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kerama Islands By [Vétérans]
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May 10, 2016 @ 3:39pm
Jun 4, 2016 @ 10:21am
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kerama Islands By [Vétérans]

Kerama Islands
Team Les Vétérans : [V]Wollfen

This terrain is based on the real Kerama Islands you can find near Okinawa, south of Japan.

It's by playing on our public server that came to me an idea of ​​a map : a "domination mode" not based on towns and villages ,... but on an archipelago .

Fan of Japan, my choice fell on the islands of Kerama : 3 islands connected by bridges and integrating an airport.
On a total area of approximately 22 km² and a maximum altitude of 182 m , the archipelago is one of the tourist destinations of Japan, with its sandy beaches , cliffs, and lush flora.

However, the major part of the islands is covered with vegetation and forest.
So I took the liberty to ignore reality, and create an alternative reality : new zones for multiple possibilities and gameplay !!
Kerama is not an exact replica of the original archipelago, but rather a mix of fictional and areas reality.


The terrain in brief:

- 5 islands
- Around 22km²
- 2 large towns
- Many small villages and compounds
- One zone for PvP only (underground submarine base)
- Varied terrain types and landscapes
- Many small clearings to make mission editing easier

18 months of hard work for a map we want complete and demanding.

Terrain created by [V]Wollfen for the French Team : [V] Les Vétérans.

Official Thread and download on our Team"s forum ( in French) :


Kerama Islands doesn't need any other mod to be used.

Extract to your Arma 3 game root folder,
rename "@kerama Islands By [Vétérans]" to "@VTR_Kerama"
Enable the mod.

THX to :

[V]Michel and [V]Xnam for their help

[V] Max,[V] Tyrghen,[V] Picouse and all [V]Vétérans team for their support !

THx to my wife and her patience ... ^^

>> NOTES <<

Kerama Islands is currently in Beta, some bugs may remain, do not hesitate to report ...thanks

>> SERVER <<

Our public server run at "domination mod" on [V] veterans maps ( Kerama, Porquerolle and Angel)
, Altis and Stratis

Serveur public ArmA 3
Port: 2302

require addons :


NATO SF Weapons:

Please refer at :

>> Changelog <<

V 1.1 :
integrated 1.6 patch
modified satellite map
modified texture map
modification of lighting
creation of a new dam area
fixing bugs
partial correction of pop in, pop out of the pvp area
correction of the taxiway of the specops base
smoothing some sectors: wip
suppresion of duplicate objects

enjoy !!
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Tombstone96 Mar 23 @ 9:35am 
If y'all think the map is beautiful you should go there forreal.
╠Ryze_mit_Soße ╣™ Mar 17 @ 1:38pm 
Hi i Really like to use this map To our life Server is this ok ?
The Steer Mar 15 @ 8:56pm 
Question, is there a possibility that certain parts of the map can be published as standalones? aka secret submarine base for its own map?
Nicklander Mar 15 @ 6:15am 
How is the update going ?
I still can't play this map on an Exile server. Is there any way to downgrade the Exile Mod to make it compatible ? Or do I have to wait for the update ?
Endia #SeekTeam Mar 3 @ 11:59am 
Bonjour, quelqu'un aurais un sqf pour le mod life ?
wollfen  [author] Feb 9 @ 12:44am 
@Nicklander :

salut, placez simplement @VTR_KERAMA parmi les autres addons que vous souhaitez utiliser,...c'est tout.

ex :

UnderCoverFrog Feb 8 @ 7:26am 
I'm sure someone has told you, but some of the military barracks are sticking up out of the groud a bit to high. Other than that... I love this map. One of my all time 3. Thank you so much.
Nicklander Jan 19 @ 2:51pm 
Hope you'll release the new version soon ! :)

Une question concernant l'installation sur un serveur. C'est marqué qu'il faut juste ajouter les addons (dans le fichier startup du serveur). Mais du coup, qu'est-ce que je mets comme scenario dans la config ? Pas de scenario du tout ? Ou dois-je extraire le scenario du mod @VTR_Kerama ?
SpaceViper Jan 17 @ 8:07pm 
This map does not appear to be compatible with Alive at all.
-SEV- Jan 16 @ 8:53pm 
Thank you for this. This is the most beatiful map from a modder i ever seen. Great work and nice ideas. But unfortunately i have crashes too. An a few houses are too high and not an the ground. And a little thing, too. I guess it would be more interesting if the "secret" submarinebase are really secret and is not marked/named on the map. :D
Thank you for your hard work on this. Is there any way to donate?