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Grand Empires
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Grand Empires

Adds decisions to combine various empires and kingdoms. Total of 22 Custom Titles
Title Creation Relies on Culture/Culture Group
Multiple Grand Empires may exist but rulers can not rule multiple Grand Empires
NOTE: Screenshot shows that you only need to have the titles, this was done to make screenshots easier, you will need to completely own the required titles in-game.

I would like to reiterate as multiple people have asked me, no, Grand Empire is not a rank above Empire. Empire is the highest possible title rank. The term is aesthetic and only denotes that it is more prestigious than a normal empire, it does not denote that a Grand Emperor has any more or less authority than a normal emperor.

United Northern Kingdoms (UNK): Scandinavia and Britannia
Teutonic Empire: Scandinavia, HRE, and England (makes non-Germanic Kingdoms de jure drift into other empires)
Francispania: France and Hispania
Confederation: South Slavic Kingdoms, Carpathia, and Wendish Empire
Grand Russia: Russia and Tartaria under East Slavic Ruler
Greater Tartaria: Russia and Tartaria under Altaic Ruler
Form Judean Empire as Jewish Ruler: Arabia, Mesopotamia, Israel, and Syria
Crusader States: Syria, Egypt, and Jerusalem (Renamed to Sacred Kingdom to better reflect non-catholic christians)
Isaiistan: (Very roughly translates to Christian Land) Christian India
Zunistan: Zunist India

Kingdoms: Kingdoms de jure drift into vanilla or custom empires depending on circumstances
Anglo-Friesland: England and Frisia
Gaelica: Ireland and Scotland
Celtica: Brittany and Wales (Renamed to Brythonica)
Zapadoslavia (West Slavia roughly translated): Bohemia and Poland (May integrate Slovakia/Hungary-Idea courtesy geofiendking)
Baltica:Pomerania and Lithuania
Yugoslavia: South Slavic Kingdoms
Caucasia: Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan
May form Palestine instead of Jerusalem as a Muslim

Integration: De jure shifts not related formation of new kingdoms/empires
Aquitaine and France may be combined to prevent instability
Burgundy and Lotharingia may be combined
Navarra may incorporate Aragon and vice versa
Decision to make Frisia part of Germania or HRE if not in one already (make sure you click correct one or you're screwed)
Absorb Brabant and Flanders into Frisia/Anglo-Friesland
Decision to destroy the useless Sapmi Kingdom (seriously a kingdom with max holdings of 10? Who the hell thought of that?)
May integrate the various Italian Kingdoms into Italia instead of Byzantium
Integrate Africa and Mauretania into Mali
Integrate Egypt into Abyssinia
Ostmark: Sweden and Finland (Renamed Greater Sweden)
Vestmark: Denmark and Norway (Renamed Denmark-Norway)

Austria -> Austria-Hungary: AI WILL NOT DO
Duchies of Austria and Carinthia break away from Bavaria
Kingdoms of Austria and West/Central Hungary combine into Kingdom of Austria-Hungary, Combine Wallachia and East Hungary
Combines Austria-Hungary, Wallachia, and South Slavic Kingdoms
Releases HRE-Renames HRE to German Empire (ignore screenshot name, I changed it last minute)

Consider trying out my addon:
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DSECool  [author] Aug 10 @ 12:13pm 
Is your religion in the jewish group? That's the only problem I could see arising based upon the code I've written. The Decision should always be visible as long as your religion is in the jewish group, it is not an event.

Only other Grand Empires prevent you from creating a new Grand Empire, so being Abyssinian Emperor should not be a problem.
Archivist Aug 10 @ 10:41am 
Hey, I'm trying to form the Judean Empire, and I hold the four kingdoms but I am already the Abyssnian emperor. Does that affect it? I don't have the option. Is there an event?
Daltzorg II Jun 8 @ 8:48am 
Thank you.
DSECool  [author] Jun 7 @ 11:46pm 
Mod is completely compatible with EU4, though there sometimes arise oddities during conversion.
Sometimes Empires become kingdoms despite development and/or government type.
Grand Russian Empire converts as a Russian Principality.

Also note that EU4 randomly generates "relevant" national ideas for converted nations.
Daltzorg II Jun 7 @ 8:30pm 
Is the Francispania GE EU4 Converter Compatable?
DSECool  [author] Mar 22 @ 7:32pm 
Palestine is basically just Jerusalem with a different name and flag (if EU4 converted)
Jeremi Wisniowiecki Mar 21 @ 2:14pm 
whats palestine
DSECool  [author] Nov 19, 2017 @ 5:58am 
This comment purging will exclude compliments/complaints as those will be useful for new people.
DSECool  [author] Nov 19, 2017 @ 5:57am 
Heads up, if you're subscribed to thread.
Purging all comments older than 2 months in a couple days.
I'm neurotic and would like to keep the thread clean.
Also, fixed bug reports will be cleared and suggestions/requests that have been followed through will be cleared as well.
DSECool  [author] Nov 19, 2017 @ 5:49am 
"Empire is the highest possible title rank"
This is hard coded by Paradox and there is not enough desire/demand for them to change it. Especially given its lack of historicity.