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Realistic Units Ragdoll
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Apr 27, 2016 @ 2:54am
Mar 8 @ 11:56am
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Realistic Units Ragdoll

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Real behavior of units when receiving damage


The addon works on the server side, there is no need to install add-on on client machines.
The addon works both in a network and in a single game.

How it works

The unit loses its balance when it receives a serious damage or when it receives damage from the explosion.
There is a possibility that the unit may remain unconscious for an indefinite time or until it is cured.
The players screen blurs when taking damage for a few seconds. In unconsciousness, the player's screen will blur more strongly and the action menu will be disabled until the player is cured or out of this state by himself.


For the correct operation of the add-on, the server must be able to process commands without delay. Ragdoll in Arma 3 requires a lot of processing power, especially in battle of units more than one hundred.

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D4nyi ✅ Sep 7 @ 3:38pm 
Where exactly do I need to go to disable ACE ragdoll? Couldn't find it anywhere in Addon options
piggypotpie Aug 27 @ 10:51am 
go to ace option on game
Delirium Tremens Jul 9 @ 11:31am 
@piggypotpie how do you turn off ACE ragdoll?
piggypotpie Jul 8 @ 4:32pm 
You need to turn off ACE ragdoll entirely if you want this to work correctly
Leutenant Crane Jul 5 @ 11:08pm 
Для этого рагдола нужен очень мощьный комп?
Delirium Tremens Jun 30 @ 1:58pm 
I found out that if you are using this mod and ACE 3 revive system when you "insta-kill" a unit (for example with a headshot) it will execute the ragdoll animation but then the unit will roll in his back and take out his weapon even if is unconscius and in the ACE revive state. Is there a way to change this?. For example when a player is shot in the head the ragdoll animation will execute and 5 seconds later the soldier will roll and stand prone with the weapon out even if the player cant move or interac beacuse he is in the unconscius state. The only way to change this animation is to interac with the unit dragging him or carrying the wounded soldier so when you stop dragging or carrying to unit will get in the ACE unconscius animation (face down and in the ground)
Miki May 3 @ 2:20am 
I think you should be able to get up faster. When you shoot someone/get shot by someone the amount of time you spend lying on the ground is kinda long. I think you should just fall down and get up immediately.
Arbiter Thel Apr 29 @ 8:55pm 
comaptible with ACE?
Blackburn Feb 20 @ 4:50pm 
спасибо за труды)
Blackburn Feb 20 @ 4:50pm 
-попадает пуля, персонаж падает по рагдолу, но в без сознании... через некоторое время он выходит из состояния рагдолы, переворачивается на живот, достает оружие: но все еще продолжает находиться в без сознании! и так и лежит, целясь в оружия....
это произодит из-за того что твоя анимация на "подъем из рагдола" произодит после анимация асе "упасть в безсознание"