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Mellon Achievement/The Ring Trophy
By Salem
A comprehensive list of the possible spawn locations of the rings on Birth of Sky.
Having trouble finding all the rings on Birth of Sky and getting the Mellon Achievement?

This community guide will help you figuring out where to look for these precious rings.

You can get them on any difficulty and you only need to collect all 9 of them to get the achievement, so you don't have to actually complete the map.

They are pretty tiny and easy to miss, but they won't ever spawn in the plane, in the sewers or in the street. They only spawn in all 4 big buildings in the map : the diner, the car dealership, the gas station and the warehouse.

Only 9 of them spawn in the same game among about 30 different locations, and their spawn locations change whenever you restart the map.
If you missed one ring, it is sometimes better to restart and get another setup.

  • They are worth $1,954 on all difficulties. 1954 is the year of Lord of the Rings' first parution.
  • There are 9 rings, similar to how 9 rings of power were given to men by Sauron.
  • There are elvish inscriptions on Payday 2's rings that spell "One Gang To Rule Them All In The Hunt For Riches And Glory." It is a reference to the famous lines inscribed on the One Ring, "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"
  • The ring assets are called material_onering in Payday 2's code.
  • "Mellon" is the Sindarin word for "friend", that is used as a password to open the Doors of Durin, the west gate of Moria.

Car Shop
First floor

Second floor

Gas Station



Main Entrance


  • Salem
  • Thomas The Dank Engine
  • Ano
  • Dr. Pepe
  • Djaze
  • SnoozeM1ke
  • Many Reddit users (I apologize for not remembering your names)
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