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nZombies - A Nazi Zombies Gamemode [Content Pack]
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Apr 29, 2016 @ 9:52am
Nov 16, 2016 @ 2:06am
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nZombies - A Nazi Zombies Gamemode [Content Pack]

In 1 collection by Zet0r
nZombies Official Collection
21 items
nZombies is a Nazi Zombies recreation in Garry's Mod that lets you play Nazi Zombies on any map Garry's Mod has to offer! It comes with a Creative Mode in which you can set up the map just how you want it, after which you can play your creation and share it with friends! It supports any and all weapons you can find on the Workshop, and any map can be turned into a Zombie Apocalypse Nightmare using the tools given in Creative Mode!

This gamemode is in development!
This isn't the actual gamemode, just the content! Get the beta here: Note that this is very often updated, and will contain bugs. Installation instructions in FAQ.

Follow me on Twitter for updates on new features, screenshots, updates, and development here:

You will need nZombies Content Pack [Part 2] to have all the content! It is also linked in the required items section.

This is the official content pack for nZombies. It features all the perk models, the zombie models, the sounds and textures, and materials nZombies needs to function properly. It was created so that an update to the gamemode's code wouldn't force users to redownload 150mb worth of content.

The content pack's content and their credits:
- Nazi Zombie models w/ animations [Zet0r]
- Hellhounds [Zet0r]
- Panzersoldat [Zet0r]
- All WaW Perk Machines [Hoff, Alig96]
- All Black Ops I, II, & III Perk Machines [YoloJoe]
- Der Wunderfizz [Zet0r, FadedFusiion]
- HUD Icons & Blood lines [Zet0r]
- Bowie Knife, Monkey Bomb, Revive Morphine, Pack-a-Punch arms, Perk Bottle [Zet0r]
- Power Lever and other Zombies scenery [Zet0r]
- Instakill, Nuke, Carpenter, Fire Sale, Zombie Blood, Blood Money, Double Points [Zet0r, FadedFusiion]
- Mystery Box & Teddy [Hoff]

Config Data (used in the config loader):
{Breakout} = {
"Description": "Waking up in a now abandoned research lab, it's time for you to break out! But is it even possible when the undead roam...?",
"Map ID": "370834753",
"Creator": "Zet0r",
"Pack Name": "nZombies Official Configs",
"Used Packs": {
"nZombies Collection": "673266588"
"Note": "1-4 players recommended."
{High Stakes} = {
"Description": "The casino keeps more secrets than meets the eye, but you are not only gambling with money ...",
"Map ID": "169342118",
"Creator": "Zet0r",
"Pack Name": "nZombies Official Configs",
"Used Packs": {
"nZombies Collection": "673266588"
"Note": "Currently in beta - needs PaP objective."
{Imprisoned} = {
"Description": "Trapped in an old police station, it seems like that big gate might give you a way to end this ...",
"Map ID": "222854611",
"Creator": "Zet0r",
"Pack Name": "nZombies Official Configs",
"Used Packs": {
"nZombies Collection": "673266588"
"Note": "Load Map Script to enable main Easter Egg."

Can now be found in the FAQ Thread.
Questions already answered in the FAQ will be deleted and ignored!
Let's try to keep the comment section clean with only actual feedback.

Feel free to use these models for your addons, as long as you do not reupload the models themselves.
Instead, you should require this addon for yours, using the models from within this instead of packing them into your addon.
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ツΨSpedicΨツ Aug 11 @ 12:07am 
i cant even start the FLIPPIN GAMEMODE
Lego Silver King Aug 4 @ 6:44pm 
Will this gamemode ever get a Gobble Gum addon in the future? Cause that's what we are missing here. But overall it's a really good addon. I love it! I am missing perk bottle textures on the bottles for some reason. i don't know why. And when i shoot a zombie spwaner on the ground it does not show the green person to show where it is. But the blue person shows for player spawn.
At least the gamemode works. It just needs more updates. Bug fixes better zombies and more! XD
Chan Ka Hong Jul 31 @ 12:28pm 
Zombie's models are missing , how to fix it?
Gayminecrafter69 Jul 28 @ 11:52am 
Anyway to add more bosses into the gamemode, do I have to edit a script fie or drag and drop?
HentaiKnight Jul 27 @ 2:43pm 
the bottom right corner hud element is an error. the pack a punch model doesnt spawn and shows in spawnmenu as an error. Im trying to play nzombies Moon but pack dont spawn. whats happening
Clock Man Jul 26 @ 12:07pm 
The HUD is broken and its too big i want to shrink it
Dustpanandbroom Jul 25 @ 1:29pm 
the mystery box is giving me broken guns
Hat Kid Jul 24 @ 10:44am 
won't let me download the .zip file. can you help me with that?
deathclaw Jul 10 @ 12:46pm 
hello zet0r. im currently trying to do a navmesh for my map on the map coast night, and it doesnt fucking work. send help, thank you
HollyBlocky Jul 8 @ 9:56am 
HarrisonPlays22: This isn't the gamemode whatsoever. These are only content packs. To play, you must download & install the gamemode from the Github page. Keep in mind this gamemode is almost 5 years old without updates since, and also read the description before commenting.