Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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All the mods i have, I'm putting it in a collection because I have to uninstall then reinstall all of them to get the game to work right
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Created by S. glaucophyllum
The year is 1914, and the forces of Imperial Russia have rushed to launch an knockout offensive in the south. With the 3rd Army under Nikolai Ruszki approaching from the east, and the 8th army under Alexei Brusilov moving from the south, the Russian offens...
Created by S. glaucophyllum
A German attack in the summer of 1914 on the hamlet of Muryevo....
AMW-Dammerung | Aufmarsch Map
Created by nymets1104
It is Twilight on the Western Front. German and US Forces fight over a barren piece of No Man's Land during the summer of 1918 in France.

You can find this map hosted on the Bloodbath Server!...
Aufmarsch: The Great War 1914-1918
Created by Tremozl
You will need a map to play the mod, and vice-versa. There are maps which are listed on this page as required content. You will then find this map playable offline under 'custom game types' (as opposed to Territory maps.)

There is a known issue with the...
Die Bresche
Created by BloodMalice
About this Map

German and Russian forces clash for control over a small town nestled in the forested hilltops somewhere on the Eastern front.

Fighting will stretch across five capture zones in this infantry-only map, as combatants con...
Created by PsychoPigeon
64 player large map...
Mamayev Kurgan Tank Version
Created by Commander Shepard
Just for fun

This map is available on "TWI's cruible custom maps only" Server , Address: Port: 7777

Direct Download Link {LINK REMOVED}

This is the original mamyev kurgan...
Otori Shima
Created by WoLvErInE
The map is not historically accurate, so please don't kill me for that. Its based loosely on location and some things that were on Wake Island. The bottom line is, i'm trying to make fun playable map for everyone to enjoy.
Created by Defwen
A custom map for Rising Storm inspired by Burma settings. RSTE-Anthill is a small map with a bridge in the middle and two objective on each side. Whoever controls the bridge gains option to attack across and capture the rest of objectives.

Max players: 6...
Created by Defwen
Mayako is a custom map for RO2: Rising Storm. The map has seven classic objectives and one satchel objective, eight in total and should offer more CQB fight than running around to a specific objective. Fight your fight thru unforgivable jungle, rice fields...
Created by Defwen
A custom map originally created by M.Palko. Updated and re-released with a permission of the original author. If you want to receive future versions, please subscribe to this one.

TWI forums thread:
Created by Defwen
About This Map
Shuri Line, 1945. Yonabaru is located on the east of Okinawa and this map is based on this area. Repel enemy offensive, capture nearby villages, town and push Japanese forces to sea during your counter-offensive. Yonabaru Airstrip...
Rising Storm Singapore
Created by Joe
Follow two new factions Britain and Australia in their fight against the Japanese Empire in Singapore, Burma, Malaysia, and others.

For news/requests/bug reports, please join the Steam Group![/u...
Created by BloodMalice
About this Map

Japanese forces clash with Americans in a narrow section of jungle in the Pacific, as fighting stretches along a winding stream that ultimately culminates in a bridge crossing that attackers must destroy. Combatants will ...
Streets of Stalingrad
Created by PsychoPigeon
64 player - city map - combined arms...
TE - Climb Up Beta 1.351
Created by |DD|Spaehling
Last Update: 04.1.2014

News on Facebook[www.facebook.com]

Some Infos:
Mapname: TE - Climb Up
Version: 1.31 beta
Attackers: Allies
Defenders: Axis
Target: Allies needs to cap the Hill / All Artys...
TE - Stalag 13 Beta 0.55
Created by |DD|Spaehling
Update: 05.11.2014

Mapname: TE–Stalag 13
Attackers: Allies
Defenders: Axis
Target: Allies needs to liberate the Camp
Special Thanks to: |DD|Thor,|DD|Mad-Fred, |DD|GrimReality,|DD|-Team, Danh, 11_Harley_11 (Custom Trees), [I...
Created by Sgt.Nightfire
Donner is originally a map from the original Day Of Defeat mod, this was my unit (29th Infantry Division) favorite map in DoD, Cpt. Cranston decided to recreate the map for Darkest Hour when the unit transferred over to DH. I wondered why nobody had made o...
TE-Train Beta 0.151
Created by |DD|Spaehling
News on Facebook[www.facebook.com]

Map Type TE (Upcoming: S&D, FF and maybe CD)
Max Playes: 16 Players
Map Name: Train
Special Thanks: [HS]Romano, Twrecks, [DD]Thor, [DD]-Team Danh, 11_Harley_11 (Custom Tre...
Created by pilen
** Updated 12 of October 2015

Filip Pilebo (f.pilebo@gmail.com | http://www.filippilebo.com)

No new video for v2.0

Game Type:
Territory (2 capture points 1 fallbackspawn)

Infantry Only

Hangar ...
Created by prot0typ1cal

Axis HQ:
Operation Citadel 0300 hours. Spearheading Generaloberst Hermann Hoth's 4th Panzer Army attack on the southern Kursk salient is three SS panzergrenadier divisions commanded by SS-Obergruppenführer Paul "Papa" Hausser. Leibstand...
Tank Gunnery & Small Arms Range
Created by nymets1104
Learn how to fight with the Tanks or learn how to kill the Tanks. This is a single player practice map similar to the Practice Range map in Darkest Hour. You can choose to operate any of the 4 Tanks or play as the AT Rifleman. Targets will respawn at diffe...
Created by DracoX

Recommended for 64 players....
Created by Commander Shepard

You need the Heroes of the west Mod to play this map, get it from http://store.steampowered.com/app/440090

This is the West front compatible version of the TE-Donner map with some improvements:

1. All bots Working Bots! All bots now do g...
WF-Saint Amand | Heroes of the West Map
Created by nymets1104
Saint Amand is a fictional map set in North Western France after the breakout from Normandy towards the end of the Battle of the Falaise Pocket (August 12 - 21, 1944). It is a Attack / Defend map with Allies (101st Airborne) attacking dug in German Forces....
Wake Island 1944 Beta v5
Created by John S͘teamOS™
Wake Island is dead. I might return later, who knows.
Also, fuck Tripwire.
Your community has shown their support for Wake, but you refuse to listen to them.

Special thanks to G_Sajer at the TW forums, and Mike over at RGN for server hosting and co...
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