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MrSanchez' Head Gore Mod
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May 7, 2016 @ 8:29am
Jun 6, 2016 @ 2:08am
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MrSanchez' Head Gore Mod

Head gore Mod v1.1 by MrSanchez

This mod adds an extra bit of gore into ArmA 3.
It allows you to burst people's heads with a powerful enough weapon.

The mod is configurable using a module found under Editor -> Modules -> MrSanchez -> Headgore

In the module settings you're able to change:
- The caliber needed for decapitation (to e.g. change .408 req to 5.56mm)
- The chance decapitation may occur
- The amount of time gibs stay visible
- The influence wearing a helmet has upon the decapitation requirements

It is multiplayer compatible. It must be run server & client sided if used in MP.

The mod is also compatible with the Zombies & Demons mod which will have this head gore feature natively built in.

If you intend to play singleplayer I highly recommend the modification "Blood Lust" by zooloo75, it works extremely well when combined with this.

- You're not allowed to use this modification on monetized servers or use it for any commercial purposes.
- Since it is a small modification, do not publicly redistribute it, this includes modifying and redistributing it.

Ryan - For edited sounds & being a nice supportive bogan <3

If you have feedback or bugs to report, I'd be glad to hear them.
Have fun.

Kind regards,
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Fun Timer Aug 6 @ 7:41pm 
Yeah i also have the problem where it no longer decapitates the enemy immedietly. I used to be able to but i can't anymore.
jose.gonzales2013 Jun 29 @ 9:46am 
How do I configure this? I know go to modules something but I dont know how to get there, im pretty new to the modding scene and just need help. Would love :)
OutsideSpider Jun 16 @ 6:56am 
Hey Fernando,
I know that this is like months late but one way to quickly remove dependencies is to load into the editor with said mod loaded, open up a New Scenario using whatever map the mission is on. should have a blank map now, go up to Scenario and there is a Merge button. it will allow you to select any mission done on that map and load in all of the assets that are placed into the new map exactly where they need to be. Just have to reload addon settings and fix respawn stuff if its there. Hope that helps in the future.
Fernando Gomez Apr 23 @ 6:13am 
First of all, thanks for your quick response. I will try to remove "SAN_Headgore" at the beginning of the mission.sqm
Sanchez  [author] Apr 23 @ 4:36am 
Hi Fernando,

I think I've experienced such behaviour in the past (back in ArmA 2 actually).
When you remove a module of a certain mod using the editor, it'll not always remove the mod as a dependency in the mission.sqm.
If there are no usages of the mod elsewhere (e.g. a lingering module somewhere on the map), then you can remove the 'san_headgore' line in the addons list of the mission.sqm (use Notepad or so to open it).
If the mission.sqm is binarized (lots of junk in the file), you may have to untick binarization once in the 3den editor -> Save it in the editor, close editor -> Reopen mission.sqm with notepad -> Remove the line -> Save file -> Reopen in editor -> Tick binarization again if binarization is desired.

As for why it doesn't just remove the dependency from the mission properly, I don't know. I am not sure if it's a mod problem really.
Fernando Gomez Apr 23 @ 3:32am 
Good morning, Mr. Sanchez. We're currently experiencing a problem with your mod. I had not realized that we could not reupload your mod on another workshop (workshop of my non monetized and non-commercial server). So I wanted to remove your mod from the modpack and from my mission.sqm. Except that I can remove the module from the mapping. It still remains on the mission.sqm. So we're stuck. Could you tell us why your mod is doing this? Still our excuse for the reupload.
Shadow Apr 11 @ 1:12pm 
can only get heads to blow after i kill em then pop em again when they're already dead
liquidglass707 Nov 19, 2019 @ 1:55pm 
For some reason none of the heads will explode from the first shot, have to shoot the head twice. I have it turned down to the lowest caliber and 100% decapitation. Checked helmets dont matter
sniper_08101 May 23, 2019 @ 9:26pm 
Mod only works in the editor? Does it not work in other missions? Great mod btw!!!
YEAH RIGHT Apr 9, 2019 @ 11:27am 
maybe you add hands and legs dismemberment?