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Genre: Adventure, RPG, Casual
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 27, 2016 @ 12:22pm
May 12, 2016 @ 8:42am
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Dev Update #2
Release date: Fall 2017
Head through an obscure world to find mysterious beasts. Banish them and learn to control their unique abilities. Train them and find out more about the monsters of an unknown reality.

EVOKE is a massive RPG with an incredible world, featuring stunning environments, mysterious zones and shifty creations. Become a beast hunter by finding foreign creatures. Banish them and let them accomplish your will. Find out more about this beasts and train them to maximize their strengths. You better hurry, because you will need their skills to preserve the world from breaking apart.

EVOKE features
  • an open world to explore
  • stunning environments, mysterious zones, unknown and dangerous areas
  • countless beasts you can find, train and empower to make them accomplish your will
  • round based combat
  • an unique set of abilities for each beast
  • evolution paths to specialize your beast
  • professions
  • a compelling story
  • planned multiplayer action
  • thousands of hours of content

Beasts are mythical creatures, which settle the fights of their masters. The research of beasts is in a very early stage. Experts believe that their first appearance happened in the second half of the Age of Madness.

Each beast has a matching set of abilties to choose from. You select 4 abilities you want your beast to use in battle. Create your own strategies and builds by finding out the ability combinations that fit your playstyle the best.

To strengthen and harden your beasts for the challenges which await them, you have to train them first. Go and explore the world, fight enemies, win battles and complete quests. Your beasts will gain experience by settling your fights. As they become stronger you will have to choose their destiny by selecting an evolution path for each of your beasts.

Each beast has unique evolution paths. The chosen path influences the way the beast behaves and fights. You may specialize your beast to be super fast, or maybe you want your beast to have thick skin to endure longer during fights. It is your decision, choose wisely.

Two beasts of the same species can mate. Breeding gives you the opportunity to banish beasts which are especially good at certain combat aspects.

When you fight beasts out in the open world you have the option to banish them into a crystal. If you weaken them enough during the fight you can use an empty crystal and try to banish the beast. Depending on the species of the beast you have to use certain crystals to increase your chance of success.

Build your team:
Your team consists of up to 5 beasts you can control during fights, out in the open world. During each round of a battle you have the option to switch between your active beasts. As all beasts have their strengths and weaknesses you have to setup your team correctly in order to meet the tough requirements in this new surrounding.

EVOKE features a simple, round-based combat system. The beast hunters will choose the abilities they want their beast to execute, simultaneously. The beasts will then attack, dependent of the attack speed. After both abilities have been executed, the next round will start. If the beast hunter wants to switch their beasts during combat, they are able to do that, at the cost of a chance to attack. If a beasts health points reaches zero it is too weak to be able to stay longer in our reality and it will be banished to its crystal.

  • Health - increases your Health Points which means you can take more damage
  • Strength - increases the damage of your physical attacks
  • Armor - reduces the incoming physical damage and lowers the chance to get a critical hit
  • Arcane Might - increases the damage of your magical attacks
  • Arcane Resistance - reduces the incoming magical damage and lowers the chance to get a critical hit
  • Speed - decides who attacks first during a round
  • Dodge Chance - increases the chance to dodge an enemy attack

There are currently three professions in EVOKE. Each profession gives you the ability to empower your beasts.
  • Alchemist - produces mixtures to enhance the abilities of beasts far beyond their physical restrictions
  • Enchanter - has the ability to impose crystals with powerful seals, to unlash truly devastating powers
  • Jewelcrafter - is able to create crystals out of useless splinters and shards

The world
In EVOKE you can freely move around in an open world. There are dozens of quests that waits for you. Many people need your help and as you gain more knowledge of the mysterious beasts, you are even more valuable for mankind. While travelling through the world you will meet different species of beasts, each of them with its own peculiarities.

We are planning to support multiplayer for various aspects of the game in the future. We will look into ways to make the various game systems support multiple players. There are possibilities to support duels and battles between players and there is also the potentiality of making the game fully multiplayer compatible, EVOKE as Online-RPG. Furthermore we want to look into ways that multiple players can work together to defeat world bosses, dungeons and much more. As the development is still in an early stage, we have to figure out various technical challenges of supporting multiplayer in EVOKE first. We will update you on our plans of EVOKE's multiplayer support.

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Sting May 12, 2016 @ 7:50am 
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Looks amazing! But not really a fan of RPGs Keep it up though!
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This game looks amazing, sadly I'm not a fan of round-based combat. Good luck!
boxrib May 11, 2016 @ 8:25pm 
very cool concept, I hope to see a lot more beasts, and it would do AMAZINGLY WELL as an mmo. I really hope that multiplayer is something you're considering in the future- even if it cant be an mmo (beacause yes, servers are a pain)- It would be cool if there was maybe a tournament mode? where you could battle other players?
LoliDaaisuki May 11, 2016 @ 5:33pm 
I think that would be so awesome if it was a mmo, but it still looks cool
D0Z May 11, 2016 @ 4:59pm 
Nice but I think it will be better as a mmo
Jenni May 11, 2016 @ 3:21pm