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Of Love And Sorrow 2
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 10, 2016 @ 12:06pm
Aug 27, 2016 @ 2:41am
What is it about?

Of Love And Sorrow is a series of two 120,000 words interactive novels following the story of two young brothers from the South, separated by war, love and betrayal. Starting with their ambition to become officers at the Westpoint Academy, the choices you make will direct the story - their lives, their loves, their very destiny is up to you.

Who will you be? Are you an abolitionist, or do you fight to keep the slaves that work your family's plantation? Do you believe in the honor and duty of a cadet, or are you a gambling and whoring dandy? Will you stay faithful to your true love, Caroline, who is waiting for you to return from the Academy, or will you break her heart? And when fate forces you to choose between your brother and your duty, which will you choose?

The first novel is set twenty years before the American Civil War. The North is entering the early days of industrialization, while the South remains bound to tradition and agriculture. With arguments on both sides over slavery and military expansion, this still young nation is on the brink of being torn apart.

In the second novel you witness the most pivotal points of American history, including the attack on Fort Sumter, the First Battle of Bull Run, the Emancipation Proclamation and the battle of Gettysburg. Your decisions will determine not only the fate of the protagonists, but the fate of the nation. Will your story of the American Civil War end with the surrender of General Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox, or will your choices lead to a different ending?

Which side will you be on in the coming war?

Largely text-based, let the power of your imagination take you back to another time and place. Every decision you make has repercussions. Will you help a young slave girl against a mean overseer or look the other way? Are you a good cadet, or are you a trouble-maker? Whatever you decide, it´s your choices that will determine the story.

  • A gripping 120,000 word interactive novel
  • Your choices determine the story
  • High-resolution, carefully hand-drawn art style
  • Straight or gay romances and amorous pictures
  • Historical setting - experience America as it was in the 1840s / 1860s

Release date:

The first episode is going to be released on Steam in early August 2016. The work on the second episode can start as soon as this Greenlight campaign is successful. Don´t worry, there is none or only a very mild cliffhanger.

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Challak Jan 13 @ 5:35pm 
Looking forward to this!
Veskaida Jan 3 @ 4:40pm 
Would love to see some updates!
Alucard Van Hellsing Sep 12, 2017 @ 8:22am 
whens the sequel going to be released
JiBoShPe Mar 1, 2017 @ 6:06am 
Look fwd to Part 2 (hope not over-emphasis on romance though) :Werewolf_Head:
Loved loved "Dead But Alive"!
Мясник Sep 22, 2016 @ 12:26am 
I'm an HR Manager of the group doing the translation. I propose to translate your game to Russian language in a short time and low price. Write on e-mail or in PM
Dishwalla Aug 11, 2016 @ 2:18am 
Black Wolf7777 Aug 10, 2016 @ 7:08pm 
I really hope to see the sequel sometime and the whole thing looks very promising
Mambala-Shaka-Bala-Bendtsen555 Aug 9, 2016 @ 2:38pm 
Seems very solid so far, it got me caring about my character, but focuses too much around romance in my opinion. But I am looking forward for more content, and possible endings. This could go very far!
chriscorp93 Aug 6, 2016 @ 12:03am 
When does this game come out? I love Text base games and I love the South so this is my type of game.
Jonathan0317 Jul 17, 2016 @ 9:53pm 
Looks Interesting :steamhappy: