United States military, with their input designed to make the game more realistic to actual infantry combat.

Rank does not restrict server access in any way and is not visible to other players on most servers. A player can join any server regardless of their rank, as one's level does not influence where they are placed in game.

Updates to Insurgency take place on a steady basis and the game is devoid of any major bugs or gameplay issues that affect a player's performance. New guns, equipment, gamemodes or mechanics and maps are added to the game every so often to keep the gameplay fresh.

Equipment availabe to the player, including weapons, is not restricted in any way to rank, but only to class and faction. Players do not need to increase their rank in order to unlock equipment, as all equipment is available at the start of the game, with the above limitations as well as the Supply Point system which limits the attachments and weapons available to the player.

Vechicles, while present as stationary decorative pieces in maps or heard in the distance during gameplay, are not useable to players. The game is much more focused on infantry combat.

Perks, Kill-Streaks, and other types of off-map support are not available to players in Insurgency, the game is much more focused on the players and their equipment stationed on the battlefield.

Damage from firearms and explosives in the game is also designed to be as realistic as possible. Most guns in-game will eliminate a target in one-to-two rounds, with explosive devices usually resulting in an instant-kill of the target(s). Various equipment options effect damage dealt to and recieved from enemies. Health does not regenerate in any way.

Teams are selected randomly or by the player, and are balanced to the number of players on the server. Each faction is divided into two squads, or one squad on co-op, which have a variety of classes the player selects from. Every class has its own advantage and the player's loadout selection is limited to whichever class they select.

Maps can be both offical and custom community-made and have various types of background combat depending on the map or time time of day. Some maps, such as Sinjar, will have A10-Thunderbolt II Warthogs perform strafing runs in the background, with both the visual of the GAU-8/A 30mm autocannon's impact, as well as the sound of the autocannon firing or the visual/audio of helicopter support. Other maps, such as Burhiz Night, has AA guns and AA missles firing in the backgound, with both audiable sound and visible tracer rounds from AA fire.

Custom Maps can have custom background sound effects and visuals

Weapons vary in both explosivies and firearms for each team. The Security Forces have much more modern weapons of the United States Military and N.A.T.O. Allies, while Insurgent Forces have mainly Soviet era and improvised weapons, and older firearms dating back to World War II.

Game Browsing can occur in one of two ways. Players can use the offical menu at the start screen of the game to browse offical servers, which are divided up by the menu into various categories. Players can also bring up the server browser, staple of most computer games, which allows players to search all servers available, including custom servers that offer custom rules, gameplay, and appearances for in-game maps and items

Mods are available through the Steam Workshop for Insurgency. The workshop offers a very large selection of modifications for Insurgency, allowing a player to alter the appearnce of sections of the game, such as character skins, weapon skins, different sound effects and music, as well as total conversion mods which change the game entirely. Custom Maps are also available through the Steam Workshop.
Insurgency controls are the same basic controls as most games:

W,A,S,D: Move forward, Backward, and Sideways
Mouse: Aim/Move Cursor
Mouse1: Shoot/Cycle players (spectating)
Mouse2: Look down sights/alternate attack
Spacebar: Jump/Change POV when spectating
Shift: Sprint/Hold Breath
Ctrl: Crouch
Q,E: Lean right and left
Z: Go prone
F: Pick up weapon or explosive on ground
C: Radial Command Menu
K: Activate Microphone
Y: Server Chat
U: Team Chat
X: Switch rate of fire (If Available)
B: Alternate throw (Explosives)
Mouse3: Set up Bi-pod (If attatched)
Shift+Ctrl: Slide (when sprinting)
MouseWheel/numbers: Select weapon and/or equipment
Alt: Slow-Walk (Silent)
R: Reload
G: Use Gadget (If attached)
Tab: View scoreboard
Comma: Select Class
Period: Select Team
M: View and Select Loadout
N: View Map
Esc: Brings up Main Menu

Calling a Vote allows the player to start (found in main menu) or participate in a vote whereby all players can cast a vote to change the options of the server. These options include the server's map, bot count, bot difficulty, kicking/banning a player, and scrambling the teams. F1 votes "yes" during the voting process whereas F2 votes "no".

It is recommended that the player alter the key bindings to any configuation the player performs better with, so as to enhance gameplay and ease of play.

Weapons and Explosives
Weapons in Insurgency
All players start with a knife that cannot be deselected. Knives are most effective when attacking from behind, usually an instant kill. Inurgency tries to simulate the enemies ability to fight back to frontal attacks with a knife by limiting damage, possibly taking several stabs.

Insurgency offers a wide array of gun selections that all offer different advantages.

Rifles: The largest variety of gun;best suited for longer range engagments. Carbines perform better in confined areas due to their greater mobility, whereas combat rilfes and sniper rifles are best used at longer range. All rifles can be upgraded with a wide selection of attachments including various scopes and gadgets.

Sub-Machine Guns: SMGs are best suited for close range engagments, particuarly effective in constricting enviornments such as inside a room or hallway, due to their high rate of fire, light weight, and mobility. The higher rate of fire causes the player to reload more and is less accurate at longer range.

Shotguns: Insurgency offers the lowest selection of shotguns, which are best used close range such as inside buildings. All shotguns can eqiup various attachments, including slugs which increase the range of the shot.

Light-Machine Guns
: Insurgency offers a decent selection of LMGs, mainly due to the ability to convert certain assault rifles into LMGs with extended magazines. The large ammo capacticy of LMGs is balanced with their heavy weight. All LMGs can equip a variety of attatchments.

Handguns: Insurgency offers a small variety of sidearms, with selection limited to which team a player is on. Sidearms range in capactity and style, including both revolvers and pistols new and old, all of which can be outfitted with attachments.

Both Security Forces and Insurgency Forces can equip a variety of different explosives

Frag Grenades are available to both teams, and can be "cooked" to explode sooner after it is thrown. Cooking the frag grenade too long will result in detonation before it is thrown, and thus suicide. They have a decent blast radius, enough to kill a player if thrown too close.

Smoke Grenades are available to both teams which can also be cooked to detonte sooner after it is thrown. Smoke grenades have a decent effect size and block vision when active.

Flash Grenades are available to both teams and can also be cooked before detonation. Flash grenades blind anyone who looks at them for a very short duration of time, including both the enemy and teamates and/or the player.

Incendiary Grenades are avilable to both teams, but vary in effectiveness. The thermite grenade available to Security Forces burns longer with less damage than the molotov cocktail used by Insurgency Forces. Both incendiary devices burn their effect area for a short duration causing damage to any other player within or who enters the area. Flames are visible and different for each and both will detonate in hand.

Rockets are available for both teams, but are very heavy comparable to most equipment. Both the AT4 and RPG-7 get very inaccurate at longer ranges, and are best used at the safest closest distance possible to be effective. Blast radius is rather large, and can cause suicide easily as well as cause major damage to friendlys. Rocket's leave a smoke trail that gives away a player's positing

Remote Detonation Explosive Devices such as C4 and IEDs can be thrown or placed and then detonated remotely any time after placement, assuming a different explosive device does not detonate within proximity causing the placed device to detonate. Remote explosive devices have a very large blast radius. It is important to have all friendly players safely away before detonation.

Flare Guns are used to disrupt enemy night vision or light an area when engaging in dark environments. Flares, continue to burn for a short duration and cause minor damage to all players if walked over.
Weapon Attatchments and Equipment
Attachments and Gadgets:
A wide selection of attachments is available for all weapons in Insurgency.

A Heavy Barrel reduces the muzzle climb of a firearm by increasing the barrel weight in order to counter the recoil of the gun, making the gun more accurate.

Silencers drastically reduce the noise made by a players gun when fired. Silenced weapons leave a much smaller sound footprint that allows the enemy to locate your firing position.

The laser sight attatchment shows a red dot wherever the player is currently aiming their weapon, allowing the player to shoot from the hip more effectively.

The bi-pod allows certain weapons to be deployed on a stand, making the gun stationary either on the ground or on ledges of certain heights.

The flashlight attachment allows the player to see in dark environments, and can be used on almost all weapons.
The foregrip reduces both vertical and horzontial recoil, making the gun slightly more accurate.

Grenade Launcher attachments can be fitted on to certain guns. Grenade lauchers come with their own side-mounted sight, and are fairly accurate. Grenade launchers can use both smoke and explosive grenades. (Incendiary greandes on certain servers)

Speed Loader is available for the revolver to reduce time needed to reload the weapon.

The type of ammunition selected effects the damage done to the target.

Regular ammunition is the stock ammuntion that comes with the gun when it is selected. It does decent damage to flesh targets but is not as effect against armored targets.

Hollow-Point ammunition is more effective than regular ammo, as it does more damage against flesh targets and slighty more damage against light body armor, and can penetrate wood

Armor-Piercing ammo is the most effective ammunition, as it has the capability to defeat all types of body armor, but is the most costly. Can penetrate wooden structures very effectively.

Tracer rounds are a type of ammunition that project a trail when they are fired, making the round visible in the air. Tracer rounds are scattered randomly among a person's magazine, and become more frequent the lower the magazine gets, allowing the player to determine how close they are to their mag becoming empty.

Various scopes are made avilable to the player to select from.

Iron Sights are stock on all guns and only removed in some instances when a scope is attached. Iron sights can no longer be used once any type of scope is attached.

Variatons of non-magnifying sights are available to each faction, and alters the field of view of the player when looking down the sight. View is slightly restricted. Includes Red Dot sights and Holographic sights.

A 2x Red Dot Sight is available to both factions, increasing the magnification by 2x, and limiting the field of view once looking down sight.

A C79 3.4x28x Scope is avilable for the Security Forces, having a magnification through the sight of 3x normal and restricting the field of view much further.

A PO 4x24 Scope is available for the Insurgency Forces that has a magnification of 4x and restricts the field of view more than any other scope available.

A 7x Scope is available for the Insurgency Forces that has a magnification of 7x and offers very little restriction of view. Scope if perfect for Sniper Rifles and long distance shooting.

A MK4 8.7x Scope is available for Security Forces, for very long range engagments and marksman purposes. Field of view is very slightly restricted.

Body Armor
Body Armor is available to all classes in Insurgency

No Body Armor is stock for the player and offers no damage reduction to any type of ammo.

Light Body Armor
offers some protection against non-armor piercing ammo, and slightly restricts the mobility of the player.

Heavy Body Armor offer the most protection against all ammo, but is rather heavy and greatly resticts a player's mobility, and causes fatigue much faster when sprinting.

Chest Rigs
Chest Rigs allow they player to carry more ammo and explosives

Chest Rig holds 2 extra magazines, for both primary and secondary weapons, and one extra explosive slot available.

Chest Carrier
holds 3 extra magazines for primary and secondary weapon, as well as two of whichever grenade was selected for the second explosive slot.


Night Vision Googles (NVG)
are available to players during night-time engagements. Once activated, it takes the player several seconds to adjust, making the picture more clear. Highly sensitive to light, with flares, explosives, and flashlights temporarily blinding the player if looked at.
Squads and Classes
Each Faction is divided into two squads

All classes can equip the standard equipment such as Body Armor, Chest Rigs, Sidearms and non-lethal grenades as well as all non-specific weapon attatchments and ammunitions.

The Security Forces are divided into the Assault Squad and Recon Squad

The Assault Squad

The purpose of the Assault Squad is to attack the enemy position head on with explosives

Specialist is the leader of the squad, and has the ability to use special leader commands. This class can equip more close-quaters oriented weapons, including the Shotgun, SMGs and Carbines, and can equip the incendiary grenade, M203 Smoke Grenade Launcher and all standard equipment

Rifleman is the most available class for the Assault Squad. Rifleman can choose from a selection of rilfes and carbines, as well as all standard grenades and attatchments.

Demolitions/Grenadier has the ability to equip special explosives such as the AT4 rocket or the Grenade Launcher attatchment. This class can equip rifles and carbines and all standard equipment

Breacher has a selection of Shotgun and SMGs as well as the ability to equip the C4 Explosive and AN-Thermite Incendiary Grenade.

Support can equip LMGs and Rifles and have the ability to equip the bi-pod attatchment and Extended Magazines. This class can equip most other standard equipment

Designated Marksman has access to various Combat and Sniper Rifles, and the ability to use the MK4 8.7x Scope as well as the bi-pod attatchment. The DM class has access to all other standard equipment

Sniper has access to Combat and Sniper Rifles, and the ability to equip the MK4 8.7x Scope, and bi-pod attatchments and all other standard options affored to other classes.

The Recon Squad

The purpose of the Recon Squad is to support the attacking Assault Squad with LMGs and Rifles

Recon is the squad leader and has can use speical leader commands. Class has access to SMGs and Carbines, as well as the ability to equip exclusive equipment such as AN-M14 Thermite and silencers.

Specialist can equip more close-quaters oriented weapons, including the Shotgun, SMGs and Carbines, and can equip the AN-M14 incendiary grenade and M203 Smoke grenade launcher.

Engineer can equip Shotguns and SMGs and has the ability to use C4 explosive as well as all other grenades such as the AN-M14 Incendiary.

Demolitions/Grenadier has the ability to equip special explosives such as the AT4 rocket or the Grenade Launcher attatchment. This class can equip rifles and carbines and all standard equipment and attachments plus the AN-M14 Thermite.

Support can equip LMGs and Rifles and have the ability to equip the bi-pod attatchment and Extended Magazines. This class can equip most other standard equipment and attatchments.

Designated Marksman has access to various Combat Rilfes and Sniper Rifles, and the ability to use the MK4 8.7x Scope as well as the bi-pod attatchment. The DM class has access to all other standard equipment and exposive options.

Sniper has access to Combat and Sniper Rifles, and the ability to equip the MK4 8.7x Scope, and bi-pod attatchments and all other standard options affored to other classes.

The Insurgency Forces are divided into the Assault Group and the Scout Cell.

The Assault Group
The purpose of the Assault Group is to attack the enemy head on with Explosives and Rifles

Specialist is the leader of the Assault Group and can use special leader commands. This class has access to a variety of auto and semi-automatic rifles and submachine guns as well as F1 Frag grenades and Molotovs. Can equip a GP-25 Smoke grenade launcher on certain rifles.

Militant class has access to a variety of assault rifles and marksman rifles, as well as shotguns. Militant class can use both Molotov and F1 Frag expolsives and standard equipment. and attatchments.

Fighter has the ability to equip automatic and semi-automatic rifles and have the ability to equip F1 Frag and Molotov exposives as well as all standard equipment and attatchments.

Sapper can equip the shotgun and SMGs as well as the IED exposive device on top of F1 Frag and Molotov grenades and standard equipment and attatchments.

Rocketeer has the ability to equip various types of rilfes and SMGs and has the ability to equip the RPG-7 Rocket and the IED explosive device. The GP-25 HE grenade laucher can be equipped on certain rilfes as well as all standard equipment and attatchments.

Machine Gunner can equip Light Machine Guns as well as Rilfes that have the ability to use the extended magazine attatchment. Can equip the F1 Frag and all standard equipment.

Sharpshooter class has access to marksman and sniper rifles as well as the PO 4x Scope and 7x Scope for long distance engagments as well as the ability to equip silencers and bi-pods. F1 Frag and Molotov can be eqiupped as well as all standard equipment and attatchments.

Snipers have access to marksman and sniper rilfes that can equip high powered PO 4x and 7x Scopes as well as suppressors and bi-pods. Snipers can equip the F1 Frag and all standard equipment and attatchments.

The Scout Cell
The purpose of the Scout Cell is to support the Assault Group with Marksman Rifles and LMGs

Militant Leader of the Scout Cell, the Militant can use speical Leader commands. Assault rifles and marksman rifles, as well as shotguns and access to all expolsives and equipment.

Scout class can equip Carbines and SMGs as well as suppressors. Has access to all expolsive and non-lethal grenades and all standard equipment and attatchments.

Bomber/Rocketeer has the ability to equip various types of Rilfes and SMGs and has the ability to equip the RPG-7 Rocket and the IED explosive device. The GP-25 HE grenade laucher can be equipped on certain rilfes and all grenades are available as well as all standard equipment and attatchments.

Machine Gunner can equip Light Machine Guns as well as Rilfes that equip the extended magazine attatchment. Can equip the F1 Frag and all standard equipment.

Striker has the ability to equip assault rifles and carbines as well as all expolsives. Can equip the F1 Frag and RPG-7 as well as all standard equipment

Sharpshooter class has access to marksman and sniper rifles as well as the PO 4x Scope and 7x Scope for long distance as well as the ability to equip silencers and bi-pods. F1 Frag and Molotov can be eqiupped as well as all standard equipment

Snipers have access to marksman and sniper rilfes that can equip high powered PO 4x and 7x Scopes as well as suppressors and bi-pods. Snipers can equip the F1 Frag and all standard equipment and attatchments.
Supply Points
Supply Point System
Insurgency is based on a supply point system where at the outset of a game the player starts with a varied number of supply points. 10 for Multiplayer matches and usually more for Co-op servers
It will let the player know how many supply points they have on the loadout screen, as well as at the bottom when the player is at a resupply location.

Attatchments cost less supply points depending on the class selected. Support classes such as Snipers, Sharpshooters/Designated Marksman, and Light Machine Guns can equip bi-pods and scopes for less points than it would be for other classes. Pick a class that has the attachment desired at the lowest possible points (including 0) in order to have more equipment

Prioritizing which attatchments and equipment the player selects allows for more important gear to be used in combat and saves supply points for other important attatchments. Don't expend supply points on attatchments not needed, such as long range sights for indoor environments or extra ammo the player will most likely not use. Equip what is most important for the objective.

Weight of the equipment is an important factor. not only to conserve supply points but increased weight drastically hinders a player's mobility. All weapons and equipment have varied weights, and different configurations alter player weight. Keep weight as low as possible.

Custom Servers can alter the rules of the game, increasing or decreasing the amount of supply points a player starts with. Co-op servers tend to have an increased number of supply points, often allowing all possible attachments and equipment to be selected at once.

Number of supply points increases during certain multiplayer games by 1 Point every round completed until the game is over. Keeping this in mind, a player can select different or more equipment each round as their supply points increase.
Objectives of Insurgency
Insurgency games are based on the completion of an objective which advances or ends the game

Objectives in Insurgency have designated names taken from the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.
Ex: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Foxtrot, Echo, etc... depending on how many objectives there are.

Supply Caches
Scattered around the various maps in all different locations depending upon the game mode, supply caches either have to be secured, defended, or destroyed. Supply Caches can also be used to resupply the player's equipment.

Securing an Objective
Objectives can be captured when one or more friendly players remains within a designated radius until the area is secured. Hostiles in the radius, depending on their number, will either hinder, stop, or reverse the capture. In some game modes, if the objective is re-captured by hostiles, the game is lost. Not all objectives will be supply caches, but locations, such as a specific room or outside area. It will notify the player at the bottom of the screen of the capture process, whether a player is on the objective, and will show the objective locations on the map.

Destroying an Objective
Certain supply caches have to be destroyed with explosives. In these modes it is always important for the player or other friendly players to have explosives available. Explosives can also be picked up off the ground from dead friendly or enemy players. Incendiary Grenades as well as Rockets and Remote-Detonated Explosives will destroy the cache instantly. Frag Grenades will require two, assuming the cache isnt already damaged. All non-explosive weapons cause zero damage to the cache.

Another objective of each team is the elimination of all hostile targets. In all game modes. elimination of all waves of a single team, either real or bots, results in the end of the game. Some game modes are based entirely upon elimination of the enemy team or a particular target, and cannot be won in any other manner. In co-op game modes, it can notify the player of how many enemys are left at the bottom of the screen.

Every game mode in Insurgency has a timer at the bottom of the screen. Most timers is co-op mode are 60 minutes or longer allowing the players essentially unlimited time to complete their objectives. Multiplayer timers have a much shorter range and are more important. In some game modes if all objectives are not completed, the defending team is victorious. In other game modes, whichever team is in the lead at the end of the timer wins the game.

Waves of Reinforcements
Insurgency's lives system works in terms of waves where all players who have been eliminated from the game respawn together at the end of a countdown that repeats for each wave. Some game modes have one or both teams starting with less waves, and objectives much be completed in order to recieve more waves of reinforcements. Other game modes only allow each player one life per game, and once eliminated, respawn is not possible.
Solo Gameplay
Solo gameplay is available on Insurgency, including both regular and custom maps, modes, and equipment.

Training teaches the user how to play the game, including the basics of moving, shooting various weapons, weapon and equipment selection, explosives use and attachments for guns, stance and position and cover. The training mission has a player run through simulated environments on a U.S. Military Base, with cardboard targets. Towards the end of the training, the base is attacked by enemy forces and the player must defend against bots.

Bot Matches allow the player to verse A.I. enemies in all available Insurgency maps and gamemodes. The play can set the rules for the match, decide which team to be on, and gets first pick of class selection. Custom and Modded Insurgency maps are present in Bot Matches, as well as game versions such as Day of Infamy or SOCOM:SOURCE

Players can use the console to play downloaded game modes and maps for the workshop.

Campaign does not currently exisit in Insurgency, but is planned to be added into the next installment; Insurgency:Sandstorm. Players will complete levels against increasingly more difficult A.I. enemies as the game progresses. The campaign will primarliy focus on the United States invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq in the early and then late 2000s.

Co-op Gameplay
Co-op Game Modes
Insurgency has a selection of Co-operative Game Modes
Co-op modes involve players fighting Bots that vary in equipment, number, and difficulty.

Checkpoint is a sequenced based objective-by-objective game where each objective varies in how it must be completed. Most objectives are a location that needs to be captured. Objectives in Checkpoint vary though and involve the destruction of enemy supply caches as well as randomly having to defend captured objectives against a timed couter-attack from enemy bots. After all objectives are captured or destroyed, and all counter-attacks defeated, the game is won.

Conquer is a game mode that combines all the various elements of Checkpoint by making all objectives available at the same time. In Conquer, the friendly team must capture and hold 3 seperate objectives at the same time. Weapon Caches are scattered throughout the map, and need not be destryoed in order to complete the round, however each enemy cache destroyed reduces the amount of hostile forces that spawn in, making the defense of the 3 locations easier.

Hunt typically takes place on night maps involving elimination of a predetermined number of hostile forces. Night maps make Flashlights/Night-Vision Goggles useful. Silencers are benefical so as to not alert enemies to the player's position. How many enemies are left is indicated at the bottom. There are locations, A, B, and C, one of which contains an enemy weapons cache, other two do not. Once all hostile forces are eliminated and the weapons cache is destroyed the round is won.

Outpost is a level based game mode in which the friendly team defends a weapon cache against waves of enemy bots which attempt to blow up the cache. After every hostile in a wave is eliminated, the game progresses a level. Each level offers increased bot count and difficulty. There is no level cap in Outpost but the highest achievement is at Level 20.

Survival is a level based game mode in which the players move from objective to objective. As each supply cache is secured, the game advances in level, corresponding with increasing count and difficulty of hostile forces equiping more sophisticated weapons. Players recieve an increased number of supply points for captures, capped at 20, allowing players to equip better weapons. At level 100, the game is complete, but the highest achievement is Level 50.

It is important to stay as light-weight as possible and keep moving from point to point

Players can Call a Vote in order to change the bot difficulty and bot count, as well as change maps.
Multiplayer Gameplay
Multiplayer Game Modes
There are several types of multiplayer modes, both competitive and casual

Sustained Combat
A category of multiplayer game where each team has many waves of reinforcements, giving players more lives and more rapid and consistant respawns to keep the action going.

]Push: is a game type where one team is attacking to complete four sequenced objectives while the other team defends each objective. The attacking team must capture locations Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, "pushing" the defending team back, and then destroy the weapons cache as objective Delta. The defending team starts with a set number of waves while the attacking team's starting wave count of 5 increases with each captured objective. The defending team loses all waves remaining for defense of Delta. Maps are limited to areas surrounding each current objective, and respawn points change as each objective is captured/lost. The attacking team has 5 minutes to capture the first objective,and adds time for each subsequent objective captured. Defenders win if the time expires.

Occupy is a game type where both teams compete for control of a single objective in the middle of the map. Each team starts with 3 waves, and whichever team controls the objective continues to gain waves of reinforcements until they lose control or the game is completed. Whichever team controls the objective when the timer expires wins the game. Map is fully open.

Strike is a game mode where the attacking team must destroy the defending team's weapon cache to win. Each team has one-life and cannot respawn once eliminated. Elimination of either team or destuction of the weapons cache ends the game. If the timer expires before the attacking team destroys the weapons cache, the defending team is victorious.

Skirmish is a game mode where there at five objectives active at the same time. Each team starts the game controlling two of the objectievs, one of which being a supply cache, while the middle objective is left neutral. Each team fights for control of all three locations and the destruction of the enemy weapons cache. Once all objectives are secured/destroyed, the game is won. Teams gain a single wave of reinforcements for each objective secured unless their weapons cache has been destroyed, which ceases the wave increases for that team.

Tactical Operations
A category of multiplayer game where players have limited or no respawns for high intensity combat, and usually much more limited player slots for more condensed matches.

Elimination is a game mode where the attacking team much destroy one of the two enemy supply caches, and the defenders must defend both caches. The elimination of either team results in the end of the game and the timers expiration results in the defending team being victorious.

Ambush is an elimination based game mode where the escort team must protect one player designated the VIP from the attacking team, while attempting to get to the extraction point. The VIP is selected randomly at the start of a match, and can be recognized by their unique clothing and limited equipment such as a silenced pistol. The extraction point can only be captured by the VIP.

Firefight is a game mode in which the two opposing teams fight for control of 3 seperate locations. Controlling all 3 locations or elimination of either team results in the end of the game. Capturing each objective will respawn the friendly team one time.

Competitive (Currently in Alpha)
Game types for serious players interested in high intensity gameplay where score is counted. These game modes have very specific rules in order to elevate the competitive factor of the match.

Player slots are limited to 10, divided into two teams of 5. The smaller squad-based action limits the number of teammates, and hence area the team can cover, making encounters less likely but more intense.

Mods are disabled for competitive firefight so as to not allow any player to have an advantage by using particular mods such as scope modifications or firearm editing or any change to stock equipment.

Supply Points are limited, making the player's weapon attachments and equipment choices much more important when selecting a loadout. Prioritizing is most important in this mode.

Firefight (Competitive) is a game mode in which the two opposing teams fight for control of 3 seperate locations. Controlling all 3 locations or elimination of either team results in the end of the game. Capturing each objective will respawn the friendly team one time. All rules stated above for competitive matches are applied to Firefight
Unlike most games, accuracy is affected by many factors:

Rate of Fire: How fast one shoots dramatically impacts how accurate the firearm is
In single fire mode, the quicker one shoots their gun the less accurate the fire becomes. It is beneficial to pause in between shots to both regain accuracy and re-aim the weapon.

In burst fire mode, the faster one shoots bursts at their target the more inaccurate the weapon becomes due to the higher rate of fire over single rounds. It is beneficial to pause in between bursts in order to re-aim and regain accuracy.

In Automatic mode, continual fire will reduce accuracy the longer one continues to shoot. It is best to shoot in small bursts of concentrated fire, with shorter bursts for longer distances.

Distance: Proximity to the target is a determining factor in how one attacks
In close-quaters combat, one can shoot at a much higher rate of fire due to the close proximity resulting in increased accuracy, and often higer concentration of enemys

In medium distance combat, one should alternate between higher and lower rates of fire depending on how many targets are within range, type of weapon equipped, and environment.

In longer distance combat, it is most effective to use as low a rate of fire as possible. The increased distance to one's target results in decreased accuracy, forcing the player to pause and re-adjust their aim more frequently.

Movement:The speed of movement when or before shooting is important
Walking has a medium negative affect on accuracy, espeically when using automatic fire. The longer a distace one walks the more of an effect it has on the player.

Sprinting has the biggest negative affect on accuracy. While one cannot actually fire their weapon while sprinting, moving at faster speeds causes the player to get out-of-breath and hence lowers one's ability to shoot. Jumping a lot has the same cumulative effect on the player.

Slow-Walking has the least negative affect on the accuracy of the firearm, compable to standing still. The speed is such that the distance slow-walked has no increasing affect.

Crawling has no affect on stamina. Going prone, and by extension crawling, is the fastest way to regenerate stamina in order to regain accuracy and stability of the player's weapon.

Stance: How a player is positioned affects the accuracy of their firearm
Standing still is the most common stance for shooting and has no positive or negative other than practicality in order to continue one's movement more quickly than other stances.

Crouching offers a positive affect on accuracy, especially when stationary rather than mobile.

Prone or laying down offers the greatest positive affect on accuracy, with very little recoil and greatly increased weapon stability.

Shooting from the hip has a negative effect on accuracy due to the increased recoil and reduced ability to properly aim the firearm.

Aiming down the sights allows the player better accuracy, as they can see their target and aim their weapon more clearly

Leaning around cover allows the player to pop in-and-out and leave less of the body exposed to incoming enemy fire.

Holding Shift hold's the players breath, making for a temporary boost in accuracy until it runs out. This can be done with all firearm iron sights, as well as all scopes.

Certain attatchments can help the firearms perform better in combat

The laser sight attatchment shows a red dot wherever the player is currently aiming their weapon, allowing the player to shoot from the hip more effectively.

The bi-pod allows certain weapons to be deployed on a stand, making the gun stationary either on the ground or on ledges of certain heights. This gives a major boost in accuracy while set-up.

The foregrip reduces both vertical and horzontial recoil, making the gun slightly more accurate.

The heavy barrel reduces vertical recoil on the weapon, making the gun more accurate.

There are certain tactics a player can employ to fight move effectively.

Reloading: It is one's first instinct to reload after they finish shooting because many other First Person Shooters have an ammo counter in bullets rather than magazines. When a player reloads in Insurgency, they switch their magazine for a full one, or one with the highest ammo count when no full mags are left. If a mag is empty, it is discarded. Reloading certain weapons can be tricky. Bolt-Action Rifles can be reloaded without being empty, but everytime a player pulls back the bolt, a round is ejected and lost. (Charcter will not cycle bolt after the last round is fired indicating the gun is empty) With a revolver, if the player reloads without shooting all rounds, all unexpended rounds dropped on the floor will be lost.

It is important to have a sense of how much ammo is left in the mag, and reload when tactical rather than as often as possible. Custom servers will give a percentage estimate of rounds left in mag.

Choosing Targets is important when engaging the enemy. Targets holding more effective weapons, such as Sniper RIlfes, Rockets & Explosives, and LMGs, should be eliminated before other targets in order to save the lives of the player and other members of the team.

Conserve Ammo by assessing the situation after each burst of fire. It is not wise to continue to fire after a target has been killed or enemies have left the area, as it gives away your position and wastes ammo. Most targets will go down with a few rounds maximum, and the number of shots needed is usually less than the shots fired.

Vantage points are an important factor, Poitions overlooking the battlefield give the player an advantage over their enemy due to the player's increased elevation. The kind of cover surrounding oneself can have its disadvantage. Wooden boxes, certain walls, and other light materials can be shot through by any player and have a potenital risk of being killed through them. Cracks within and between pieces of cover can be used to shot between, making the player much less visible to their enemy. Relocate any time the position the player has been fireing from has been compromised. By changing positions, the player avoids both ambushes from enemy forces but helps keep the player hidden by confusing the enemy as to their location.

Ammunition can be acquired at the one or many supply points found around the map at any time. Once re-supplied, a countdown will begin to the next available time one can resupply.
Movement in Insurgency is the second most important factor in keeping both the player alive and completing the objective.

The Radial Menu brings up a compass, showing the player which direction they are facing.

Sprinting is best used when moving between points of cover and at the start of a round in order to beat your opponents to the objective. The speed of running is most affected by the weight of the equipment carried by the player. Sprinting for long distances causes the player to get out of breath and hence a reduction in accuracy. Sprinting is the loudest movement and should be used for crossing long distances or darting in between cover. Sprinting should also be used in any emergency, such as taking fire or within proximity of a enemy expolsive.

Sliding forward, such as into cover, is only possible while sprinting.

Walking is a a style of movement where one walks at a tactical pace. There are no effects to one's stamina but walking can be heard by all players close enough. Walking is best used in confied spaces outside or inside enclosed spaces such as buildings and structures. Walking after sprinting once inside is a good way to regain stamina and increase accuracy in case of enemy contact.

Slow-Walking is a tactical movement in which the player advances at a very slow pace but is silent to all other players. With silenced footsteps, the player can creep around corners or quietly push down a hallway in case the enemy has set up a defensive position. Sneaking-up on a target gives the player a tactical advantage where their enemy cannot hear the player's movement. Especially useful in enemy territory.

Crouching gives the player the advantage of ducking behind low cover to avoid enemy fire and explosives, or avoid being seen by the enemy. Crouching gives a boost in accuracy, but offers a special advantage behind cover. When crouched behind low cover, the player is usually completely shielding from enemy fire, however, when the player looks down their weapons sight, they rise slighty higher, in order to fire just over the cover while exposing the head and shoulders

Crawling or going prone leaves the player the least exposed when out of cover, as well as dramaticaly enhancing weapon accuracy. Laying down, while limiting the amount of the player exposed to incoming fire, leaves the head exposed, making a headshot much more likely if the player does get hit. Crawling is rather slow but quiet for advancing and is a good way to hide in certain areas and set up a defensive position, especially when sniping.

There are various strategys to emoly in order to advance on the battlefield successfully.

Smoke Grenades are used to cover an area in smoke in order to block the enemy's vision and safely move up on the map to a close position to to an objective. It is best to wait a few seconds after the smoke greande detonates, this ensures the smoke has expanded to its full radius. The enemy may shoot through the smoke right after it goes off, anticipating your movement, so it is also benefical to wait for that possible fire to cease.

Suppressing Fire requires a few members of a squad, usully the Support classes or other automatic/large capacticy mag guns to lay down large amounts of fire towards the target(s). This forces the enemy to get behind cover, and blurs their vision, eliminates the exposed ones. Once the enemy is suppressed, friendlys can move up to a closer fireing position or on to their objective. Suppressing fire is also imporant for defending positions and objectives.

Sniper Rifles and other marksman and rifle classes should be set up in tactical positons. Since these weapons attatch long range scopes, their most useful at eliminating high-value targets like enemy LMGs, Snipers, and Rockets/Explosives, allowing friendly forces to move up. Snipers can run to positions that offer good cover and high visibility in order to eliminate targets effectively. Snipers can also flank around enemies and elminate several targets before they are discovered.
It is important for snipers to relocate if their position is discovered in order to avoid being killed.

Grenade Assaults can be used in order to eliminate targets in defensive positions, or to clear a room or area in order to capture a position/objective. After an explosive is detonated and clear players can move into the area in hopes of having eliminated all hostiles.
Rockets can also be another great way to assault a position from a longer range.

Flashbangs can be thrown at targets, usually those in defensive positions, to temporarily blind their vision in order for the player to eliminate the target. Flashbangs can be used to clear a room, where after the grenade detonates, friendlys can move in and eliminate flashed enemies and take the position.

Booby-Traps can be set up using remote detonated explosives such as C4 and IEDs. The player can advance to place they deem suitable to plant the explosive, and then retreat to a safe position and detonate the device when enemy forces are within range.

Incendiary explosives can be used when falling back by sealing off certain choke points in flame for enemy movement such as hallways and doors. This allows the retreating forces more time to fall back and setup their new defensive positions while stalling the enemy from advancing.

Spreading Out not only allows a squad to aim in more directions when advancing or holding a position, but by moving around so as to not be so close to other teammates, an enemy explosive will have less of a chance of eliminating the entire squad, and friendly fire is more easily avoided.

Formation is key when advancing not only to be able to fire in more directions simultaneously, but avoid friendly fire. When moving forward, it is important that front most players crouch to allow players behind them to both see and fire without hitting friendlys. Players can move side by side down a hallway to allow more players to see and fire at once. Players can stack up to defend by going prone, crouched, and standing to return fire in all directions without being blocked by the team.

Listening allows the player to hear the direction of where gunshots are coming from, other player's movements such as running, and reloading, as well as character's talking. Listening for fire and footsteps helps the player move and engage tactically with more battlefield awareness.

Flares can be used at night to disrupt enemy night vision goggles. and either advance or retreat. They can be shot a decently far distance so as to hinder the effectiveness of enemy support.
The ability for a team to communicate to one another is crucial for the success of the mission. Communication alerts other players to potenital strategies, enemies, and cleared routes to assist in the team's completion of the objective.

Microphones allow players to communicate whatever they wish to say to one another in all game modes. By activating one's microphone, the player can not only communicate real-time battlefield updates, but allows they player to engage in both friendly, and not-so-friendly chat. Players can communicate with the enemy team in between matches. In most Insurgency servers, players who are alive can communicate with all players on the friendly team, while players who have been killed can only speak with other friendly killed players, muting all eliminated players microphones to players still alive.

Chat allows players to type to one another as another method of communication. Players can type whatever they want to both the friendly team and to all players in the game, including the enemy team. Players can type even after they have been killed to both deceased players, and players still active in the game.

Radio Commands used bringing up the Radial Menu allow players to communicate by choosing from a list of commands which cause in-game characters to say the command selected, with random phrasing. Commands examples are "Affirmative", "Negative", "Area Clear", "Area Hostile", "Need Backup" and "Enemy Contact". Leader's of each squad's menu contains special Leadership Commands containing "Spread Out", "Cease Fire", and "Attack/Defend" among others.

Character Dialogue occurs without the player's interaction with the controls, and is the result of the characters responding to the combat environment around them. Characters will automatically alert other players of simple benefical combat information, such as "RPG! HEADS DOWN", "Reloading, Cover Me!", "Friendly Down" and as specific as "They got our Squad Leader" Characters will curse to each other, saying phrases such as "F.uck I'm Hit" or "F.uck F.uck F.uck" when getting shot at.

The better a team's communication, the better they will do in combat.

Proximity/Radio Chat Using a microphone is audible to all players on the friendly team, unless one has been eliminated, but changes in quality depending on proximity. Players close to each other will hear microphone chat as talking, whereas players out of the proximity will hear the chat with a radio filter. Radio Commands can also be heard by all members of the friendly teams, distance equating to with and without radio fillter, but can also be heard by enemies within proximity, as it causes the in-game character to speak. All in-game speech by characters can be heard by enemies.

Compass by bringing up the Radial Menu the player not only sees the Radial Command list, but a compass showing the player which direction they are facing. Players can use the compass to orient themselves, or to alert other players to enemy contact, or movements of enemies and friendlys alike. Giving more specific directions, such as with Cardinal Directions, makes for a more clear understanding among all teammates, rather than a more incoherant description of a direction.

Calling out Enemies allows the player to alert their teammate to the enemies presence if they are seen moving, or alerts the team to where incoming fire is coming from. This lets your team know where to move successfully to engage the enemy and/or assist the player(s) pinned down or in combat.

Clearing Rooms is important to not only capture objective, but alerts friendlys that the area is clear for them to move up. By stating that the objective is clear, other players can get on site to help defend the area. It is always important to make sure a room is clear before calling the area safe, or other players may get killed as they enter from a different direction.

Reloading With weapons like LMGs and Sniper Rifles being the most important, by telling other players when reloading allows the friendly team to resume the cover fire, or cover the player untill their weapon is reloaded.

Using Explosives It is always important to call out when shooting a rocket, throwing a grenade, or planting explosive devices. This allows friendlys to steer clear of explosive damage, as well as save their own grenades, and know to avoid flashbangs. Calling out smoke alerts the friendly team to get prepared to move across the battlefield.

Covering Alerting the friendly team to a player's position and direction they are covering allows teammates to either set up a defensive position in another direction, or tells friendlys they have the oppertunity to move since they are being covered. It is always important to tell teammates when joining or following them, so as to not confuse players and alert the friendly that they have back-up present.
Maps in Insurgency
Insurgency offers a wide array of maps that vary from close quaters to long distance.

Certain walls and obsticles appear in different versions of the same map depending on the game mode. The different versions can restrict the areas players can operate in. Supply Cache locations can also be different.

Location: Insurgency's maps take place in whole variety of countries, but mainly within The Middle East concentrating on the American invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and uprisings in Somalia. All maps can be played in both Day and Night versions. Only night maps allow the player to equip Night Vision Goggles.

Map Restrictions are used for a variety of reasons. Depending on which game mode is being played, the maps change by not only editing doors that are open/closed, but by placing walls and other barriers to restrict player movement. Maps can also restrict player movement through an alert that the player is in a restricted zone. When in a restrcted zone, the player has a few seconds until they are no longer able to fire their weapon.


Market is an urban terrain map which resides within a coastal town in Somalia. Being a coastal town, the ocean is one of the four map borders, with small market places and storefronts lining the streets. There is a downed helicopter in the center of the map which can be used for cover. There are two bridges crossing the main road which are crucial to whomever controls the map. The main street lined with boutiques and inside the various shops provide enough cover for close-quaters combat, while leaving enough room for long distance rifles to be effective. In the push gamemode, the Security Forces must hold the town against attacking Insurgency Forces.


Siege is an urban terrain map residing within a small town in Iraq. The town has a central road that cuts through the center of the map, as well as old cars littered up and down the street. A series of alleyways run parallel and intersecting with the street on both the East and West side. Siege is a mixed map where the street offers a good enough distance for longer range weapons while having a series of alleys for close-quarters combat.
Contact is the exact same map as Siege, only the night varient. The only difference is the lighting. The reason for this is because Contact was the only night map available prior to the Nightfall update.


Uprising is an urban terrain map residing within a small town in Somalia. The map is primarily a close-quaters map, making longer range rilfes less useful. The map contains one central route in the middle and two flanking routes on either side. Most of the map are buildings, with the Northern side of the map's structures having two floors and the Southern side having a single ground floor. The room-to-room combat makes SMGs and Carbines the best weapon choices, while explosives and flashbangs can be used to clear rooms. Uprising is the smallest map in Insurgency, and the day time mode is the darkest of all day maps.


Ministry is an urban terrain map residing within a city in Iraq. The map takes places at a palace building, and is an inside close-quarters map. A section of the map takes place outside, while a huge underground parking structure exists underneath the palace. The middle of the map is the palace lobby complete with an overlooking deck. The deck is a key point of control in all game modes. Ministry is the most symmetrical map in Insurgency, with most objectives being in the middle, on different floors, of equal distance from either spawn point. The symmetrical nature of Ministry makes the map popular for Competitive and Survival games. The indoors section of Ministry is the brightest of any map, and hinders Night Vision Goggles at night.


District is an urban terrain map residing within a city in Iraq. This map is a medium-scale map, with a good mix of both close-quaters and long-distance fighting. The map consists of a main road as well as multiple buildings and long alleyways for a variety of combat. In the push game mode, the Security Forces must defend against the attacking Insurgency Forces. District is a desert map so most of the ground is sand and buildings tan in color. There is also a small marketplace which is important, but whichever team controls the roads has the advantage. The long lengths of the alleys and main road make Marksman and Sniper Rifles an important asset to either team. Buildings overlooking the road and marketplace are important vantage points for Rifles and LMGs.


Peak is a mountainous terrain map in the hills of Afghanistan. The large-scale open landscape makes for long range engagements. Peak offers very little cover, with only a few small outposts with minor HESCO cover, random damaged or standing vehicles, and cement blocks for cover. Visibility is limited due to the large quantity of trees and brush around scattered around the map. In the push game mode, Security Forces must defend against the attacking Insurgency Forces. Since the map has such few outposts and small garrisons, whichever team controls more outposts and vantage points has the upper-hand. Long range Rifles and Rockets are important assets in Peak.


Heights is an urban terrain map taking place in the mountains of Afghanistan. The map is divided by a river that runs through it with structures placed on either side. The map offers a good mix of both close-quaters and long-range oppertunities in a snowy environment. In the push game mode, Security Forces must defend against the attacking Insurgency Forces. Heights is a medium-size map where a variety of combat oppertunities are available. Players can travel up and down the river, while hindering their movement speed, with a small variety of wooden bridges available to cross the river without effect. The scattered buildings offer unique vantage points for Snipers and close proximity buildings for Explosives.
Buhriz is a desert terrain map in a small village outside of Baghdad,Iraq. The map consists of a river running alongside a road that leads into and right through the village. In the push game mode, the village has been fortified by the Insurgency Forces in defense against the attacking Security Forces. Most of the ground is desert except for slight marsh alongside the river. Small outposts, ridges, and structures provide cover for what is an open landscape with a town in the middle leading to both long and close range combat. Burhiz is modeled after the real-life village of Burhiz in Iraq, and is designed to resemble the real-life counterpart as close as possible. Smoke grenades are an important asset due to the open environment.


Revolt is an urban terrain map, in a small city in Somalia. Revolt is a medium sized map offering all styles of combat, including long-range, mid-range, and close-quaters combat. It is advantageous to have a good mix of weapons so as to effectively tackle all regions. Revolt is a mix of both light sand and an urban paved environment including many available structures to engage with. Having a combination of different types of weapons as well as plentiful explosives is important for clearing buildings and managing the streets outside. Smoke grenades can also be useful to cross the various streets, or using a well placed Light Machine Gun.


Sinjar is a desert and urban terrain map resembling Sinjar,Iraq. A desert environment wherein a small city sits atop a hill, making for both long range desert and close-quaters urban combat. In the game mode push, Security Forces must advance up the hill and into SInjar in order to capture objectives defended by Insurgent Forces. A frontal assault against a elevated, fortified defensive position is the most dangerous job an infantryman can undertake. The= defenders have a 3:1 advantage. Smoke Grenades are most important for advaning in Sinjar, as well as good Counter-Snipers. Sinjar's defending team spawn proximity and height advantage, and attacking team's vulurability to RPGs and Rifles make SInjar one of the hardest maps for Security Forces.


Vertically is an urban terrain map taking place in a small village on a hill in Afghanistan. The snowy environment contains more height vertical inclines/declines out of any other map, offering a variety of vantage points. The extremely urban setting includes a high concentration of building in the center of the map, as well as less densely packed areas on either side of the village. Although there are plently sniping positions and oppertunities, this map is mostly room-to-room and close-quaters outside combat, making SMGs and Carbines most effective. Explosives and flashbangs are important for clearing rooms and advancing throughout Vertically. It is important to spread out due to the mostly compact spaces inside Vertically.


Panj is a rural terrain map set in the Panjwai District in Southern Afghanistan. Panj is a farm that is filled with numerous trenches and scattered with both poppy and marijuana plants being grown. Panj is an open environment requiring long distance weapons in order to be effective. Little cover exists, with an outpost on eithe side of the map for each team, an empty building in the center, and little farming buildings scattered throughout the map. Trenches are a crucial source of cover, but are not perfect. The endless amounts of vantage points make Marksman Rifles most effective, making it difficult to advance or retreat without proper smoke cover or suppressing fire. Panj is the only Insurgency map in which player vision is effected by sunlight.


Tell is an urban terrain map in a rather well-devloped part of an unnamed city in The Middle East. Tell, Arabic for Hill takes place in a city built upon a man-made hill where players fight for control of the map streets and alleys. Every corner is a crucial aspect to advance, smoke grenades and suppressing fire from LMGs and Support Classes are important in order to safely push up on the map. Tell is one the most developed urban environments of all maps in Insurgency, making for extreme close-quaters combat down countless alleyways and inside buildings. The street's constant exposure to structure vantage points and height differences throughout the map can make Tell a challenge for both teams.


Station is an urban terrain village map located in an unnamed part of The Middle East. The map includes a large power station seperated from small houses by a river cutting down the middle. The station's large interior environment combined with the long distances of outside make both close-range and long-range equipment effective. The rocky environment, large amounts of vantage points, height discrepancy and tightness of buidlings makes Station a difficult map for both Security Forces and Insurgent Forces, and requires a large diversity of equipment in order to successfully secure or defend objectives. Player movement is both louder and slower when taveling through the stream, and Station offers multiple bridges to avoid hindering of movement.


Kandagal is both a rural and urban terrain map in a river valley in rural Afghanistan. The map features a bridge over a misty marshland into an adjacent town with an urban landscape. Kandagal is divided into the two parts, open marsh landscape and the more compact town, making Rifles, such as Carbines, most adaptable to the changing engagement distances. The split nature of the map requires either smoke grenades and long-distance weapons or explosives and close-quaters weapons. Carbines and other medium-distance weapons most desirable if the player intends of moving about the map's entirety. Much of Afghanistan looks similar to this landscape, and Kandagal is considered the most realistic map in Insurgency.


Dry Canal
Dry Canal is an urban landscape map located within The Middle East. A city is divided into a north and south sides by a canal that has since dried up, with a single bridge connecting both sides. Players can cross the dried canal. The high building count creates close-quaters combat, while the main street is perfect for longer distance weapons, with plenty of rooftops and windows for LMG and Snipers. Due to the maps size, and immense amout of cover, it is easy for players to flank their enemy on either side.
Mods for Insurgecy
Insurgency features a wide array of mods available on the Steam Workshop including both individual skins as well as total conversion mods for the entire game.

It is important to note that some servers will allow mods where some will disable them. All competitive modes have mods disabled

General Mods alter the appearance of the game, including more detailed/different textures, blood and gore effects, redesigned actions, and lighting.

Sound Mods allow players to alter the sounds of Insurgency including different gun sound effects, alternate expolsions, alternate music, as well as background combat and character dialogue.

Some mods require "snd_restart" into the console to work properly

Character Skins alter the appearance of the Security Forces and Insurgency Forces, changing their unirforms to match real life military and police forces, as well as the unusable items that they have on their person.

Weapon Mods offer the player alternative gun skins, gun colorings, expolsives designs, and reloading actions. Modding a particular gun into a different firearm will not alter the weapon's stats, and only change its appearance. This includes both firerate, caliber, and damage delt. Workshop offers a huge variety of various weapon alternatives and colorings to choose from.

Scopes and Attachments are included in these mods, with alternative scopes, reticles, and zoom distances available and the physical look of gadgets and gun attatchments can be edited.

Day of Infamy
An offical total conversion World War II modification made by some of Insurgency's development team which pits the United States Army against the German Army with time-appropriate uniforms, weapons, and maps. Downloaded through Steam Workshop


All Insurgency weapons and equipment have been modded to be World War II appropriate

The United States equips the M1 Garand Rifle, M1 Carbine, M1918 BAR, M1928A1 Thompson SMG, M1903 Springfield Rifle, M1912 Shotgun, M1 Bazooka, M1919 Browning Machine Gun, M1911 Handgun, and all appropriate WWII era equipment including bayonets, Mk II frag and smoke grenades, and extended magazines and foregrips.

The German Army equips the Kar 98k Rifle, Gewehr 43 Rifle, MP40 SMG, STG. 44 Assault Rifle, Panzerfaust 60, MG42 Machine Gun, P08 Luger Handgun, Walther P38 Handgun, Walther PPK Handgun, and all other appropriate WWII era attatchments and equipment such as bayonets, smoke grenades, and stielhandgranate frag grenade.

Classes and Loadout
Day of Infamy consists of the Officer, Riflemen, Assault, Grenidier, Support, and Sniper classes ,each containing specific equipment and weapon options. Day of Infamy has three squads on mutiplayer, the Rifle, Assault, and Support squads. Day of Infamy makes loadout easier by removing most options, including ammuntion. New attatchments were added such as the usable bayonet and a sling, which makes switiching weapons faster.

Day of Infamy Maps are of famous World War II battles on the Western Front. They contain WWII decor and background noise, such as Sherman Tanks and Panzerwurfen Rockets, as well as propellar planes. Supply Caches have been replaced with Radios, which can be destroyed by both shooting, as well as explosives.
Artillery shells will strike the map randomly at specific locations, which can damage/kill players

Dog Red Sector
Dog Red Sector is the code name given for a portion of Omaha Beach during Allied Invasions of France on D-Day; June 6th, 1944. Allied players advance up the beach with little cover, and secure various bunkers, pushing the Axis. The map relies heavily on the fog of war and trenches for cover for the Allies, and small outposts and bunkers for the Axis.
Artillery explodes randomly along the beach.

Landfall is an Amphibious Invasion by Allied Troops, either on D-Day or during Allied Invasions of North Africa under Operation Torch. Landfall is a close-quaters map. After a small beach portion, the map is within an underground bunker, including a train station, leading to artillery positions. Steel doors on the left and right side of the beach can be destroyed with the M1 Bazooka to create alternative entrances. Artillery explodes on beach

Bastogne is the Battle of The Buldge in the Ardennes Forrest in Belgium, Dec. 1944. Map offers limited cover, with trees and crude foxholes as only protection aside from small structures. Bastogne has a night varient. Due to the low temperature, player's breath can be seen, making one's position visible. Machine Guns and Snipers are important in order to keep the advancing team surrpressed due to the open landscape.
Artillery explodes randomly all over entire map

Custom Maps created by the community are periodically added to map rotation, all of which take place in battlefields across Western Europe. such as; Resistance by JakHalz, Bridge at Remagen by ThirdEye, Metz by Chief-C, Iron Cross by Chief-C, and PS7 by Freddy.

Mud and Blood, a seperate World War II mod being produced, has converged with Day of Infamy, adding more equipment and maps intended to produce the British Forces. (Section will be updated when released)



Born to Kill
A community made Vietnam War total conversion mod currently under development. Mod will have realistic Vietnam maps (available now) as well as Vietnam accurate equipment. (Section will be updated when released)

Resurgence is a mod that turns Insurgency into a third-person shooter. No other mods allowed.

Resurgence allows players to actively switch between a first and third person perspective while also disabling all other modifications to keep a more competitive atmosphere. Renegade has both Co-op and Multiplayer servers. Some attatchments have been removed in order to heighten the tension and balance the game. Resurgence is being designed with the offical Insurgency maps in mind, not custom maps.

Demolition is a game mode currently being tested in conjunction with the Resurgence mod. This gamemode has both Security Forces and Insurgent Forces attempt to capture a bomb located in the center of the map, and then plant and detonate the bomb at the enemy's location. Players can defuse the bomb after it has been planted, and drop the bomb if they are killed. In accordance with Resurgence, small player caps and limited equipment are implemented to keep the competitive atmosphere up, allowing only one life as well.

A community made mod, currently in Beta testing, which switches Insurgency into a third-person shooter and changes other game mechanics to mimic SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs

The "Rensurgence" mod is required in order to play the SOCOM mod.

The SOCOM mod for Insurgency not only changes the perpepective into third person, but also mimics the outfits of the originial SOCOM games. The player slots are limited, resulting in smaller more competitive games. The damage to both enemy and friendly players has been significantly reduced to resemble SOCOM, as well as how grenades are thrown and first person perspective when using a high-power scope. Maps from the original SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs games are used. Firefight is the only gamemode available for SOCOM. Many aspects of the Loadout have been removed, including most attatchments such as foregrips, types of ammunition, body armor, and flashlight/laser sights. Players can choose between SEAL and SAS, Contains SOCOM music as well.
Custom Servers
Custom Servers
Custom Servers allow the community to change gameplay aspects including custom maps, classes, weapons, rules, enemy types, and special features.

Custom Rules servers can change the rules of the server, such as starting supply points, number of waves, bot count and difficulty, damage dealt to both enemies and friendlys, and disabling certain features such as sliding into cover or particular attatchments to one's weapons.

Custom Maps are available on some Insurgency servers where maps created by the community can be played online. Custom maps include their own weather, background effects and visuals, structures and details, as well as hidden easter eggs and other special designs such as holiday themes. Some custom maps have interactive features, such as opening or blowing up doors, and other destructible features of some maps.

Vehicles are available on some servers. This allows players to take control of various types of both combat and non-combat vehicles, none of which have operable weapons. Armored Personal Carriers (APCs) with places to shoot out of, civilian cars and trucks, and even flyable helicopters are available for players to either ride in or pilot. Arrow keys are used to operate a vehicle, and buttons exist in order to open/shut doors and windows.

Custom Equipment and Abilities exist on some servers, allowing players to either use existing equipment in alternative ways, or creating new models with special functions, such as the ability to heal and/or revive a downed teammate, or other types of special equipment such as flags and bombs. Different servers will set different key bindings for special features and abilities, sometimes only active after a certain killstreak.


Sernix 24/7 CO-OP Servers
Special servers designated Sernix that are co-op only, but feature custom equipment, weapons, sound effects and maps.

Custom Weapons; Sernix Servers fused many of the existing mods for Insurgency into the same game, allowing players to select between both modded guns and standard weapons without replacing one with the other. This gives players a huge weapon selection, and even creates custom stats for the modded guns, including damage and caliber.

Custom Equipment is avaiable on Sernix Servers. Players had a wider selection of equipment, such as headgear including hats, helmets, and helmets with goggles. Players can also attach a sling-mag belt in order to carry a third weapon. (sidearms only) Increased armor selection is also available, with extra armor covering arms and legs to choose from. Defibrillators are available to the medic class.

Custom Abilities allow players to complete actions not offered in regular Insurgency. The Sernix Servers allow players to drag wounded comrades out of harms way in order to be revived by the medic classes. Holding Shift + Ctrl over a downed players drags them backwards when the player moves. Body's cannot be dragged uphill, as a glitch will cause them to disappear, rendering them unable to be revived.

Custom Classes exisit on Sernix Co-op. Players are divided into three squads, Assault, Support, and Recon. Custom classes include Point, Squad Leader, Anti-Tank, Marksman, and Combat Medic. The Combat Medic class equips defibrillators, which allows the user to revive downed players who have not been "killed" and cannot be revivied. Holding the paddles over a downed player brings them back into the game in 5 seconds. Holding paddles near a wounded player slowly brings their health back to 100%.

Custom Enemies: Sernix Servers contain special enemies that have their own abilities. All bots on Sernix are much harder to kill, and much more accurate then regular Insurgency. Suicide Bombers are a special unit type which are carrying an I.E.D. which the bot can either detonate on their own. The only way to kill this enemy is with a headshot, otherwise the bomb will go off anyway.

Custom Maps Sernix runs most community made Custom Maps, Checkpoint and Conquer.

Donors to Sernix 24/7 Co-op get preferential treatment, such as replacing non-donors to get in

Bullet Time
Bullet Time is a special server which not only has difficult bots, but gives the player special abilities.

Bullet TIme is a special ability unlocked after obtaining a kill streak. By typing a command, !bt , into the console, players will activate slow-motion where it is easier to dispatch enemies or dodge enemy fire. Slow-motion only lasts for a matter of seconds, but can help any player in a pinch. It is best to used Bullet-Time with a strategy, such as entering a building or defending a cache, so as to not waste it when there are no enemes.

Difficult Bots Bullet-Time servers have bots above the normal hardest difficult on Insurgency, wearing heavier armor, due to the presence of the special slow-motion abilitiy available.

A custom zombie server where players battle the undead for control of the area.

Zombies in InsurgenZ are not actual modded zombies, but rather bot players that wield knives only. The bots have been modified to look wounded, such as with blood marks, that is designed to make them look more zombified. Zombies are rather difficult to kill, and usually take a lot of rounds, especially with non-headshots, to mimic the traditional Hollywood Zombie where headshots are the only method.
Achievements are unlocked by completeing a variety of tasks, including certain co-op missions, as well as multiplayer killstreaks and completed objectives.
Some achievements have duplicates, some for Mutiplayer and another set for CO-OP

First Blood
Unlocked by getting the first kill in a round.
First Blood is an achievement unlocked by getting the first kill in a round
First Blood II; Blade Reckoning is achieved by getting the first kill in a round with a knife
First Blood (Co-op) Get the first kill in a co-op round
First Blood II; Blade Reckoning (Co-op) Get the first kill with a knife in a co-op round

Hero Cap
Unlocked by capturing a point while being the last remaining player on a team, reviving the rest of the team.
Hero Cap I Secure an objective to revive your team if you are the last person alive 1 time
Hero Cap II Secure an objective to revive your team if you are the last person alive 5 times
Hero Cap IIISecure an objective to revive your team if you are the last person alive 10 times
Hero Cap IV Secure an objective to revive your team if you are the last person alive 25 times

Clean Sweep
Unlocked by successfully completing Co-op Hunt Missions,
with each map having its own achievement.
Clean Sweep: Sinjar
Clean Sweep: Market
Clean Sweep: District
Clean Sweep: Panj
Clean Sweep: Revolt
Clean Sweep: Uprising
Clean Sweep: Heights
Clean Sweep: Peak
Clean Sweep: Kandagal
Clean Sweep: Dry Canal
Clean Sweep: Burhiz
Clean Sweep: Ministry
Clean Sweep: Embassy
Clean Sweep: Tell
Clean Sweep: Siege
Clean Sweep: Vertically
Clean Sweep: Station

Clean Sweep: Complete -Successfully complete all Co-op Hunt Missions.

Decisive Victory
Unlocked by successfully completeing the Checkpoint missions
on the diffrent Insurgency maps
Decisive Victory: Sinjar
Decisive Victory: Market
Decisive Victory: District
Decisive Victory: Panj
Decisive Victory: Revolt
Decisive Victory: Uprising
Decisive Victory: Heights
Decisive Victory: Peak
Decisive Victory: Kandagal
Decisive Victory: Dry Canal
Decisive Victory: Burhiz
Decisive Victory: Ministry
Decisive Victory: Embassy
Decisive Victory: Tell
Decisive Victory: Siege
Decisive Victory: Vertically
Decisive Victory: Station

Decisive Victory: Complete -Successfully complete all copperative Checkpoint missions.

Unlocked by killing members of the enemy team,both Co-op and Multiplayer
Bodycount I Kill 100 players of the opposing team.
Bodycount II Kill 250 players of the opposing team
Bodycount III Kill 500 players of the opposing team
Bodycount IV Kill 1,000 players of the opposing team
Bodycount V Kill 2,500 players of the opposing team
Bodycount VI Kill 5,000 players of the opposing team
Bodycount VII Kill 10,000 players of the opposing team
Bodycount VIII Kill 25,000 players of the opposing team
Bodycount IX Kill 50,000 players of the opposing team
Bodycount X Kill 100,000 players of the opposing team

Bodycount (Co-op) I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VII,IX,X - Kill players of the opposing team while playing in cooperative mode

War Hero
Unlocked by recieveing the MVP designation at the end of a round.
War Hero I Be the Most Valuble Player
War Hero II Become the MVP 5 times
War Hero III Become the MVP 10 times
War Hero IV Become the MVP 25 times

Ground Control
Unlocked by capturing control points on the map
Ground Control I -Capture a control point
Ground Control II -Capture 10 control points
Ground Control III -Capture 50 control points
Ground Control IV -Capture 100 control points
Ground Control V -Capture 500 control points
Ground Control VI -Capture 1,000 control points

Ground Control I (Co-op) I,II,III,IV,V,VI -Capture control points while playing in cooperative mode

Unlocked by playing the cooperative gamemode Outpost
Stronghold I -Reach wave 1 in a single round of Outpost
Stronghold II -Reach wave 5 in a single round of Outpost
Stronghold III -Reach wave 10 in a single round of Outpost
Stronghold IV -Reach wave 15 in a single round of Outpost
Stronghold V -Reach wave 20 in a single round of Outpost

Unlocked by playing the cooperative gamemode Survival
Survivalist I - Reach level 5 in one survival round
Survivalist II -Reach level 10 in one survival round
Survivalist III -Reach level 20 in one survival round
Survivalist IV -Reach level 30 in one survival round
Survivalist V -Reach level 50 in one survival round

Random achievements without a specific category.

All In -Capture an objective with your entire team
Air Tight Protect all caches from being destroyed in a game of Strike

Head Hunter Get 5 headshots in a row in a single round
Head Hunter (Co-op) Get 5 headshots in a row while playing in cooperative mode

Silent but Deadly Knife 5 enemy players in a single round
Silent but Deadly (Co-op)

Recruited Complete the training course
Aced It! Complete the training course in less than 16 minutes without dying

Hurt Locker Survive a C4 blast
Hurt Locker (Co-op) Survive a C4 blast while playing in cooperative mode.

Humble Bundle -Play Kandagal and Contact, any mode, Conquer, any map, gear up with the Galil, SLR, Sterling, .38 revolver, use grenade launchers sights, and hook up drum magazine attachments.

ODA 420 -Successfully get an enemy combatant ripping baked
This requires three players in the co-op Hunt mode on the map Panj. Once all three players interact with a radio in a small building by spawn, a five minute conversation over the radio will occur, resulting in the achievement.
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