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Dolphin Up
Genre: Casual, Sports, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 22, 2016 @ 2:54pm
May 4, 2017 @ 9:12am

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Coming Soon!
  • Increased the framerate from 30fps to 60fps
  • Added a new soundtrack
  • Steam Leaderboards & achievements
  • Steam big picture with controller support

I'm also going to try to get trading cards into the game, but they're not complete yet. For more details on these changes, please see the full blog post here []. I will post another update once I have a confirmed release date.

Thanks for checking out the game!

Swim and flip your dolphin to the moon and beyond! A fun, vibrant, 2-minute game with surprising depth, Dolphin Up lets you do amazing tricks with a porpoise. Successful flips, spins and tailslides build speed, allowing you to jump higher and soar into the stars. Perfect your landings and chain your tricks together to form huge combos, discover new possibilities and work your way up the leaderboards. A must-have classic.


- Simple, addictive gameplay that anyone can enjoy.
- Steam Leaderboards & Achievements
- Gamepad or Keyboard
- Vibrant environments that change with the time of day.
- Multiple characters and levels
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Apr 23, 2016 @ 3:01pm
My favorite Newgrounds game!!!11!1
Mordecai ♂
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Noadiah Apr 7, 2017 @ 10:54pm 
Please have this game available ASAP
Nas de Celta Jan 8, 2017 @ 6:10am 
Yes pls
Titzore Dec 16, 2016 @ 9:39am 
would buy
Joe Foxe Jul 23, 2016 @ 10:06am 
i like dolphin olympics 2 which this is based on and honestly though i would want it to be more than the browser game which free if i going to pay for it i would definately do so
Turtle Jun 22, 2016 @ 7:43am 
I love to play it as a browser game and i think it would be pretty damn cool as a full pc game :D good for spending some free time
BM4 May 19, 2016 @ 12:43pm 
My favorite game to play on mobile, so I'd love for this to be on steam
HansterMonster May 2, 2016 @ 5:18am 
Plz be on steam. Then I can be part of the 0.00001% of the people to get to the diner if you add that as an achievement.
forestkiwie May 1, 2016 @ 9:33pm 
I played this so long ago and recently rediscovered it. A steam update would be awesome!
vs1toronto Apr 29, 2016 @ 5:01am 
It will win on the cute factor alone!.......The killer whale needs to b e bigger but its got my vote for the mastery of colour! Upvote
hammersongames Apr 29, 2016 @ 12:37am 
My Vote!