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Drones Rewrite
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Apr 20, 2016 @ 2:18pm
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Drones Rewrite

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Meet Drones Rewrite! We are developing it from scratch since August 2015. It is completely new, last, biggest and best part of Drones which contains a lot of new drones, options, weapons and etc.

You dont need any previous Drones addons for this to work.

PLEASE READ INGAME HELP FIRST! Most of the questions can be answered there

Q: How to add AI to a drone?
A: Go to Entities tab and find there drone upgrades, spawn any and touch the drone with it

Q: How can i go to a Thirdperson mode?
A: "I" Key

Q: How can i use more weapons that installed on my drone?
A: To change weapons on the drone you currently controlling you need to scroll your mouse wheel to
select a weapon and then press LMB to apply that weapon

Q: How do i make it so the drones don't attack eachother/My friends?
A: Add your drones to friend settings in Options->Drones Settings->AI->Show Friends Setting.
By default all the drones you spawned are considered as enemy

Q: How to use winch/refueller/pick up things with Cargo Drone?
A: You need to hover RIGHT ABOVE your prop/entity/drone you want to pick up.
I suggest using Thirdperson mode ('I' key). Also, you can't pick up or refuel a drone from a mile distance

Q: How can i give ammo to drones?
A: Go to Entities->Drones Rewrite Ammo and spawn ammo that you needed. After that place your ammo
box on top of your drone

Q: I can't use drones, my screen goes black when i try to control them. What can i do?
A: You should check your addons, especially if you have >20 of them.
There are plenty of confilcting ones that can break the render of drone screen.

Q: I cant fly far away from myself. What can i do?
A: Use "Controller" or "Control station", you can find them in Drones Rewrite Tools
Also you can just add module Signal booster or check "No signal" option in Q->Options->Drones Rewrite->Server

Q: How to undeploy Ball Turret?
A: You can't undeploy it, because it is one use drone.

Q: How to refuel drone?
A: Go to Q->Entities->Drones Rewrite Tools and spawn an entity called "Gas Station"
Grab pump and put it on the drone. After drone's refueling move drone away
Also you can refuel other drones with GPRO Assistant Drone

Q: How to change keyboard settings?
A: Go to Q->Options->Drones Rewrite->Keys

Q: How can i make drones fight rebels/cleiners etc...
A: Currently that is not possible. We will add this feature in the next updates

Q: When I am trying to get drone's controls it says "[Drones] You can't drive this drone!"
A: It means that drone is destroyed or you're not the owner of that drone or drone has AI installed
Repair the drone or hack it if you're not owner or remove all AI modules

Q: Meloons?

Why Drones Rewrite is better than Drones 1 and Drones 2 both?
In Drones Rewrite there are
  • Balanced damage
  • Balanced flying system
  • Huge list of weapons
  • Huge list of drones
  • A lot of options to customize your drones
  • Nice key binding system
  • Console with 40+ commands
  • Nice controller
  • No annoying fuel (Drones are fueled after spawning)
  • AI
  • Walker drones, submarines, big ship drone, spiders, nukes, etc
  • Help window
  • Nice Gift Box

There are 4 ways to control drones:
  • You press use key (E) while looking at drone and
    standing afront of it
  • You spawn Controller
    (Q->Entities->Drones Rewrite Tools->Controller)
    and press use key (E) on this and after
    the menu has been approached you type
    drone's ID and press Control *****
  • You spawn Console and use it's commands
    For example:
    > printlist
    -- Found drones --
    > select G211
    Selected G211
    > control -sel
  • You take Remote Controller weapon
    (Q->Weapons->Drones Rewrite Tools
    ->Remote Controller) and press right mouse button
    until you find any drone. Also you can look at
    the drone you want to control and press right
    mouse button, remote controller will take
    it's controls, but there is a limit of distance
    that is 8000 units that allows you to get controls
    just by looking at the drone.
    Also you can control drone's keys by clicking
    Reload key (Default: R)

When you type hack DRONE in console it will give you a lot of symbols and words which length is depending on hacking difficulty. You need to choose one of these words, just type it carefully. You have 4 attempts, if you fail you'll need to wait some time to try again. If you chose incorrect word console will say you how much letters are right. For example: word BREED, password TRIED. There will be 3 correct letters: R, E and D. Remember that DIERT will give you 0 correct letters although it has every letter from TRIED. All letters must be on their places.

For more info you can google "Fallout hacking guide" or something like that, our hacking system is ALMOST the same. Credit for it goes to Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment.

Known bugs
  • When in multiplayer you fly on drone far from yourself almost all sounds disappear. This is because of Source and we probably cant fix that.
  • When you are controlling drone from an isolated place like admin room all effects and other stuff can disappear. That is also because of Source.
  • AI is kinda stupid.

Code, models, textures: ProfessorBear, Mr. Mind, EgrOnWire
Effects: Darken217, ProfessorBear, Mr. Mind
Balance: Mr. Mind
Testers: DoomSpy

Special thanks goes to Darken217 (developer of Darken217's Sci-Fi Weapons) for his beautiful particle effects.

Servers with Drones Rewrite

Drones 1
Drones 2

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Engineer Gaming Jan 14 @ 9:30am 
hey this copied drone
pannenkoeketje Jan 9 @ 7:40am 
drones have a weird delay to controlling them in multiplayer is that intended?
Ecguy102 Jan 4 @ 6:29pm 
How do I use the Universal Drone Controler?
heath.jjason Dec 27, 2020 @ 1:26pm 
This mod is amazing! I can spy on my friends with this! -Of course i dont have any friends...😥
XL82 Dec 23, 2020 @ 5:05pm 
now i can make cinematics with the camera drone!!
76561198819062330 Dec 18, 2020 @ 9:36am 
Im a host of a 2 Server game but me as the "admin" cant fly with the drones but my friend a normal player can use them
JoeMamaLigma828 Dec 10, 2020 @ 3:05pm 
This add-on is a masterpiece. 40+ completely different drones, 15+ weapons that are all OP, and a ton of HUD's. Each drone is completely different and can be told apart from each other. Each drone has a different use and is unique. There are mech drone's with miniguns and missiles, small flying drones with assault rifles and sniper rifles, huge flying drones with cannons and rocket launchers, and even small spy drones that can turn invisible. They even have super OP admin drones, most importantly the joke drones like the swiiborg and watermelon drone which have 100K health and do a ton of damage. This addon has everything and fully replaces any other tank and helicopter addon.
LaFFy_TaFfY_MaN Dec 6, 2020 @ 12:42pm 
Everthing is errors
Barny Dec 5, 2020 @ 3:51pm 
i love the fallout hacking system (im a huge fan of fallout)
Harbinger Nov 21, 2020 @ 9:15pm 
what does the multitool do on the assistant drones ? its not repairing others