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Negotiator VR
Platforms: PC
May 5, 2016 @ 6:46am
May 12, 2016 @ 10:30am
Parallel to greenlight, we are running a kickstarter for this product, please support us if you like what you see. Thanks -

A strategic, narrative game that puts you in the shoes of a disillusioned military negotiator who's trying to run away from his past.

The Premise

Negotiator is a strategy narrative game about a disillusioned military hostage negotiator Jonathan Martell. After a mission in a South American desert airport goes south, a celebrity gets killed because of his mistake. Getting discharged from the military, he comes back to London, UK only to find that the press is all over the story and twitter is burning with hate and displeasure. This is the kind of fame nobody wants, and it doesn't allow for a normal life when everyone recognises you with a hashtag #killerofinnocents. To add insult to injury, his sister,a single mother, is getting hounded by the press and harassed at work about the situation.

An old friend of Jonathan's, from south Asia hears about his troubles and decides to invite him and his sister to start life a new in his home city, half way across the world. "Nobody cares about western problems here! Go to the embassy in London next week, my friend works there, your visa will be ready in no time." he says. Jonathan decides that this is much better compared to life in London, and goes to the embassy with his sister and her son. As they are waiting in the visa queue, a couple of masked men with rifles walk in and shout at everyone to get down and cooperate. Soon the police arrives and the world's media attention is turned onto this situation. The terrorists are ruthless and want to prove a point, the police want to end the situation as soon as possible by any means necessary and the hostages are scared and panicked. In a cruel twist of fate, Jonathan is the right person, at the wrong time for such a situation. Over the next 18 hours and several locations, he will have to overcome his failures and manage this tense triangle.

Prototype link(Requires at least Oculus DK2)

How does it work?

There are four main game aspects in Negotiator:

People managament:

This works by talking to people, giving into their demands, doing things for them or alternatively turning them down. This affects their stress and happiness level, something akin to managing people in Sims with their states represented in green bars.

Physical/stealth puzzles:

In each narrative section, there will be two physical and stealth puzzles that will need to be solved in order to gain new intelligence on the terrorists and relay it to the police. For example, in the embassy scene, you will have to control your sister's son who is the only one small enough to fit into a ventilation system to crawl through, listen to the terrorists and find a mobile phone in another room, bring it back so you can send messages to the police.

Fatal choices:

Depending on how you control/handle the situation, at the end of every chapter, one person can be killed by the terrorists or police. This is comparable to the system present in TellTale games, where the story moves on but different characters live to see the end of it.


Each section is time limited, forcing you to act fast and make split second decisions. This is there is there in order to raise tension, but also to bring a sense of reality to the situation. Things will happen with or without your input.

Point of View:

As demonstrated in our prototype, a key component of the game is seeing the same situation from different points of view and using different characters at different times to solve the problem. For example in the third chapter, while on the double decker bus, full of hostages and terrorists you must guide the innocents out of the way while using the sniper to pick out the terrorists in places not covered by TV cameras.

Audiovisual style

“Negotiator” will be a fully 3D game played from a 1st person perspective, ideal for VR and well established in PC games. The tone and style of animation, and sets design, will play a crucial role in bringing the world to life. Stylistically the game will feel like a moody action film in the tradition set by films like Die Hard, and Heat and Collateral, by Michael Mann. A key component of the game will be character performance and facial animation, for which we will use video projected textures to heighten the emotional impact. We have done a lot of R&D on our previous projects in the areas of animation and facial performance, something we are keen to use and show in this one.


Negotiator will be developed for Oculus Rift and Steam (Win) . Additional VR and mobile platforms are a strong possiblity but dependant on funds and interest.

Core team

The core team will be made up of seasoned professionals with overlapping skill sets between Film and Games.

Bojan Brbora - Project lead

Bojan has an extensive, 10 year experience of working in film, mainly as a cinematographer and has a keen eye for lighting and visual compositions and was nominated for his skills at several festivals. He completed his Game Design MA at the National Film & Television School in 2014 and has developed, managed and released two commercial titles for Steam and iOS since then. The projects won Develop People’s Choice award and were Unity Awards finalists. With the prototype of Negotiator, he won the VR section of the Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer London 2016 .

Tom Hill – Writer
As a playwright Tom was produced at the Soho, Riverside and Arcola theatres. With an MA from the National Film and Television School in Screenwriting his writing credits include the Oscar nominated short animation ‘Head Over Heels’, the multi-award winning animation ‘The Key’ for Mew Lab studios and the comedy drama ‘Getting Clean’ created for BAFTA/Livity. In Video Games he works as writer in residence at OMUK, a voice recording studio for video games including Tell Tale’s Game of Throne’s series. 'Work includes in-studio script editing and re-writing, as well as creating original content showcased at the GDC in San Francisco. Other credits include work on the conceptual stage of Flavourworks first release, ‘Strings’.

Duncan Walker - Developer
Duncan Walker is the owner and operator of Trashgames Ltd ( He graduated from Westminster University in 2008, where he studied film, photography and animation. Since then he’s been a freelance designer and developer, mainly for mobile apps and games and more recently specialising on VR projects. Duncan has worked at various agencies and for various clients including AKQA, Inition, Nissan, Honda, The Gadget Show. and has also been a visiting lecturer at The National Film and Television School and the Royal College of Art. Currently he is freelancing on various Unity based VR projects as well as making my his own games.

External reviews

"it’s tense exciting stuff, and we can’t wait to see more" - The Rift Arcade

"that’s seriously ♥♥♥♥ing interesting" - Road to VR


Pocket gamer Indie pitch VR 2016 - London, UK
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