ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Divinium PvP No-Tech Server
A server mod collection designed for my Semi-Primative, No-Tech server. My server operates with a ton of mods and no beacons, but allows players to advance and get good equipment through their own efforts. It also includes a few extras to make life more bearable such as the Corpse Finder mod, that lets players pop their glitched corpse up from inside terrain, and the pet finder mod that acts as a substitute for tracking devices as the Fabricator is disabled on my server.
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ACM V2.7.1294
Created by Woeful Macabre
ACM V2.7.1294
ID: 558079412

Server Admins - Follow my twitter to be warned about updates. This is not a means of contacting me.

Advanced Architecture Mod
Created by hogscraper
This mod is now to be considered abandoned. I've had errors with the dev kit that even installing a new dev kit on a new pc with a re-install of windows hasn't fixed and I have yet to get anything resembling help from official channels. As this...
Medieval Structures
Created by Alley_Killa
This mod adds over 200 items from the medieval era. A full set of plaster, stone, and woods tiers. As well as items to place around that add visual appeal. New storage items, a set of new weapons, and lamps. These pieces are designed to fit into multiple g...
Pet Finder
Find all your lost pets easily!
★ Ever lost a naughty pet chasing a player or dino to god knows where?
★ Use this to find them again! A must have for pet lovers ;)
★ Also recalls stuck flying pets in the air above you to land, use finder under ...
Death Helper
Corpse Finder and Suicide Potion.
★ Find your corpse and death cache easily with the Corpse Finder.
★ Drink a Suicide Potion when you are stuck, or depressed lol.
This mod is clean and stackable, doesn't touch core files. Works in both single a...
Pub Mod
Created by Steel
Last Updated: June 14th @ 08:14AM EST
ModID = 600015460

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Mod Spotlight by Youtuber 'Northstorm Gaming'
Simple Food Recipes & Fishing Trap
Created by kongkim
A clean and stackable mod that adds a new crafting station, and new simple food recipes.
Also added to the mod is a way to fish using fishing traps to catch small fish and turn them into meat.
Mod also include a low level Preserving Water Bag to help k...
Pimp My Dino
Created by The Mod Cookers

Pimp My Dinos! Brought you Badass Armor for your Dinos! and stuff.
You've probably already heard...
True Wardrums 3.0
Created by Jesus
New wardrums with a lot of Mad Max and bass. Old one still exists.

Clean. stackable and all that stuff.

Use programs like "Macro Recorder" to record your number inputs, adjust them to your liking, save it and p...
ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection v08.06.17.39 [Discontinued]
Created by jslay


Major thanks goes out to these AWESOME people for helping me pull this version together!

UI Help - Woeful Macabre
Sanity Checks - Mezzo
Model and Texture Design - MRR...
Small Dragons
Created by Encryption
ModID = 519998112

This mod adds a rare smaller dragon to the game. Has a custom AI, comes in many different color variations and now supports armor with more pie...
Cooking Extras
Created by DoctorDiscord
Pantry - Storage
Sprinkler - Irrigation
Kitchen Sink - Water Source
Advanced Plumbing Part - Plumbing System
Water Pump - Plumbing System
Wood Cook Stove - Cooking Item
Camp Stove - Cooking Item
Methane - Fuel Resource
Trailmix - C...