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Scribblenauts Unlimited

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Object Shard List - Without Spoilers
By Gila
For those who find the esc menu too awkward but don't want to be told exactly what to do. This is a list with the only text from the game.

Special Thanks to for extracting the text.
Living (31)
Get milk from something that says “moo!”

Age old riddle!
Create the answer to the riddle “What is black and white and red all over?”

Are you my Mommy?
Warm an object so that it hatches a chick!

No noggin!
Give the headless horseman what he is missing!

Self glorification!
Create a developer! Find their names in the credits!

Conflict Resolution!
Get a ninja and a pirate together so they can resolve their differences!

Gnome Life!
Apply an adjective to a garden gnome to bring it to life!

Skeleton Resurrection!
Apply an adjective to a skeleton to bring it back to life!

I wanna be a real duck!
Apply an adjective to the duck decoy to bring it to life!

Apply an adjective to the marionette to bring it to life!

No harm no fowl!
Create an object that is used while hunting ducks and use it to attract a duck!

Create a wingless bird and ring something to help it get its wings back!

Wax and Feathers!
Help Icarus fulfill his destiny by getting him to fly too close to what the Earth orbits!

There are plenty of eggs but not enough baby chicks. Place a Rooster in the house hens live in!

Liar liar pants on fire!
Place two people who don’t tell the truth next to each other!

That’s my lucky coin!
Return a gold coin that was taken from a pot of gold to the rightful owner!

Beauty and the beast mode!
The beauty queen is tired of being pretty all the time. Help her transform into a werewolf!

Six feet plunder!
Help the grave robber make a living by creating something the grave robber can rob!

Winner winner chicken dinner!
Unite the game show host with a person who plays on a game show!

To the dogs!
Create someone who catches or trains dogs and provide them with a problematic dog to deal with!

Do as I command!
Create someone with the highest rank in the army and provide them with someone of lower rank that they can order around!

It is easy to see, those are giants!
Give Don Quixote something to destroy that he wrongly believes to be a giant!

Roller rough up!
Create multiple roller derby girls and a place for them to “derby!”

Here kitty kitty!
Create the king of the jungle and someone to tame it!

Use your inside roar!
Help everyone else in the jungle get a good nights sleep by applying an adjective to a lion that makes it less noisy!

No bull!
Provide a bull for a professional who fights them!

I want you! To help with training!
Create any military personel and have them report to boot came to help with training!

The caged bird never sings!
Quiet any bird by putting it in a birdcage!

Can’t make him drink!
Lead a horse to a water trough!

Your wish is my command!
Use what a genie lives in to summon a genie, then use the genie to make a wish!

Speaking to the oysters!
Unite a large tusked aquatic mammal with a craftsman who works with wood!
Food (29)
Cat-toast paradox!
Combine an object that always lands butter side down with an object that always lands on its feet!

You can’t make an omelet without…
Create an object that is laid by a hen and then crack it to get what’s inside!

The ultimate food!
Combine two objects to create cheesey grilled goodness in the form of a sandwich!

Heavenly dessert!
Give an angel its favourite kind of cake!

So good it’s bad!
Give the devil its favourite kind of cake!

Making cookies!
Use a cutting device on cookie dough that cuts it into cookies!

I scream, you scream…
Use something that creates ice cream to make yourself a delicious treat!

It’s so easy!
Take something from a baby that is stereotypically easy to take from a baby!

If you play it they will come!
Attract a customer by playing music from a truck that sells frozen treats!

Rubber turducken!
Combine a rubber chicken with a squeaky yellow toy that is used in the bath, to create the toy version of turducken

Spice things up!
The spice rack is empty! Create a spice rack and put a spice on it!

Good gravy!
Create a type of boat that belongs on your dining table and then put it there!

Who me? Couldn’t be!
Take the cookie out of the jar that it is stored in!

Let’s talk about condiments!
Create and place together both of the common pair of table condiments that come in shakers!

Chews wisely!
Get some gum from a machine that sells little round pieces of it!

Light beverage!
Combine objects to make a root beer float!

He takes what he wants!
Create the especially fierce type of badger who is notorious for not caring, and feed him his favourite food!

Bad breath!
Combine two foods to make garlic fries!

Price check on register one!
Fill a shopping cart with what you buy at a grocery store and then push it to the cash register!

Ground to dust!
Use a pestle with its bowl-shaped companion that is used to grind things!

Have your cake and display it too!
The cake stand looks so empty, place something on it that belongs there!

Oh bother!
Feed a pot of honey to a large furry forest animal who loves to eat honey!

Express delivery!
Try mailing a coconut to see if it really gets delivered!

They see me rollin’!
Use a tubular kitchen utensil to flatten some dough!

The intern
Use a countertop appliance to brew a dark beverage made from ground beans!

I’d like to make a toast!
Put something in a toaster that will get turned into toast!

Breakfast club!
Use a kitchen appliance to make a fluffy patterned breakfast food that you’d usually put syrup and butter on!

All dried up!
Use a kitchen appliance to dehydrate some fruit!

I think therefore I yam!
Use a kitchen utensil designed specifically for this use, to turn a potato into a mashed potato!
Vehicle (23)
Witch way!
Take a flight on a witch’s favourite form of transportation!

Up up and away!
Wear something that is a combination of a backpack and a helicopter

No stopping for gas!
Use a special plane that refuels aircraft in flight!

Board of the future!
Ride an object that is like a futuristic skateboard with no wheels!

Expert balloonist!
Take a ride in a vehicle that is full of hot air!

Built for two!
Join someone else on a bicycle that two can ride at the same time!

Dead to rides!
Put a coffin in a vehicle that is designed to transport it!

Rescue pilot!
Create a rescue helicopter and a pilot for it that is medically trained!

Emergency response!
Create a paramedic and put the in the vehicle they drive around saving lives in!

End of the train!
Ride on the train car that is always at the end of trains!

Going up!
Use a vehicle that sounds like it is made for picking cherries, to get up high!

The way to see the city!
Drive a bus that is two stories tall!

Pull over!
Use the siren in the standard issue vehicle that police drive!

In case of fire…
Create someone who fights fires professionally and have them drive the fire truck!

Out on patrol!
Create an officer of the law and have them keep the streets safe by driving a police car!

Taking out the trash!
Put some garbage in the garbage truck and drive it to the place where it can be dumped!

You’re on a boat!
Captain a type of luxury boat used by the rich and famous!

Living on the water!
Ride on a boat that is a mixture of a boat and a house!

Your biggest fan!
Drive a boat that is propelled by a giant fan!

Abandon ship!
Get into an inflatable object that is used to save people when a ship is sinking!

Hitting the slopes!
Put on some skis and the ski equipment that is held in the hand to help improve balance!

Four! Wheeler
Drive the vehicle you use while playing golf

Roman taxi!
Ride in a type of horse-drawn vehicle famously used by the romans in races!
Music (25)
Out of tune!
Use a tuning wrench to get a musical instrument in tip top shape!

Is this annoying you?
Blow a horn made of plastic that is often found in stadiums!

Another dime!
Play a tune on a music playing box found in diners!

Back to vinyl!
Use a record on an object that will play it!

Play a tune on a small harmonic instrument that is held sideways to the mouth!

Accordion to who?
Give the accordion to someone who will play it!

Snake charmer!
Use an instrument on a snake that will charm it!

A shell of an instrument!
Blow into a type of sea shell that is often used like a musical instrument!

Bang a gong!
Help someone hit a gong by giving them both a gong and an appropriate object to hit it with!

Bag of hot air!
Play the instrument that looks like a bag with a bunch of pipes stuck in it!

Down to Georgia!
Give the devil his favourite stringed instrument!

What did Jerry do?
Play a note on a traditional Australian aboriginal instrument!

Epic drum solo!
Take a seat at the drum set and play your heart out!

Plucked by an angel!
Give an angel the stringed instrument all angels love to play!

Take a seat!
Sit on a bench that belongs in front of a piano while playing a piano!

Here boy!
Use a special whistle that attracts dogs, and get a dog to follow you!

Off-key works for me!
Help someone who can’t sing to sound like a pro! Apply an adjective to them that automatically corrects their pitch!

Use the guitar case to store something other than a guitar.

The sight of music!
Hand some sheet music to someone who composes music!

Boisterous revelry!
Use a practical joke object that makes the sound of someone passing gas!

Trumpet care!
Don’t leave your trumpet lying on the ground! Put it on a stand made for holding trumpets!

Stereophonic sounds!
Put something in the stereo that it can play music off of!

Keeping the beat!
Give a metronome to someone who can use it to practice!

I can hold a tune!
Use a type of fork that isn’t used for eating, to play a pure musical tone!

Sounds funny!
Give a slide whistle to a comical performer who wears lots of make up, giant shoes, colourful wigs, and a red nose!
Tech (26)
Wash, rinse, dry!
Place a dirty dish in an appliance that cleans it!

It’s a trap!
Catch a rodent in a trap!

The clicker!
Turn an object on or off using a remote control!

There’s a smokey on your tail!
Try to make contact with a truck driver using the type of radio they use!

Say what?
Aid someone who is deaf by giving them a small device that improves hearing!

Rise and shine!
Wake someone up using a clock that is specifically designed for such purposes!

Drop me a line!
Use something that you dial to call someone!

Place something near a fire alarm that will set it off!

Clip someone’s toenails!

One armed bandit!
Test your luck by using this popular casino gambling machine!

Not the sharpest pencil in the drawer!
Make a pencil more effective by sharpening it any way you want!

Firey Furnace!
Put something made of clay in a special oven that fires the clay into a ceramic!

Say yes to rugs!
Make a rug using a machine that weaves fabrics!

Vend for yourself!
Put something in a vending machine that causes it to give you a treat!

Duces are wild wild wild!
Give a bookie some technology to help expand the family business to the internet!

No safe is safe!
Create someone who is pro at cracking safes and make them a safe to crack!

Oh no my particles collided!
Create a large hadron collider and see what happens when you use it!

Double the trouble!
Use the cloning machine to duplicate something!

Money laundering!
Put some money in an appliance that cleans clothes!

Where there’s smoke…
Set off a smoke detector to be sure it is working properly!

Click click click click
Use something to type that predates the computer and keyboard!

Bumper bonus!
Play with a machine that uses flippers on a slanted surface to keep a ball bouncing around scoring points!

Gently down the stream!
Take a seat on an exercise machine that simulates rowing a boat!

It’s a light bat!
Combine a lamp shade with the sports equipment used to hit home runs!

Are you afraid of the dark?
Create the kind of light that lights roadways and turn it off

Game of the year!
Create a previous version of this game!
Weapon (26)
Projectile saliva!
Convince a camel to expell its excess saliva!

Don’t bug me!
Use bug spray to exterminate some dangerous flying insects with stingers!

You say potato, I say projectile!
Use a weapon that fires potatoes!

Tank commander!
Get in a tank and give the order to fire!

Boom goes the…
Use an explosive that looks like a bundle of long red candles!

Tanks for playing!
Throw an anti-tank grenade at something it was made to destroy!

Pyrotechnically awesome!
Light the fuse on a string of small noise making explosives!

I’d stake your life on it!
Use a wooden stake to take out an immortal blood sucking creature!

Poke em with the sparkly end!
Get a cow moving by prodding it with a device designed to do such!

Use a gas powered saw that has blades on a chain to cut down a tree!

Bang bang!
Apply a metallic adjective that usually signifies second place to a common tool used with nails to make it more shiny and more valuable!

Nice and toasty!
Use a weapon that shoots flames!

At home on the range!
Create a sniper and a building where the sniper can practice shooting!

Don’t cross me!
Shoot an arrow from a weapon that is shaped like a cross!

Love struck!
Shoot an arrow from a bow that causes people to fall in love!

Holier than thou!
Use holy water to destroy a creature!

Nailed it!
Fire some nails from a gun that shoots them!

Sweet dreams!
Put someone or something to sleep by shooting them with a tranquillizer!

You summoned?
See what happens when you use a necronomicon!

I’m a wizard!
Use a magic wand to do some magic!

Ouch my eye!
Use a lance to blind a humanlike monster that has only one eye!

Foiled again!
Pick up a sword used in the sport of fencing and use it against another fencer!

Use objects to play a round of rock – paper – scissors!

I can shoot!
Use a rifle that shoots accurately from long distances to shoot a can!

William Tell!
Use the weapon of an archer to shoot an apple!

Free man!
Use a crowbar to break open a type of wooden container that shipments are delivered in!
Clothes (25)
A spring in your step!
Equip Maxwell with shoes that help him jump higher!

Hoppin’ costume!
Dress up in a costume that makes you look like a hopping green amphibian!

Where’d you go?
Give a halfling some jewellery that will help him turn invisible!

Give an officer of the law their metal star shaped identification!

Gold medalist!
Give a medal to someone who plays sports for a living!

PBJ time!
Don a costume indicative of a slender yellow fruit while shaking a maraca!

Honey? I’m home!
Dress up in a costume that looks like a buzzing insect that lives in a hive. Then while still dressed up visit your honeycomb filled home!

Hats off to you!
Create a hat for yourself and then hang it on a piece of furniture that is made to hold hats!

I’d like to return these!
Place a shoe in a box that shoes are bought in!

Who’s got the foot long?
Dress up in a costume that looks like a long piece of meat tucked into a bun!

Laundry day!
Fill the laundry hamper with some articles of clothing that need to be washed!

Waggle dance!
Dress up like a bumble bee and then start dancing!

Messy eater!
Wear something that hangs around your neck that you’d wear while eating messy food to keep your clothes clean!

My body is my weapon!
Wear a dark coloured belt that declares your martial arts skills!

Hop to it!
Dress up like a creature that delivers coloured eggs in a basket!

Scribble ♥♥♥ laude!
Dress up like you are graduating from school!

Let’s go team!
Dress up like a person who leads the crowd in cheers at a sporting event!

Dressing to dress!
Dress up like the person who prepares food for a restaurant!

Where’s the fire?
Dress up like someone who puts out fires for a living!

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!
Put on the clothes you wear when you get into bed!

After further review…
Wear clothes to look like someone who enforces the rules during a sports match!

There’s snowshoe better!
Wear some shoes that are made for walking on snow!

Safety at sea!
Before driving a boat, put on a vest that helps save you from drowning!

Kiss the chef!
Use a grill while wearing a piece of clothing that protects the front of your body from splatters while you cook!

Too hot to touch!
Put something on your hands that you wear when you take something hot out of the oven, then pick up something hot!
Misc (32)
Don’t forget to wash your hands!
Flush an object that is found in a bathroom stall!

It doesn’t flush!
Use an object that transforms a hole in the ground into an outdoor bathroom!

What did I do?
Use an adjective to give something a phobia of scribblenauts!

Dance party!
Get someone dancing on the chequered surface that people dance on!

Yo dawg, I heard you like…
Create a common backyard object that is like a beach in a box!

Make it rain!
Use a stick that is supposed to make it rain!

Not so boring barn!
Barns are always red. Make one more exciting by painting it another colour!

Daycare day job!
Put someone in the daycare who belongs there!

Light the fuse and get away!
Set off an explosive that is a rocket small enough to fit in a bottle!

War and peace!
Create the object war and give war a symbol of peace!

Who needs matches?
Use flint to start something on fire!

Scaredy crow!
Frighten a crow with something built to do exactly that!

I’d like to thank the academy!
Give a trophy to a professional entertainer to thank them for their work!

Weaving so soon?
Provide yarn to a person who weaves and see what they create!

What a shamrock!
Give a small plant that normally has three leaves to a short green creature who appreciates such lucky things!

Cure for the common gold!
Use magic to turn something only fools find valuable into something truly valuable!

Order in the court!
Create a courthouse along with someone who works in it!

Am I to be or not to be a writer?
Give a sample of your writing for critiquing to the famous playwright who wrote “Romeo and Juliet”!

Hula hula!
Give a hula dancer a specific round toy to help them practice their hula dancing!

Exhibit A!
Give some evidence to the person who prosecutes criminals in a court room!

As important as the line and wings!
Create a toy that is simply a wooden cube!

Sanctuary seating!
Take a seat on the type of long bench usually found in churches!

Close your eyes!
Open the chest that is supposed to contain the ten commandments!

Troy to look surprised!
Create the large wooden horse the Greeks used in the battle of Troy and then empty it to see what is hiding inside!

It’s more fun with the pieces!
Place a chess piece on the board it is played on!

Waste not want not!
Put some paper in the bin that holds the recycling!

Breaking the bank!
The piggy bank may be holding out on you, break it open to see what’s inside!

Use a bowling ball to knock down what its best at knocking down!

Clean is a relative term!
Use a toilet brush to clean something!

Table tennis menace!
Bounce a ping-pong ball off of a table is is used on!

Use a racquet to hit a ball used in sports!

Nap time!
Relax by laying in a type of bed that is often hung between two trees!
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