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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 7, 2016 @ 1:14am
Jul 6, 2017 @ 2:25am
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Entering 4th Year Of SPRINT's Development
SPRINT Development Update (End 2017)
Release date: Late 2017

Hello everyone!

Today, we would like to share with everyone a little project that we are currently working on. Please spare some time to look through what we have been working hard for these past few months. We hope to introduce something fresh to the platformer genre while still maintaining the retro essence through SPRINT.

This is SPRINT. SPRINT is a 2D action platformer.

We'd like to think of SPRINT as a platformer with RPG elements in it, allowing you manage your assets and attacks in real time! Imagine managing up to a total of 6 playable characters, all in real time!

The game's primary objective is to stop the game's main antagonist, the evil Dr.Z. Throughout the game, you will face Dr.Z many times, and each time you face him, you liberate his animal army and they in turn join you in your subsequent battle.

You will come across collectible attack gemstones throughout the game and they can be equipped to your animal supports from which you rescue from Dr.Z.

Each attack gemstone contains recorded energy patterns from natural occurrence over the span of millions of years. These recorded energy patterns can be developed into attack gemstones for your animal supports, granting them powerful and devastating attacks!

Spend time with your animal supports and increase their affinity, unlocking new hidden bloodline attacks and improved attack pattern.

And then finally do a final face-off with Dr.Z and stop him from terrorizing mother nature!

• A total of 7 controllable characters + hidden characters
• Dynamic and colorful character personalities
• Challenging, engaging and dynamic level designs + boss fights
• Hidden supports for the players to uncover
• Hidden attack gemstones waiting for the adventurous player to unlock
• Bringing out nostalgia as its core story and gameplay.

The game is currently 60-65% completed. We are now developing the final battle stages of the game with the main antagonist Dr.Z, at the same time adding more attack gemstone variations for players to collect.

We share newly created art assets from time to time on our Twitter channel @MJSLevelOne. Be sure to follow us and share with us your thoughts as well.
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XeraRoth Jun 16, 2017 @ 1:01am 
nice! goodluck~~~!!
mjslevelone  [author] Dec 22, 2016 @ 9:54am 
Hello there good sir! Thanks for dropping by. Yes we are indeed very serious about completing this game, rest assured. And yes we do update regularly on our twitter channel @MJSLevelOne, thanks for checking us out =)
markzero Dec 21, 2016 @ 9:19pm 
Devs do have an update on Twitter as recent as December showing work in progress, so still active.
mjslevelone  [author] Jul 27, 2016 @ 9:17pm 
@a flying loli
The 1-minute theme song on the intro was composed by Tokyo-Based Sam L.Jones from Eclipse JP.
mjslevelone  [author] Jul 27, 2016 @ 8:15pm 
THANK YOU everyone for this opportunity! We are now in full gear developing SPRINT. We update small progresses on our Twitter feed frequently. Be sure to let us know your comments and feedback.
TheSlayerBaron Jul 26, 2016 @ 9:30pm 
Voted :)
Anamik Jul 26, 2016 @ 5:48pm 
Upvoted! :steamhappy:
syky_finisher Jul 24, 2016 @ 11:29am 
Great platformer! :summersun:
Fanta Uva Jul 23, 2016 @ 12:47pm 
Nice! Good luck! =)
flying mini-moe Jul 19, 2016 @ 6:00pm 
BTW, the theme song KICKS ASS! SPRINT, HELL YA!