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Red Wolf Czar
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Apr 15, 2016 @ 12:04am
Jun 6, 2016 @ 11:12am
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Red Wolf Czar

Comrade, for your heroism in escorting Chestikov off of Venus and in destroying a Black Dog platoon, you have been promoted to an elite officer of the CCA, a Red Wolf. From this mission onwards you will be piloting a Red Wolf "Dominik" battle tank, an improvement on the Czar model that we have devised in response to the Black Dogs usage of heavier weaponry against us. May it serve you well.

This mod adds the Red Wolf "Dominik" Czar to the game, to be seen throughout the singleplayer campaigns. You will encounter the tank on NSDF Mission 12 Total Destruction as well as start in the tank on missions 4 through 8 of the CCA campaign, on the final mission being allowed to build them in addition to Furies!

The stats of the vehicle are identical to the standard Czar, however with different starting weapons:

(C) SP-Stabber
(M) Pop Gun
(S) Prox Mine

The vehicle certainly adds some challenge to the CCA campaign, you'll find yourself wanting to trade that Prox Mine for a Thumper pretty quickly on most levels, but in experienced hands it's certainly an upgrade, in addition to being just plain fun.

Should you want to use this vehicle in a custom map's vehicle list, you need only include this mod's files and a VXT file with this line:

svrwtk svrwtk.des anims\svtan.avi Dominik

I made this as a test of creating unit texture variants in BZR, and hope to complete the entire Red Wolf faction eventually. The Red Wolves were originally created by the BZ modder "Ssuser", so credit goes to him for this faction existing at all.

For any mod makers interested, a guide on how I made this texture variant can be found here.

Happy modding!
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nostalgic_console_peasant Jul 27 @ 4:25am 
any new screenshots you can show us of new textures, etc. Please and thanks.
Deus Ex Ceteri  [author] Mar 26 @ 6:38pm 
Oh, it'll for sure use the custom campaign option, the original missions had a custom launcher and everything to try to simulate a true expansion. It'd be silly not to use the feature, especially since it'll mean custom loading screens and loading monologues and whatever else can be added.
nostalgic_console_peasant Mar 26 @ 5:53pm 
Will the campaign use the custom campaigns option or be packaged together as IA?
Deus Ex Ceteri  [author] Mar 26 @ 11:06am 
I believe the Red Wolf campaign consists of 8 missions, most fighting the Black Dogs with a few fighting the regular NSDF and two missions fighting the CRA.

There may also be a few bonus IA missions thrown in for fun, we'll see.
nostalgic_console_peasant Mar 26 @ 6:16am 
campaign sorry typo
nostalgic_console_peasant Mar 26 @ 6:16am 
How many missions and worlds is the campaig, Any missions fighting the CRA ?The CCA has always been my favorite faction to play so I'm very much looking forward to it!
Deus Ex Ceteri  [author] Mar 14 @ 11:10pm 
I certainly hope so, the RotBD custom campaign will be released on the 29th and as soon as its out the Red Wolf campaign will be the next top priority... thankfully requires far less adjustment since the original missions were a PC mod not an N64 game. I've already started on a custom unit that the original creator, Ssuser, wanted for it.
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nostalgic_console_peasant Mar 13 @ 9:43pm 
Any chance for some instant action missions with the red wolfs faction in the future?
Lancelot Chan Mar 11 @ 10:51pm 
Yes, found the problem. It's the Campaign Ammo Fix that caused Rwolf not showing up in CCA 4 to 8 missions.
Deus Ex Ceteri  [author] Mar 11 @ 9:30pm 
Can you check with the other mods you have disabled, only the RWolf Czar active? It could be a conflicting mod.