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Enhanced Camera
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May 3, 2016 @ 12:35pm
May 10, 2016 @ 11:14pm
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Enhanced Camera

Garry’s Mod: Enhanced Camera

What is it?
Enhanced Camera, based off the Oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout mods of the same name, is an addon for Garry’s Mod that allows players to see their own bodies. The source code was originally based on Gmod Legs 3, but has been modified so extensively and the two now have little in common besides a similar goal. It can be considered in a beta state.

Why not Gmod Legs/Immersive First-Person?
Gmod Legs, as the title suggests, only shows the player’s legs. It also requires a server-side component to work properly. Immersive First-Person is entirely client-side, but doesn’t use viewmodels, modifies the camera origin (and thus breaks aiming), and either requires a strict camera pitch restriction or suffers a lot of clipping. Enhanced Camera, like the Oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout mods of the same name, combines the viewmodel and worldmodel and does not modify the camera origin.

What this addon can and cannot do
Enhanced Camera can:
  • Work on the client-side, even on servers without the addon installed, as long as sv_allowcslua is enabled
  • Dynamically change the player’s height to match their model if the serverside component is installed
Enhanced Camera can not:
  • Work 100% of the time if models have broken paths unless the optional serverside component is installed, though it works most of the time
  • Show your PAC3 customizations (yet!)
  • Show your shadow (you can use cl_drawownshadow if you want, but it won’t match your first person body or show your weapon’s shadow)

Console Commands and cvars
Client-side: All of these options can be configured in the Tools menu, Options tab.
  • cl_ec_enabled
    • 1 (Default): Show your body in first-person
    • 0: Hide your body in first-person
  • cl_ec_showhair
    • 1 (Default): Show your hair (bones attached to head) in first-person
    • 0: Hide your hair in first-person
  • cl_ec_vehicle
    • 1 (Default): Show your body while in vehicles
    • 0: Hide your body while in vehicles
  • cl_ec_vehicle_yawlock
    • 1 (Default): Restrict yaw while in vehicles to prevent looking backwards at your neck. Yaw is not restricted regardless of this setting if either cl_ec_enabled or cl_ec_vehicle is 0.
    • 0: Unrestrict yaw while in vehicles
  • cl_ec_vehicle_yawlock_max
    • (Default: 65): Angle (in degrees) you can look away from the center view of a vehicle when cl_ec_vehicle_yawlock is enabled.
  • cl_ec_refresh
    • Forces a model reload. May be useful if the first-person model doesn’t update after changing your playermodel for some reason.
  • cl_ec_toggle
    • Toggles the visibility of your body in first-person
  • cl_ec_togglevehicle
    • Toggles the visibility of your body in first-person while in vehicles
  • sv_ec_dynamicheight
    • 1 (Default): Dynamically adjust players’ view heights to match their models
    • 0: Don’t touch players’ heights
  • sv_ec_dynamicheight_min
    • (Default: 16): Minimum view height
  • sv_ec_dynamicheight_max
    • (Default: 64): Maximum view height
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KYLE5023 Apr 14 @ 8:05am 
I'm_Armed Apr 4 @ 5:22pm 
i installed the mod i morphed looked down and i see the body can you please fix it so it doesnt appear in a morph
Paynamia Mar 29 @ 6:42pm 
@Lilypad, @LazerRay: The command cl_ec_showhair 0 should fix that.
Microsoft Hecking Word Mar 24 @ 1:55am 
so i just installed the mod, and its awesome, but when i look down, my gun is behind my body, like i see my legs on top of my gun
mahyar_mk Mar 11 @ 4:07pm 
when i select chell playermodel and watch down i see little of my boobz but in the picture is more

why ??????

and i see bug on some of playermodels please fix it
⊰✘Dαиɪ✘⊱ Mar 10 @ 10:18pm 
Very Good ! :Rockout::facepunch:
LazerRay Mar 8 @ 1:07pm 
I agree on fixing the issue with the camera bug inside the model heads
Lilypad Feb 22 @ 11:06pm 
certain player models show the inside of their head when using this mod, like this one: . I hope you eventually fix this problem, as it's the only problem that keeps me from using it.
егорка тоже говно
1gorKa{EZ} Feb 11 @ 12:54am 
мод говно