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100% Jump Drive
Created by angel618
100% Jump Drive for skunk.
↵ Enter -> Navigation -> Jump Drive -> Jump -> Select the zone - JUMP BEACON
The jump is carried out under a condition:
1) Zone where is - JUMP BEACON.
2) Shields minimum MK2
3) Hull percent ...
Automated Emergency Jump
Created by Baptiste
OBSOLETE SINCE 4.00 beta 6.
Still works with 3.61.

Allows all capital ships to automatically do an emergency jump if they think they're about to die.

Please visit:
For a more detailed descriptio...
Boarding Plus
Created by Litauen
Adds some testosterone to the boooring boarding. E.g. real fighting sounds and cutscene at the end.

I was on the Titurel capping spree for my trading empire and was bored to death with silent boardings. First I thought to add some laser fighting sounds,...
Build Titurel
Created by nidaren

Game version needed: 4.00+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

This mod is savegame compatible and can be removed anytime. Please note that constructed ships already present in game, won't be lost.

Canteran ship pack
Created by beaver1981
For additional changes to "Lost Sectors" download:


These changes have formerly been included.


This pa...
Capital Ship Bridge
Created by Litauen
Mod adds bridge to the capital ships (L and XL) and provides crew taxi service.


NOTE: Save game compatible. When removing mod, do not save in the bridge.

Known problem w...
Carriers - Arawn S/M Launch- and Docking
Created by TMIndustries™
Marvin M's "Carriers" - Mod

This mod adds new orders for small and medium ships to land and launch them on/from an Arawn carrier (which is not (yet) possible in the vanilla) and move them together with your fleet.

When assigned t...
Carriers - Sul, Heavy Sul and Gangrene Chaser
Created by TMIndustries™
Marvin M's "Carriers" Mod-AddOn for Sul, Heavy Sul and Gangrene Chaser

This mod needs the "Carriers" mod which you can find here:

This AddOn adds landing bays for...
Cheat Menu X Rebirth
Created by aladinaleks
ADDONS - Only for the Full version of the mod.

1) Cheat Menu Addon for mod BattlestarFrigga
2) Cheat Menu Addon for mod [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...
Denied Space Initiative
Created by mihaib
The Denied Space Initiative is a new military program aimed at finding better ways to defend against pirate raids. This mod adds the following ships to the shipyard in DeVries:

1. Strike Destroyer Yamato

This shi...
Engineer 100%
Created by angel618
V 2.48

Engineer repairs hull.

It was:__________Mod:
72% - *...................44% - *
76% - **..................58% - **
84% - ***.................72% - ***
92% - ****................86% - ****
100 - *****...............100 - *****
Faster Player Missiles
Created by janda
Makes all player missiles faster and more agile (see picture).

*1.0 publish

Known issues:

Mod Incompatibilities:
*None known.

X:RB Version

Savegame compatible:

Future work:
*Balancing (maybe i will improve n...
Galaxy Station Range v1.4 (for XR v4.00+)
Created by Dave Hedgehog
Allows setting station Managers and Architects subordinate range to Galaxy. Stations only if the radar dish is built.

Due to a foul up by myself, this mod no longer has the same Steam Workshop ID as the original. While it is technical...
Hunter Ships
Created by aladinaleks
Patrol ships.

1) Bloodhound - (Class XL)
2)Bulldog - (Class L)

Build in Albion and OMICRON Lira

3) Rhinoceros - (Class L) - Rhinoceros - Mining ship (gas, minerals). Based on O'Neal. Added: 12 HIT / MA Turret, 2 Plasma / JET LR Turret, 4 Shields...
Mission Computer
Created by cyberfuzzie
This mod adds a software extension to mechanics which can then be
installed on the Albion Skunk: the Mission Computer.

Once installed you can open the Mission Computer interface to display
a list of missions offered in the current zone. You can then a...
More Crew
Created by angel618
Increases the max NPC in the crew quarters form 6 to 15

author - Euclid+angel618 version 1.35 date 2015-03-18
NPCs Gain XP
Created by janda
Employees slowly gain experience.

Each hour all your employees have the chance to passively improve one random skill by 1 star.
Your employees perform better with higher skills.
E.g. am engineer repairs more hull and works faster.
The maxim...
NPCs on your stations!
Created by keriv136
This mod will spawn NPCs on your stations. NPC's will be from all races and all jobs will have the correct uniforms. Stations will spawn specialists too.

BRSpawnNPC - - A Mod by BlackRain - -
Player Shipyards
Created by keriv136
Version 2.1 as been released as of 07/10/2016
- Should fix all issues with shipyard for compatibility with latest version of Rebirth

Version 2.0 is the latest version as of 07/17/2015
-- You can now sell ships to your own ship dealer for a 50% mark up...
Reaper's ship pack (V 1.12)
Created by Reaperxvii
Mod IS working with 4.0 :)

Please check out the egosoft forum link found here --> http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=386414

for detailed information and bug reporting, thank you and enjoy!

Theres a back story to every ship and its armament a...
Repair Docks For Capital Ship Bridge Mod
Created by camus
This is mostly a cosmetic mod, it just adds extra docks with repair icons to capital ships. These docks are usually placed where the old docks replaced by the Capital Ship Bridge mod would be. As an added bonus, these repair docks allow you to repair the S...
Show Skills
Created by Rysten
Shows hireable character's skills upon asking them. (Image from ver 2.5 of X:R)
Savegame compatable.

NOTE: I no longer play XR. However, the script should continue working with future updates without issue.

Working as of 4.0 beta.

Updated for 3.1...
Station Announcements
Created by Litauen
Plays announcements inside the stations like in previous X games. Helps not to feel so alone.

* v1.30 Dynamic Announcements
* v1.20 Chime Sounds

Version hist...
Station Recycle or Destroy
Created by jth
Allows you to Recycle or Destroy your own stations
Station construction wares are now placed in the original builder CV which is released from the build location
There is a Recycle + sell option to allow the wares to be sold by the CV while its re...
Super Booster
Created by Balbrock
Tired of having to fly with an undersized booster ?
Tired of your shield getting depleted in a mere second ?
This mod is for you !
It increases both booster's duration and speed.

New update available super booster 2.0

For Donation :
Super Scanner
Created by Balbrock
You think it's silly to have to go to 5 cm from one station to analyze it?
This mod increases the range of the scanner allows you to scan the stations 10 km and receive commercial offers more easily.
Objects are stored in memory for 1 year.
Super Transport
Created by aladinaleks
For XR 4.10+ / RUS/ ENG

Created a new weapon, the laser-beam. Very good for shooting fighters, more accurate than the standard laser.


SuperTransport - [url]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_VqoKkw3WE-4agOSseUG_36...
Created by Bix'
This little crappy mod allows you to hire trade agents, which monitor station prices, without Smalltalk and directly from space !

HUGE timesaver, and freakless station monitoring !

Please note :
The dialog is only available for fix traders (i.e....
Toride Colonist Builder Ship
Created by eMYNOCK
MynoCorp Technologies is proud to present:

The Toride Colonist Builder Ship

After the Events that leads to the Reunion of DeVries, Albion, Omicron Lyrae and Home of Light, the Terran Inhabitants of Home of Light decided to share their Station Techn...
Xenon Hunt 3 Light
Created by aladinaleks
This mod adds docking bays to Xenon I and K and allows you to capture them like in the Xenon Hunt mod.
The author of the original Xenon Hunt is not supporting his mod actively anymore and, therefore, allowed me to continue his work with this mod.

Yet Another Trader v2.03c (XR 4.00)
Created by Dave Hedgehog
IMPORTANT : If you use YAT v1.2 stop your ships (recommended) and remove mod. This is a new version not a drop in update.

What is it?

Yet Another Trader is an automated trading and mining script.

Changes from v1.x
Yorrick's Yisha
Created by Dave Hedgehog
Cooler looking Yisha mod for versions up to 4.0...
Fly-by Subscribe
Created by Assailer
Fly-by Subscribe
Version 1.08

Flying near to any friendly station will permanently subscribe to trade offers, and it will be cancelled once the station becomes hostile.

This way you are still required to do a some exploration, but the subscription i...
Show Me Your Faction, Please!
Created by Chudnofsky
Adds faction icon to comms list. Perfect for Licence Traders, good for anything else if you know the icons ;)
Fixed vor X:R v4.30 thanks to w.evans...
Created by stndbye
Assign high skilled crew for L/XL sized vessels and stations automatically.

* Shipyards now supply trained personnel for newly built vessels, but wont add them to squad.
* Your marine officer also got promoted, and now has to take care of employee se...
Better Loot Magnet
Created by janda
Loot automatically with the lootmagnet by pressing the '0' key (default).
Improves the range (and speed) of the vanilla lootmagnet by 5 times.

1.02 reduced force to avoid crates being shot into space -> looting is slower now
1.01 deleted unu...
Betty Plus
Created by Litauen
Betty tells when shields reach 75%, 50%, 25%.

I was in a dogfight recently enjoying great World War X and Explore and Salvage mods and got tired always looking at my shields and sometimes I forgot to boost them with T1 T2 T3 etc. Original Betty tells m...
Boarding Options
Created by camus
This is a simple mod that adds a few menu prompts for handling a boarding mission. It also adds a display that shows your marines' strength and the target ship's boarding resistance.

Here are the current menu options at each part of the boarding process...
Fly-by InfoScan
Created by Assailer
Fly-by InfoScan
Version 1.01

Flying around known stations will unlock info points without searching for them.

Attention: The HUD must be configured to Station Scan Mode to have the scanning activated. (MENU-1-1)

There are no known compatibility i...
Fly-by Looting
Created by Assailer
Fly-by Looting
Version 1.09

Flying around 5-15km to any crates will loot them into Skunk's inventory.
This way you can focus on killing enemies, so there is no need to slow down for looting. Watch out for illegal wares!

Your scanner type will defi...
Hull Repair Laser
Created by janda
Adds a new weapon to the Skunk that can repair the hull of objects.
It does not repair shields and comes in an extra slot so you can equip it in addition to the heavy/mining laser (and all other weapons). You can't sell the hull repair laser as its perman...
Created by Bix'
Author : Bix'
Version : 1.05
Last update : 12 Oct. 2014

By default the game has very short scan and unlock ranges for Info points, making you slaloming again and again between buildings. I think this is very frustrating.

The goal of ButterRanges ...
Hiigaran Crossroads Cluster v2.2
Created by ExavierMacbeth
Hiigaran Crossroads Cluster
Egosoft Forums Link: https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=376352

WARNING: v2.0 Represents a complete rebuild of this mod. I could not support saved game compatability from previous Hiigara Crossroads Versions. You WILL ...
Created by STB2199
Require Patch 4.00 or Beta 4.00 (No Savegame Bounded)

Version 1.00


- MK5 Engine and Shild
- Jumpdrive for Albion Skung
- all Weapons


- MK5 Engine and Shild
- Jumpdrive for Albion Skung
- all Weapon...
Ledda Industrial Construction Shop
Created by nidaren
Ledda Industrial Construction Shop

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

Now also compatible with existing savegames and games!

Mod adds Ledda Industrial Construction S...
Created by Earth Ultimatum IV.
Reveals all zones and places a trade agent at all stations.

This is a (VERY) lightweight modification, compactible with all game versions and probably with all mods (not tested).

Having mapped all the zones three times, and having placed a trade agen...
Speedy Delivery
Created by eedro
*This mod increases the speed of freighters and construction ships*

Are employees taking their time travling through space wasteing you time and money? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! This mod will teach them! Installing the Worker Housing Improvement Plan (W.H.I.P)...
Station Production Limiting
Created by jth
Limits production module output. Allows you to slow down or stop production of products that you don't want. Supports individual limits on multiple products from URV Wharf plus Missile and Turret Forges

=== How to Use ===
Select the Station whose produ...
Stronger Ship Hulls
Created by nidaren
Hey Everyone!

Updated to 4.00 / 4.10+ Home of Light

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any older build may cause errors!

Mod is savegame compatible and can be removed / added any time.

Titans Armoury
Created by Goliathmk2
Important: This mod is no longer being worked on but the ships are available in Blakrains Player shipyard and World War X mods.

There is a bug that does not allow you to uninstall the mod, I don't know what causes it and I don't know how to fix it ap
Ledda Ship Tech Fab Fusion Reactors
Created by nidaren
Ledda Ship-Tech Fab

Game version needed: 4.00+ / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

Now also compatible with existing savegames and games!

Mod adds Ledda Industrial Ship-Tech Fab in Smokestac...
Fusion Reactors Optimized
Created by nidaren
Optimized Fusion Reactors Production

Hey Everyone!

Mod is savegame compatible and can be removed / added anytime.

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any older or newer build may cause errors!

Mk5 available
Created by Balbrock
Unlock shields and normally unattainable mk5 engine in the original game.
Merchants now offer all levels of equipment.
Requires to start a new game.

For Donation :
https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YPJHB6GX6XY8W ...
Sensible Miners
Created by cicero111
What it does:
It changes the asteroid selection logic to the L/XL mining ships to a more "logistically sensible" fashion. No more leaving the small pieces behind.

How does it work:
First some context. The vanilla script always selects ...
Ship Recycle
Created by jth
Provides ship recycling in Player Shipyards and NPC Shipyards

=== How to Use ===

Fly to the zone that contains the shipyard that you want to use to recycle your ship
Open communications with the right Ship Trader for the size of vessel that you are ...
Faster Ships
Created by keriv136
Version 1.3
- Compatibility for Teladi ships

Version 1.2
- Faster speeds for medium freighters

Version 1.0 Faster ships Mod

I have increased the speed of all capital ships in the game. This includes all military and freighter type ships.

Show Balance
Created by Litauen
Shows player's balance always on screen.

I like to know how much money I have and got tired to check it from the menu. Made a small mod to show it at the bottom-right corner of the screen when in space or in station. Balance updates every 5s.

Titurel Engine Fix
Created by nidaren
Hey Everyone!

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

This mod is still needed in 4.00+: (in my humble opinion)
  • Titurel's one mainsail engine is still
100% Jump Drive for big ships
Created by angel618
Single jump to destination.
No intermediate jump!
All the big ships

Нет промежуточного прыжка
Skunk God
Created by zhaarteth
A very simple script which checks every 250ms if the playership (Albion Skunk) has been hit, and resets hull/shield if so. Unlike others' methods, this script won't suddenly stop working after you've used an ROV or Novadrone.

As far as I know, this scri...
Created by stndbye
Ship&station crews gain skills while working. Only skills relevant for the employee are trained (except for specialists).
If used together with AutoCrew, it will reduce the initial skills for auto-hired employees so there is space for improvement.

Omicron Ship Upgrades & Fixes
Created by H.E.I.N.Z
Fulmekron and Olmekron Ship Upgrades

Changes for Olmekron:

shield generator upgrades (MK2 shield generators)

fix for shield generator groups (Engines have working Shields now) -> fixed in 2.5. beta

Changes for Fulmekron:

shield generator ...
Albion Tradestation
Created by populus_silvae
Add a new Tradestation

This station can trade many of wares and is the perfect HQ for pirates. The Manager can trade (sell/buy) many of wares to the best prices.

For example the tradewares are: ore, silicon, crystals, nividium, bioelect...
Balor Redesign (Depricated)
Created by clj
In X Rebirth patch 1.25, a change was made somewhere in the game engine that prevents Balor's from being able to fire their torpedoes. After spending a long time working on this, I determined that the problem is with the ENGINE, which is NOT moddable. Balo...
Cargo Drone Plus
Created by aladinaleks
Increased hold - 50,000.

Save time loading / discharging of ships. Now you don't need to buy a lot of drones.
Inventory Crafts Items Marked
Created by Loltak
Add a * to all inventory components names used into a craft as well as final Crafted items (*C) or gifts (*CG).
SETA items are marked with *s , as once you get it you can sell excess parts.
No need to remember which you can safely sell.It marks only vani...
Shields for L/XL Larger Ship Hulls Mod Addon
Created by nidaren
Shield generators Addon

Home of Light 4.0 Update:

Hey everyone, ever since making this mod shields for capital ships have been introduced into the base game and after initial testing look quite OK to me, hence I will be discon...
Tougher Stations
Created by clj
This mod greatly increases the hull strength of all station modules, and keeps the hull strengths of all module types proportionately the same as in the base game.

I use the Fight Reloaded mod by xLordMorpheusx, and found that a single hard or very hard...
Canteran Refinery Ship (Produces Reinforced Metal Plates)
Created by innesbrad
Tested = X Rebirth 3.20, 3.50, 3.53

Additional Required Files
Innes Library Scripts

This File is the Library for Ship Based Production Modules with out it th...
Ice Refinery Ship (produces water and energy cells)
Created by innesbrad
Tested = X Rebirth 3.20, 3.50

Purpose of Mod
Adds a Refinery Ship for producing water and energy cells.

Mod Information
this is basicly a varient of the original ship that produced metal plates...
Long Range Scanner Update
Created by Frumph
Updates the Long Range Scanner to be easier to deal with visually.

1. The minimap color for collectibles is a bright yellow instead of the dull grey making them easier to find on the minimap.

2. The highlight around the cockpit is *not so bright ...
Vanfim's galaxy
Created by Van-Fim
This mod adds systems, weapons:
"Eternal Freedom"
"Gaian Star"
"Two Stars"

new game is not required

New background in the menu

The mechanic now sells new improvements for the skunk (Item "Products" -> "Next"):
Miscellaneous Combat Tweaks
Created by Walker Evans
A set of tweaks that change capship-to-capship combat both in-zone and out-of-zone.

This mod is a combination of my two mods: Miscellaneous IZ Combat Tweaks[forum.egosoft.com] (MICT), and [url=http://forum.egosoft...
More Xenon
Created by angel618
Xenon attacks zones with a jump beacons. So it is more realistic.

v.2124.22 attacks became more strongly concentrated
Give me some Cloth please! (minimal Version)
Created by eMYNOCK
MynoCorp Technologies is proud to Present:

Give me some Cloth Please!
*Without Yishas Suit Changed*
*Without Station Engineers*

Should be compatible to most Extensions.

Ice DeVries Barren Heart
Created by aladinaleks
Add ICE In DeVries / Barren Heart


Не большой мод .

Добавляет лед в Деврис, сектор Пустое Сердце...
Proper Ice Belt in Vapour Stream
Created by nidaren
Proper Ice Belt in Vapour Stream System - DeVries


Hey Everyone!

Mod is savegame compatible and can be removed / added anytime.

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+...
Project TOBS
Created by eMYNOCK
MynoCorp Technologies is proud to Present:

Project TOBS - Teladi Outpost Builder Ships

It is highly recommended to use a Shipyard Mod in order to make the Player Habitation usefull.

Molten Archon adequate
Created by angel618
In sector "Molten Archon (DeVries)" of added resources:
5.Build Zone New (thank aladinaleks)
For personal empire.
+BONUS During the course of the campaign----Build player-station: Drone Complex in Molten Archon....
Simoom's Lantern - Ultimate Cheat Menu
Created by Simoom
You came into possess...
Side Bar Extender
Created by Chudnofsky
Adds the possibility to add new entries to the sidebar. See http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=371181 and the included example files for HowTo and further description...
Heavy Laser Overhaul
Created by janda
Adds a second beam to the Heavy Laser, modifies the overheat behaviour and increases damage a little bit.
The Lasers are, for now, equipped automatically as buying would not result in the wanted dual-laser.

*1.01 fixed equip bug
*1.0 privat...
Green Mouse Cursors
Created by janda
Turns all mouse cursors green. Good contrast to menues and space.

Based on orange mouse cursor mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=244625592


Known issues:

Mod Incompatibilities:
*orange mouse curso...
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