Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Rust Racers Mad Max - Upgradable & Tunable
Type: Vehicle, Addon
Tags: Fun, Realism
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May 5, 2016 @ 4:19pm
Jul 18, 2016 @ 8:09am
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Rust Racers Mad Max - Upgradable & Tunable

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Console Commands & Settings
neurotec_madmax_gearup - Gear Up ( rebindable )
neurotec_madmax_geardown - Gear Down (rebindable )
neurotec_rustracers_upgrade <type> <level> - If you want to make your own menu integration. Example: neurotec_rustracers_upgrade engines 12 would give you last level engine upgrade. Calls the MadMax_PurchaseUpgrade.
neurotec_rustracers_buyvehicle - Entname, calls MadMax_CanAffordCar hook.
neurotec_rustracers_repaircar - Repair your current vehicle.
rustracers_camera_mode - 0 to 9. Mapped to Numpad by default.
rustracers_automatic_gearbox ( 1 or 0 ) - Default 0, manual is the ♥♥♥♥
rustracers_lamp_toggle - Toggle Headlights (rebindable)

Default Keybinds
Start Engine - Jump
Turn Off Enginge - Reload
Brakes - Jump
Turbo Boost - Sprint(Shift)
Gear-Up: 1
Gear-Down: 2
WASD - Controls
Jump / Flip Car - Duck/Ctrl
Toggle Headlights - F (Impulse 201)
Upgrade Menu - Walk (Default left alt)

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⎝⎞Le Aftoreur⎛⎠ Jun 1 @ 8:42pm 
NOOOOOOOOOO, REALLY? IS IT THAT SIMPLE? You know what's even simpler? Reading. I have been telling you how to change gears for 2 years in this comment section...

Not to speak about it being written like less than 10 lines above:
Gear-Up: 1
Gear-Down: 2
jakiecakie123 Jun 1 @ 4:18pm 
i know how to work the cars all you need to do is press 1 to shift up and 2 to shift down
[FC&N] Sn a k e May 30 @ 12:45am 
why wheels is bugged? They going uderground when cars driving(sorry for bad english) May 14 @ 10:38pm 
⎝⎞Le Aftoreur⎛⎠ Mar 10 @ 1:02am 
@DJ wilder: You probably have another addon messing things up.
Also, in which FPS and/or Racing game do you use W to upgrade? It's Alt you use to upgrade the car when stationary, W is to press the throttle...
J@c0B W!1d3r Mar 9 @ 6:53pm 
the ai dosent work for me and i cant upgrade when i press w
Kermit the frog Mar 6 @ 7:56am 
they dont spone
Kermit the frog Mar 6 @ 7:56am 
it dosnt work dor me
⎝⎞Le Aftoreur⎛⎠ Feb 27 @ 3:37pm 
You have some other mod causing a conflict, it works perfectly fine for me.
Ramsey Feb 27 @ 1:03pm 
and ive installed every rust racers pack