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Imperium Universalis 1.3.1

Imperium Universalis is a full conversion mod for Europa Universalis IV. It is set in the antiquity, start year is 559BC/195AUC. At the moment there are hundreds of playable nations and many others you can release or create through decision.

You will have historical, dynamic and random events in the mod, for example weather,
slave uprising or olympic games. There are also new features like slaves, inland
colonies or the rise of different religions.

______ Submods and Add-Ons _____________

Music Mod for Imperium Universalis

______ Forum and Wiki ________

Paradox Forum Thread (English + Direct Download)[]
Strategie-Zone Thread (German)[]

Europa Universalis Wiki[]




- KArantukki (Godmodder/Everthing)

- Hirdman (National Ideas, Events, History, Units)
- Ritter1 (3D Units)
- ZiePeregrine (3D World Wonders)
- President Storm (Texts)
- Sir Henri (Provinces, historical research)
- Tarnos (a bit of historical research)
- Noel (Mental support)
- Traianus (Helped creating Tribal Nations )
- Hawkins (National Ideas)
- Dead Lyrstist (National Ideas)
- Byzantenos (National Ideas)
-Tartarin/Argonaute (Provinces and Map Research)
-Tinholt (Eventframe)


The game crashs, what can I do?
–Try to find out why and when it crashs, if you have any idea what causes the crash, report it in the burg report thread.

I have old vanilla names of provinces everywhere! What should I do?
–The mod is only available in English. Other languages will cause that problem.

I have Native Indians instead of hoplites! Wtf?
– Turn off unit DLC’s. They replace vanilla unit models.

Do I need all DLC?
– Yes, you could play without DLCs but there are major features like citizen units, inland colonies or estates which are only available by playing with DLCs. Check out the DLC feature list for more informations.

Mod don’t appear in launcher! I tried everything!
– That is steam subscribing magic, and not our problem, actually. Try resubscribing, deleting mod files, reinstalling game etc.

What version this mod is for?
– Imperium Universlais is always for latest game version. We try to keep it up to date, and add all new features Paradox bring to us.

Why dates are so strange? What is AUC? Why can’t they be BC and AD?
– Dates cannot be negative in EU4. It is in game mechanics and we can’t change it. Instead Imperium Universalis use A.U.C. – Ab urbe condita - years from foundation of Rome.

Why X nation/tribe is so week? They were so powerfull and cool, were defeating enemies with single left hand like Chuck Norris and had 60 tech level and trillions of manpower!
– Proof? we need proofs. Solid ones.

Their ideas suck, they must have +25% discipline and +50% morale!
– We won’t change anything just because some person has another vision of history. We try to hold balance and historical accuracy.

Why there is still no X, or Y?
– Mod is still in Work in Progress, and we cannot work so fast. We are (mostly) humans, and have work or private life. If you want X so much, and can’t wait, why don’t you try to learn how to do that, and do it yourself? We will gladly accept your help and your name can even be in credits.

I found a bug! Weh! Horrible!
– Report us in here, try to describe it, give us savegame and screens. And 78% it will be fixed in next update.

I get constant “Out of sync” when playing multiplayer!
– At the moment the game gets out of sync every 3 years after game start, we still don't know what causes the OOS error. If you have any idea what might fix this issue please report it to us.
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҉Ԑƞỉɡᶆα҉: 5 hours ago 
What version of europa universalis are you playing? And the mod version?

҉Ԑƞỉɡᶆα҉: 5 hours ago 
Why my mod does not have estates?
Eros9 11 hours ago 
@Seagull From Mars click on a province and on the build menu of the province. on the lower half of the menu will be the estates section :D
Seagull From Mars 15 hours ago 
My estates are demanding more land but I can't find the button help please?
Spartazmius Jul 16 @ 3:21pm 
I don't know if the two ideas which grant you increased force limit from vassals are working properly. Nothing seemed to happen when i unlocked either. Also, why do rome babylon and egypt only seem to get tributary states as opposed to actual vassals? It seems much easier to diplo-annex in this mod, so I don't know why they don't.
helldown Jul 15 @ 12:54am 
is multiplayer still desync ?
Gregg Jul 14 @ 8:37am 
I want to create a custom nation, however whenever I go to open the government tab the game instantly crashes, it appears to only be for this? any idea or
Flavius Brutus Jul 13 @ 7:33pm 
Like I said, it would be nice to have a playable version rather than a overhaul, which would no doubt add content, but also could maintain or further complicate the basic problems.... but that's just my two cents :)
ÜberTroll Jul 13 @ 7:27pm 
all in due time
Flavius Brutus Jul 13 @ 7:25pm 
Game freezing is mentioned often by people on here. Also I play EU4 multiplayer, desyncs are unbearble in this mod. Furthermore major nations don't operate like they should. Persia formation doesn't happen how it should (Cyrus can easily die of old age by the time you annex enough of media even after defeating it) and Rome has major missions that don't work. To me they would be the priority to fix. Not adding more nations.