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Cities: Skylines

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Apr 17, 2016 @ 1:15am
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Loading Screen Mod

Update Feb 12, 2019

Some Assets Browser features.

Update Jan 21, 2019

New report Assets Browser is saved along with Assets Report.
Skipping of prefab buildings, vehicles and props. Read here.

This mod displays information on the loading screen and adds new options:
  • Load used assets: automatically loads the assets you have placed in your city, no matter if they are enabled or not.
  • Share textures / materials / meshes: Assets from the same author often contain the same resources but the game does not care and loads identical copies. These options replace such copies by references, saving RAM.
  • The mod contains an optimized custom asset loader that is significantly faster than the built-in loader.
  • Optional HTML reports of custom assets are also available.
  • For additional information, see the figures above.

Some usage tips are given in the Discussions section.

Using cities-skylines-detour[] by Sebastian Schöner.

Sources are available.[]
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1 hour ago
Object reference not set to an instance of an object [System.NullReferenceException] Details: No details
2 hours ago
OnAssetLoaded is not called
Apr 7 @ 7:02am
PINNED: Guide: How to skip prefabs
< >
thale5  [author] Apr 24 @ 1:12am 
@Goat Open you output_log.txt and find that error message. Some mod that causes it might be given in the log. Also, try loading New Game to make sure it is not save game corruption.
thale5  [author] Apr 24 @ 1:11am 
@pumpkinworld1986 It all depends on how many DLCs you have. With those numbers, you probably have 1 or two.
thale5  [author] Apr 24 @ 1:08am 
@m4341 That feature is not directly supported. However, using my prefab skipping feature, it is possible to skip entire Unity levels (all DLCs are Unity levels). So, you could test if your map loads fine with all or some DLCs skipped. If you want to know the DLC level names, ask me. Sorry for the late reply.
Goat Apr 20 @ 7:42pm 
What do I do when it says "simulation failed"?
bythunder99 Apr 19 @ 6:49am 
Just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" and "Bravo!!!" Yesterday, I used this mod for the first time, crossed my fingers, then practically jumped for joy since my "load time" went from more than 50 minutes to about 12 minutes. Amazing, so thanks again for a job well done.:steamhappy:
Malachite_Ladie Apr 17 @ 11:39pm 
I currently have 16GB physical RAM, and 24GB virtual RAM set.

On the loading screen, I have 153 assets, and loading uses 6.7GB physical RAM and about 13.2GB virtual RAM.
However, both numbers are highlighted in orange (= 'ram almost running out'). Should I be worried?
Termite Apr 13 @ 2:24am 
The new look and reports plus the skip prefabs make this mod an essential for any mayor. Thanks.
bubak Apr 13 @ 2:00am 
Great Mod, definitely a must have :p2cube:
Gun Apr 11 @ 12:40pm 
@pumpkinworld1986 here [] you can find a list of RAM usage.
pumpkinworld1986 Apr 10 @ 4:55pm 
Hi Everyone
How much RAM an VRAM your mod should show with no mods ?
I got 8.4 RAM and 5.2 VRAM ... It is a normal or i should reinstall SC ?