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Versus Single With Bots
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Apr 30, 2016 @ 5:00am
Jun 9, 2016 @ 5:34am
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Versus Single With Bots

This is my first mod that I publish to workshop

This addon will provide you a mutation which you can play versus without strangers and your friends

The script of the game is based Versus Single by def075
-Bots can activate obstacles
-Bots can do scavenge
-You're able to switch teams between infected and survivor with unlimited time (Or 99 times)
-Removed alert car

Things that are changed from the original script :
-First aid kits are not replaced with pills
-Lower the chance of spawning Tank (The original chance is 100%)
-Damage to survivor bots is not lowered if you're on infected team (The original damage to survivor bots in survivor team is 80%)
-Tier 2 weapons are not replaced with Tier 1 weapons
-Uzi (Or SMG) is no longer be the starter weapon and the starter weapon is set to pistol (P226) only
-Health of Tank is increased from 2000 to 5000 or above on both teams
-Bots no longer receive remote pills and they receive remote pistol only (I can't completely remove this)
-Bots do not avoid Tier 1 shotguns or hunting rifle anymore (def075 set it)
-Molotovs, pipe bombs and bile bomb is back

And much more additions that unnecessary to say it out or forgotten already

How to start it :
1.Subscribe this addon
2.Turn on Left 4 Dead 2
4.Change it to "Versus Single w/ Bots"

If def075, the original creator for Versus Single, tell me to remove this, I would remove it immediately

Highly recommend this to people who never touched versus before. Bots don't have feeling. But human players does. If you have never touched versus before, you'll highly do something wrong and burden your teammates. Making your teammates frustrated and kick you out and you'll ask,"Why". Therefore, you can learn about infected ability while you're playing as infected (Most important) and learn more important spot(Like ledges in Hotel, Dead Centre) without hurting others feeling(But if you've very new and never played a game before, Single Player is a must before this)
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Sr.Bearsalot May 20 @ 9:06am 
This is pretty good, but the opposite team is always dummer then a pile of rocks :conwayfacepalm:, not being able to push buttons or scavange for gas :conwayshrug: . Although it did make me feel pretty good at the game.
Ben Dover May 16 @ 5:09pm 
anyone know how to play this with addons
the j May 16 @ 10:12am 
is the removed alert car for everything or just for the new gamemode
the j May 16 @ 9:56am 
does this also let me play with just 1 friend? or is it only solo
Luwy Insanity May 12 @ 1:20am 
Can we play it with addon ?
hacker666 May 10 @ 7:45pm 
5 estrellas nice
HammoudPro May 5 @ 12:13pm 
Best addon for offline play
albertonievesjr May 3 @ 6:54pm 
Lway if you want to be tank use consul commands
[XW]_Vessel Apr 21 @ 10:42am 
alone and tired, nice work...
[TH]NinECapz Apr 2 @ 7:52pm 
how to make it play with full mod ???