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Always Higher VR
Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 7, 2016 @ 2:26am
Jul 21, 2016 @ 9:59am

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A new trailer is here
Release date: Summer 2016
Small sci-fi shooter for room-scale VR with some arcade elements. A new world, story, puzzles and built-in mini-game are planned.

You are playing for the agent infiltrated to the secret laboratory to steal data device in the futuristic semi-destroyed world. The main goal of the mission is to leave this underground facility, avoid enemy's soldiers and bring stealed module to your boss.
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pszemek Jul 10, 2016 @ 5:23am 
anti_anti  [author] Jun 16, 2016 @ 1:35pm 
2 Game Development Championship, the whole idea is to make as full VR experience as possible. It can't be modified to a non-VR game.
The GDWC Jun 16, 2016 @ 6:15am 
Will there be a non-VR version too for us who do not have VR?

We are running the Game Development World Championship and would like to see you participate. It's good for your visibility and won't cost you a penny.

You can check it out at .

Good luck with the development!
Yatoro Jun 7, 2016 @ 2:02pm 
Ni hablo ingles pero se ve interesante el jugo
FerrousBueller Jun 7, 2016 @ 1:30pm 
Your video is really boring.

0:00 - 0:15 You're awkwardly looking around a room. The jerky camera movements make me feel nauseated.

0:15 - 0:18 You're using some kind of grappling hook to yank a panel off a distant plaform. Okay, this might be an interesting game mechanic. . .

0:18 - 0:32 You're standing still, shooting at a single enemy who is also standing still, until he dies and falls off the platform

0:32 - 2:32 Nothing really happens for the remainder of the video. You fiddle with some menus and continue to stand in the same location, awkwardly looking around the room.

2:32 Without warning you instantly teleport to another location. Then a split second later the video abruptly ends
anti_anti  [author] Jun 7, 2016 @ 10:41am 
@Khell, i'm intresteng how they do lanscape videos too. Probably it's some feature in Unity engine (i use UE) that can combine two stereo images in one. Or double rendering for VR and non-vr - but my PC is not powerful enough for that.

I'll probably make a normal trailer later, after finishing game.
Kay Jun 7, 2016 @ 10:32am 
Interesting, I actually didn't know that about the VR sets, I would have assumed that each eye's resolution would be landscape-orientation, not portrait, even if that is very close to being square. Every other VR game I've seen here shows it more landscape-cut, which I guess means they trimmed the edges to fit the video screen.

And I totally understand not wanting to "spoiler" your project, but some friendly advice... Greenlight votes are based on what is shown, not what is promised. No, you don't want to spoiler any plot, but the more interesting things you can show, the better your chances.
anti_anti  [author] Jun 7, 2016 @ 10:15am 
Khell, the video is made of one-eye render image. Resolution of Vive and Oculus Rift is 1080x1200 pixels per eye. And about game. I understand what you mean. There are a lot of shooter games for VR like SPT or Brookhaven Exp already. I don't even buy it. But I was trying to create not just a shooter, but a virtual world. World with its history, characters, conflict etc. And all of it can be explored. It's still a small game, because i made it alone, so i just don't want to spoil all content i have in the first promo video.
anti_anti  [author] Jun 7, 2016 @ 10:09am 
wilco64256, i (probably) wasn't successful in one of my goals, but it doesn't mean the game is bad. Anyway, feel free do downvote.
Kay Jun 7, 2016 @ 9:56am 
Why is the video cropped like it's a mobile game? Clearly this isn't one, but that narrow pillarboxing is very much detracting from our ability to see the gameplay footage.

Visually, this does look better than a lot of what I've seen for Greenlight VR shooters. I do commend the effort, but my own personal criteria for voting yes on a Greenlight game is based on whether or not the game is still worthwhile in complexity, design, and enjoyment if you took away the VR aspect. This would be too simplistic of a game for me to enjoy if just mouse and keyboard.