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What's a knight without a coat of arms?  Feudums releases its Coat of Arms Creator!

The release of the Feudums Coat of Arms Creator marks a major milestone in the game's development according to Matyas Suranyi, the game's designer.  Not only is it the first release of the Second Phase of Feudums' development, it's release allows the player community to begin thinking about their in-game identities.

"We wanted to bring medieval life closer to our players and depict medieval heraldry in detail, but also maintain an intuitive and easy-to-use system," Suranyi said.   "Our focus has been put on the latter - as user experience is more important than historical accuracy - so we simplified some of the "real world" rules of heraldry. Still, with some of the complexity removed, the main intention was still to save the unique lore, vibe and feel of medieval heraldry and to show it's rich and deep territory in a gamified way. Hopefully, with some success. "

While the Coat of Arms Creator can only be used off line currently, once the Player Module is released, players will work on their Coat of Arms during the registration process.  Each coat of arms in the game will be unique to a player.  Within the Coat of Arms Creator are explanations of the meaning of each of the different sections allowing players to invent interesting back stories for their persistent player Houses.

Feudums is also running a contest for best design and most interesting and best written back story.   Details are available on the Feudums web site.[]

Using the Coat of Arms Creator is very simple and can be completed in just a few steps.  Players start by choosing the shape, material and shade of the shield followed by the type and shade of its' edge.  Then players choose the colors and other artistic options to complete the design.  Every design choice a player makes has a deeper meaning which is described in the shield attributes next to the design.

"Our Coat of Arms Creator allows players to not only develop their in-game identies but also, hopefully, learn a thing or two about medieval heraldry and lore," Suranyi added.

The off-line version of the Coat of Arms has some limitations on it.  Designs cannot be saved and all features are not yet available.  Certain locked items are available in this release that will eventually be locked for in-game achievements or purchase.

Please check out our website for more info![]

The Dirty Dozen
Release date: Late 2016

Feudums is an epic 4X strategy MMO which mashes together the best of Crusader Kings, browser-based strategies, Defender of the Crown and HBO’s Game of Thrones. With your help, we’ll be able to finally release the game in Late 2016.

Feudums is free to win. We know the F2P label instantly turns off most gamers. So, right from the start, we want to emphasize there will be no way to win by spending money. There is no small print on that. No lawyer’s disclaimer. We came into this project to make a game we would want to play – fun, competitive, social and FREE.

  • It's built on a detailed and realistic vassalage system. Unlike most other strategy games set in the Middle Ages, vassalage is a core concept of Feudums affecting both diplomacy and player interactions. Lands can be offered in return for someone's loyalty, and vassals are obliged to support your military campaigns
  • Warfare is not about building the bigger army. War is expensive, brutal and may have long-standing effects on your realm. Seasonal military campaigns and levy troops - who you'll solely miss during harvest if they die in war - are cornerstones of the system.
  • Seasons are a major factor in all aspects of life - from food production to warfare.
  • Diplomacy and intrigue are just as much of a battlefield as the map's landscape.
  • RPG-like elements for customizing and creating the lore of your Noble House through in-game achievements.

Our team is in place, the game architecture is finished, and we have a playable preview demo. We just need a push to get our last remaining game features in place before we launch our MMO and eventually, the single and multiplayer game modes.

Join us in the game and on our website ( We’re looking forward to meeting you!

We started working on Feudums in 2015, and plan to finish in 2016. Along the way, we will release incremental builds so our supporters can follow our progress and voice opinions about the work. Feudums is your game as much as it’s ours. We value your input into what we’re doing.

2015 was spent putting the framework together. Our first build was released in December 2015 to all supported platforms. This build, the Map Creator laid the groundwork - literally - for the rest of the builds. In it, players can create custom-made maps that eventually can be used in single- and multi-player games.

We released our 2nd, incremental build in March 2016. This build was the Feudum Management and allowed players to assume control of an actual feudum by directing new building construction and where workers spent their time in our MMO worlds, thus creating and maintaining a small, local ecosystem. Our playable demo uses this build as its background.

We still plan to have four more builds before we classify the MMO out of "Early Access" and fully playable. They are:
  • Multiple Feudum Management - allows players to assume control over multiple feudums.
  • Diplomacy - also featuring elements such as Trading and Vassalage. Once finished, will allow players to interact with others, gather vassals, sign various diplomatic treaties, begin trading and issue invitations to others to join the game.
  • House Member Customization with Coat of Arms Generator - With the generator, you’ll be able to create a unique personal coat of arms for your House. With tens of thousands of choices, your coat of arms will be yours and yours only! Your avatars will also get customization options - grab different advantages and disadvantages in every game!
  • Warfare Build - allows players to gather levy and mercenary armies, expand their territory and wage war.

After the MMO launches, we still plan to launch additional features - classic single- and multiplayer versions of the game, RPG elements, additional game design elements and more. Priorities are up to the players.

But you can find much more about the project details and the features on our website!

is a small Indie game studio created by Matyas Suranyi and Imre Darics, two seasoned software developer with a vision to create a true free-to-win game. Matyas developed the game, and Imre has been busy leading a team of coders to create his vision. They are joined by Mark Elliott, a writer, and Sandor Debreczeni, an artist, along with numerous other talented and creative people from around the globe who have helped with the coding, graphics, music and marketing. Feudums has been - and will remain - a worldwide effort.

Where Did This Project Come From?

Our game designer became disillusioned by the growing influence of “free-to-play” games and how they were affecting the gaming experience. So he decided he wanted to make a “real” FTP game - one that was also, and more importantly, free to win. He grew up playing Defender of the Crown and Lords of the Realm on C64 and Amiga systems and knew his game would be set in the Middle Ages delivered with a strong atmosphere and a passionate and deep core concept. So, working with long-time friends, he created 2Pence Studio and began work on Feudums. Soon we had people around the globe working on the project!

What does “Feudums” mean?
Feudums is a variation on the Latin word “fief” which referred to a defined area of land given to a lord to manage for a more powerful lord. These feudums eventually became hereditary and were passed down from generation to generation.

What platforms will Feudums release on?
Desktops (PC, Mac, maybe Linux), iPads, Win & Android tablets.

Why is Feudums being released one build at a time?
We thought that doing so would invite more players to follow the game’s development and comment on it. 2Pence welcomes comments, opinions, and input on the game’s development.

When will the game be completed?
The MMO will be hopefully ready by the end of mid-year. Once the MMO is running correctly, work to complete the remaining features and game modes will be finalized. Everything should be complete before the end of 2016.

How much will it cost?
Feudums will be a FTP and a FTW game. Nothing you can buy will affect game play. Paid contents are restricted to cosmetic upgrades (think of League of Legends or DoTA) and Private Game Hosting (where we host privately created and customized game worlds for you and your friends).

Will it be moddable?
Yes! We built our code to be flexible. Game rules are moddable. Game Worlds are moddable.
We modders.

What’s the combat system like?
For the initial release, combat will happen off screen. Players will get a recap of what happens each turn. Combat can last several turns which will allow players to call for help if needed.

Is this an Indie Game or a AAA Game?
2Pence Studio is a small Indie game company.

Is it self-funded?
Up to this point, it's been privately funded. Now we need you, as every bit of help get us closer to the finish line. If you like the game, please consider to pledge on Feudums' website or through Kickstarter (both will be available in the coming days). Thank you for supporting Indie games!
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ХАРД БАС03 May 13, 2017 @ 9:46am 
looks interesting
海盗 Mar 6, 2017 @ 3:42am 
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sans May 27, 2016 @ 5:17am 
Looks promising!
Priedus May 24, 2016 @ 11:10am 
Yes I understand. I really enjoy your game ! I can't wait to see the final game :)
markjohnelliott  [author] May 22, 2016 @ 3:57pm 
@Priedus: Yes, we certainly plan to have interface / subtitle translations. The localization system is already in place and community translations would be doable right at the very moment. We just don't want to waste anyone's time because the UI isn't quite done yet - people might get a bit frustrated if they translate things that are then changed/removed in the next build. So any changing of "thank you" to "merci" will arrive a bit later. :)
Priedus May 21, 2016 @ 1:58pm 
Hi !
I've just noticed that the game doesn't have any translation ! Do you plan to make one yourself ? It could be really nice if you add a french translation (for example). Maybe I could help you for that :-) What a great idea : a community translation. That sounds good to me !
leonardoaspinto May 18, 2016 @ 12:19pm 
Looks amazing!
Vladyazh May 10, 2016 @ 12:00am 
MM, thank you! :laugh_lif: