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Team Fortress 2

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Crocketeer's Cloak v2
Created by NeoDement
A resubmission of the old Crocketeer's Cloak.

-Reduced jigglebones to be importer friendly
-Reduced size for silhouette readabilty reasons
-Modified paintability for team readability reasons from the back

(tagged as a weapon and a misc, as I think ...
Liability Belt
Created by Sky
Perfect for carrying decongestant, tissue, hand sanitizer, and cough drops so that you can be the hero your co-workers deserve, ​and​ the one they need right now!

- All-class!
- Super versatile!
- Paintable flaps!
- Replace...
Isotop Devil (Iron Gauntlet)
Created by Donvius
Fulfill your dreams of becoming the official mascot of the bonk energy drink! Not only you'll be a walking (or rather running) advertisement, you also recive an generous supply of 1 canned bonk! DIRECTLY TO YOUR BRAIN!

- - - -
Some info:

-1x Jigglybone ...
Gray Matter
Created by NeoDement
Upgrade your gray matter coz one day it may matter

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
Memory Upgrade
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Never forget the faces of your enemies with this armored cranial storage device.

Adds a disk drive to your head that can store a staggering 1.2 megabytes of additional storage!...
The Ubervillain
Created by Napy Da Wise
Evil scientist collar with fashionable evil sunglasses...
Created by Sky
Shiny old helmet. Good for flying. Or jumping if you can't really fly.

Paintable visor....
The Skullface of Snake Mountain
Created by Constructor
Do you hear, Scout? The final moment has come. All the forces of Teufort, all the powers in the universe will be vested in me!

paintable hood = cool

Keeper's Belt
Created by Vensteel
- 3 LODs -
- Paintable -
- Self Illumination -

Engineer's Extremities
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Professor Hexapus strikes again!

*Facial-flexed claws

*Available for mod download[]...
The Vigilante's Visor
Created by epic man
It's not dying that you need be afraid of, it's never having lived in the first place.

Model and Texture by Drew.
Flexes by donhonk
Promotional Artwork by Hot Pocket
HLMV shots by Earl de Darkwood...
Über Villain
Created by Yikes
Model by Yikes
Texture by Donhonk
Concept by Tabby
Promos by Hotpockette...
Hungover Hero
Created by epic man
Where is my super suit?

donhonk - flexes
metabolic - concept and texture
drew - model
big bob - sculpt
hotpockette & ijct - promo work
Created by Ducksink
Don't tell!

All class and paintable...
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