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MGI Tactical Pack V3
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Apr 26, 2016 @ 12:21pm
Dec 30, 2016 @ 9:38pm
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MGI Tactical Pack V3

MGI TACTICAL PACK Version 3 by Pierre MGI - April 2016

Hi everybody,

This add-on is a pack of tools such as AUTO-REPACK, FATIGUE MANAGER, ENHANCED GPS, ENHANCED MAP TOOLS, TACTICAL ICONS, ARSENAL TEST, HALO JUMP,.. and much more! (details below and more info in readme.txt)
Forget the "too heavy backpack" penalty, adjust Zeroing, use map tool for MK6 mortar computing, treat yourself at full with a 2nd FAK, auto repack your magazines,...

Your settings are persistent from mission to mission.

MP environment compatible.

This add-on is not a heavy one! Just test it with the tools you want.
I'll be please to receive your minute feeback and instant rating. I'll be responsive if any bug or suggestion.

Best regards
Pierre MGI


MGI TACTICAL PACK V3 is the follow-up of the HUD TACTICAL GLASSES V2.3... with major changes.

Now, the add-on comes with an interface board in a versatile manner. You can choose what you need but also what you want in action menu. Then, to avoid a too long scrolling list of actions, just adapt it at your convenience.

Furthermore, all your settings, icons on or off, auto-repack or not... are persistent. You can leave Arma 3 and retrieve your choices (see below) at further start.

This add-on is "player" sided. I mean, most your actions and settings are for your local environment. Very few need a dialog (a remote execution) with the server.
- Totally unrestrained options for SP and for mission maker tests (SP or 3DEN multiplayer). Feel free to try all you want. Switchable unit compatible.
- With restrained possibilities while playing on hosted servers, coming from difficulty level on server, but you can choose harder settings.
- With major restrictions or disabled options when player on dedicated servers (some differences for admin).

1 - Tools with difficulty settings or restrictions (see above):

FATIGUE - Instead of enabling/disabling fatigue, weapon sway... I decided to graduate all these parameters from almost zero to Arma engine. The add-on manages the "overloaded" backpack.

TACTICAL ICONS (action in menu is optional) - depending on distance, direct line intersect (along with side), and even knowledge of enemy for hardest skill. (See documentation)

ENABLE PRISONERS - This tool was already in Tactical Glasses V2.3. As it was for SP only, I modified it to make it possible on servers, with very drastic conditions when playing on a dedicated server. For mission makers, these parameters are far easier and you can test your mission quicker than killing enemies! I often use it.

MANAGE GROUP - Already in Tactical Glasses V2.3. - Make units join or dismiss if your rating is better than his.
Attention: You must enable GROUP Situational Awareness before. This option was available after enabling Unit data in previous versions, I changed for GROUP S.A.
Then, right click (temporary zoom) on it and you toggle join/dismiss for this unit.

ALWAYS LEADER - I mean "become the leader of your group". (see conditions)
Work also in SP while switching unit.

2 - Tools available in SP, 3DEN MP only (mission making)

TELEPORTATION (add action in menu) - clearly, in SP or testing your mission, do what you want. But there is no chance to get this tool in MP! (Even if you enabled it in a previous SP mission...)

ARSENAL TEST (add action in menu) - same consideration as for teleportation. In SP, mission testing, you can open arsenal anywhere.

3 - Tool available in hosted servers, not dedicated ones.

ENHANCED CAS / NAPALM - (see readme.txt)

4 - H.A.L.O. - enable HALO jump with Jump and safety altitudes (and your exact amount of ammos in magazines). You need to place an object called MGI_HALO on the map (not a marker!). Then the player has to enable the HALO jump option and close to the object.

5 - Tools with free usage
(see comments)


At first use, you will open the addon board interface where you can decide all options you want.
For next uses, you can call this board, stiking CTRL + ALT + U on your keyboard.
Or enable this board in action menu, clicking on the button at left of cnl one.

Choose your preferred HUD colors, strike Ctrl + pgup (prior) or Ctrl + pgdown (end).
You can also define the HUD visibility (transparency vs. brightness), striking Alt + pgup or Alt + pgdown
Change for your preferred mode (full HUD, nav, zeroing, nav + zeroing), striking Ctrl + Alt + pgup/pgdown

Zoom/unzoom GPS with Ctrl (right) scroll mouse. (if Ctrl right is set for the "switch command" menu).

For more infos, please refer to documentation (WIP).

Thank you for all your comments. Do not hesitate to send me email with remarks, questions or wishes.
Maruruuru Faaito'ito

Pierre MGI
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Feb 4 @ 3:12pm
kicked by the server "script"
< >
[TW] ianbob Feb 21 @ 9:50pm 
Can you give player status only ammo inventory?
PierreMGI  [author] Feb 4 @ 6:06pm 
Thanks. I think the CAS support is not so reliable (I named it "expe" CAS). You can find some scripts here, . I'm thinking about a new version with less HUD and more AI behaviors (respawn , heal, as you can see in this link).
Oah Feb 4 @ 2:54pm 
i use your MGI_TG mods for close air support heli and jet operation only and i godda say since V 1 ive been in love with these. keep up the great work and moving forward think about flight application enhancements for your soldierside HUD great work bud!
PierreMGI  [author] Dec 29, 2017 @ 10:09am 
@theodin21 Not my addon fault. Check your Arma's update. This addon has nothing to do with DLC.
theodin21 Dec 28, 2017 @ 12:22pm 
I downloadd it and when I went to test it out it said, Mission Terminated Becaue lack od DLC content
PierreMGI  [author] Aug 29, 2017 @ 6:50pm 
@waidmann. I have a lot of work right now and the next version is not scheduled. I understand your remark. Perhaps a choice between the need to wear tac glasses or not. My focus is the use of the newest Arma command to make things even more fluid. I'm on other tools for healing by AIs in SP/MP. These scripts already exist on BI forum .
The level for "custom" difficulty is set to veteran.
Before the new Arma difficulty setting, there were 4 levels and it was simple to stick at these settings. Now, with the custom difficulty possibility, BI made a versatile tools but this ruins my aim to make something consistent. "Custom" difficulty doesn't mean anything.
What could be the setting is this case? Right now is forced to veteran for MP. Perhaps too much... but I had to make a choice.
Waidmann Aug 29, 2017 @ 2:47pm 
2: It isn´t anytime possible, to play with your own adjustement for tactical icons. The mission determines the "level". As an example: in Bohemias combat patrol-missions I have every time the adjustement for veterans, fxxx.
3: And last but not least. v2 is a little bit cooler with the dependancy of wearing tac-glasses, because the starting sequence, when you put your glasses on, is a little bit like 24! :D:
I hope, you can see this as an constructive criticism, and can build some fine changes for the next version.
Waidmann Aug 29, 2017 @ 2:47pm 
Have this fantastic mod sometimes tested and it is really cool for combats in 2035. But have also found three things that are more worse than in v2.
1: The TacVision starts to early, so that in some missions you have the TacHud and "starting sequence" from the mission at the same time, look here: . It isn´t really a bug, but it violates the immersion. In v2 you havent this prob, because you have to wait at the end of intro, to put on your glasses.
PierreMGI  [author] Aug 19, 2017 @ 5:14pm 
There is no more link with any sort of glasses.
Autozoom for GPS: this is the only added value compared with standard Arma GPS. There are some new Arma GPS features coming with APEX/ JET DLC and probably future Tank DLC. So, i will not implement more scripts for the GPS. I just register this demand in case of some other ones like this.
MicroMan Aug 17, 2017 @ 3:42am 
OK, finally got this working. I had to wear the tactical glasses once then the menu came up. So is there any chance you can make an option to turn off auto zoom on the GPS ? I am a control freak and would like to set this manually. The manual option is only very temporary.