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More clothes options (and other stuffs)
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Apr 26, 2016 @ 3:02pm
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More clothes options (and other stuffs)

This mod adds more clothes options to customize your operatives.
You can mix and swap these parts with the vanilla ones (see screenshots for some examples of combinations)
They are accessible via the Characters pool and the Armory and are identified by specific "Plasman" icons.
If you've just subscribed to this mod I recommend you read the herebelow notes/comments carefully. Thanks.

Latest update June 28th 2016 :
Added Guy Fawkes and Pumkin masks.
Check latest screenshots

Just for good order's sake

Steam forum rules reminder (extracts)

General Rules

Do not do any of the following:

Flame or insult other members
Derail a thread's topic

Off-Limit Topics/Replies

Do not post any topics/replies containing the following:

Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads

Any post non specificaly related to the mod will be deleted, and infringement to forum rules will be
reported to moderators. To sum up Trolls are not welcome.

Options available:

- Jane Kelly's civilian outfit (Torso, Arms and Legs) - With tintable and non tintable legs
- Avenger's staff Female Engineer Outfit (Torso, Arms and Legs) - Partly tintable - Available to veterans only
- Avenger's staff Male Engineer Outfit (Torso, Arms and Legs) - Partly tintable - Available to veterans only
- XCom Rescued Female VIP soldier (Torso, Arms and Legs) - Identical to Engineer's outfit but fully tintable - That's the uniform your operatives wear when they are onboard the Avenger.
- XCom Rescued male VIP soldier (Torso, Arms and Legs) - Identical to Engineer's outfit but fully tintable - That's the uniform your operatives wear when they are onboard the Avenger.
- Central Officer Bradford outfit (with 2 Torsos - with or without knife and leg gear - Arms, Legs, face and Hair - Not tintable
- Lily Shen's retextured long gloves (tattoo erased) and retextured torso (suitable of Specialist) - Both non tintable.
- Lily Shen's original trousers - non tintable.
- ACU pattern combat shirt (a retexture of Bradford's shirt) with separate arms and torsos (but work better when combined) - 2 torsos are available (with or without knife and leg gear). Non tintable
- Female and male star spangled head bandanas (not tintable).
- Female and male Rising Sun head bandanas (not tintable).
- 3 x Biker Female and male bandanas - Red, green and blue (not tintable)
- Guns N' Rosed bandada (not tintable)
- Suicidal Tendencies bandana (not tintable)
- Multicam pattern sleeves and trousers, with coyotte brown boots
- MARPAT pattern sleeves and trousers, with coyotte brown boots
- Tintable (use the secondary color) checked pattern shemaghs (with enabled upper faceprops)
- "Banzai!" ("Long life!") Hachimaki (Japanese traditional headbands) (not customizable)
- Jolly Roger headbands (not customizable)
- Karate headbands (not customizable)
- X-Com headbands (not customizable)
- X-Com ballcap (not customizable)
- X-Com backward ballcap (not customizable)
- Light Powered armor variant deco pattern (torso, arms and legs), fully customizable and tintable
- Medium Powered armor variant deco pattern (torso, arms and legs), fully customizable and tintable
- Light Powered armor variant 'Tribal' deco pattern (arms, torso and legs), fully customizable and tintable
- Medium Powered armor variant 'Tribal' deco pattern (arms, torso and legs), fully customizable and tintable
- Powered helmet variant, with faceprops enabled
- Powered helmet variant, with faceprops enabled and shaded visor
- Powered shaded visor
- "Tribal" Powered helmet variant, faceprops enabled + shaded visor
- Psi Op Powered helmet variant, faceprops enabled + purple visor
- HUD powered visor
- Cybermask (all masks are available as helmets and lower faceprops)
- Ghost Mask
- Guy Fawkes mask
- Pumkin mask

Note: Bandanas are part of the pre-release DLC "Veteran of the old war", in order to avoid potential glitches the ownership of this DLC is highly recommended.

All the credit for modeling these outfits should go to Firaxis' team, I just ported them (and modified some of them) to the Armory and Characters pool. Thanks to Capnbubs' for his "Hat Modding Guide" tutorial and to Natural Causes for having pointed out how to implement custom icons for arms, torsos and legs and to Katofell for his "Add custom prop icons like the DLC" tutorial and last but not least to robojumper for having helped correcting several glitches.

Important Warnings:
Since this mod uses Firaxis assets some of the outfit options might be redundant with other mods using the same models and might result in duplicates and potential conflicts, or bugs.

And most important: like with any other mod always BACK UP YOUR GAME SAVES BEFORE ENABLING THIS MOD.

As with any other mod uninstalling this mod will cause the game to refuse loading saved games which were created with this mod enabled.


Q: I've spotted some glitches, such as invisible sections between some legs/torsos/arms. What is happening ?

A: Yes, unfortunatelly some parts don't fit well with the vanilla ones. It's because Firaxis didn't intend to have them imported into the Characters pool/Armory. Sorry for the inconvenience,

Q: What about bug reports ?

A: Bug reports are of course welcome. However, before reporting a bug please double check if this "bug" is not actually a game feature or a bug that already exists in the vanilla game (XCOM 2 Known Issues @ http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/articles/216271958-XCOM-2-Known-Issues ) or caused by another enabled mod. To check if it's a real bug I suggest you try running the game with this mod enabled only and then without it, in order to see if the bug still shows up.
Also check 2K's official trouble shooting thread @ http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/articles/217132417-XCOM-2-Basic-Tech-Troubleshooting
Thanks for your understanding.

Q: Why aren't your body parts customly named like the head props ?

A: Because Modbuddy doesn't allow it for the moment.
See this thread for details : https://www.reddit.com/r/xdev/comments/46kqbl/naming_torso_arm_and_leg_options/

This freely distributed content is made available as a non-profit-seeking activity by a non professionnal so although I'll do my best to keep good standards of quality please do not expect the same level of quality as Firaxis products. Creating mods is just a hobby for me, not a full time job.

I cannot be hold responsible for any loss/damage/injury associated with use of this mod. Use it at your own risk/responsibility.

This mod may contain portions of copyrighted materials the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner(s). As this mod is distributed for nonprofit and noncommercial purposes, and transform in some way the original copyrighted works and use them for a different purpose than the original ones I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted materials as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
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