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Shots Fired
Genre: Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 17, 2016 @ 12:07pm
Aug 29, 2017 @ 12:45am

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Devlog S01E01
  • Mission clues! Instead of a picture of the target, the player is now given a set of clues so he can *hopefully* decode the appearance and behavior of his target. These clues may vary from flyers to receipts to phone call logs and IDs.
  • NPCs with awesome animations. (Walk, Run, Die)
  • NPCs with schedules! NPCs now walk from point A to point B to reach his destination.
  • 2 additional maps! Aside from the much improved Park, we added Apartment and Train maps. Also, moving cars and trains.
  • Realistic camera movement. (Not really)
  • Blood splat! Gore! Yeah!
  • 4 playable missions! Mission selection, contracts, and success/fail screens are gorgeous!

We excluded:
  • Desktop
  • Job Market, Bingo Book, and other Desktop applications
  • Mission gains/losses
Why? We decided to not show these features because we really want the players in the expo to experience the puzzle part of the game. We want them to focus on deciphering the clues and aim those little pixel characters and shoot them in the head rather than get lost in a sea full of empty UIs.

Mission Clues

In the Ludum Dare build which is available in Game Jolt and, targets are identified by their portrait and a flavor description that doesn't really mean anything. Jim Sterling said it's a Where's Waldo Sniper Game. Well, we kinda changed that.

For every mission, your goal is to eliminate the target. Finding your target is a bit of a challenge. Add that to your poor sniper skills and we have a game. But what if I tell you that your target's identity is now a mystery. That you have to decipher the clues, put it all together, only to find out that your target is a bald guy wearing a fedora hat and sunglasses. You know his name, say it. Say. His. Name.

Some examples we put in the ESGS build are receipts, flyers, twin's ID, call logs, and key cards. These are draggable in the mission contract screen and we're going to make it magnifiable so poor-eyesight people can enjoy them too.

NPC Animations
We have tons of characters and obviously, frame-by-frame animation will not work for us. To save time, we convinced ourselves that we're okay with puppet animation and apply it to every character. We're looking to add more animations overtime, from smoking cigars to multiple idle states and walking patterns.

New Maps
Two new maps are playable in the ESGS build: Apartment and Train Station. Apartment's perspective is set in a side view of the building, and characters can hide in the walls and are only visible when they pass by the window. We also made the rooftop walkable.

Since we're using Unity's NavMesh, the apartment map was pretty hard to setup. NavMesh was designed for 3D navigation so it only support X-Z navigations. Using NavMesh for the Park map was easy because you only have to fake the depth of the objects and let the system do its job. While in the apartment map, we have to fake the camera so it will look like the perspective is from the side.

The train station map works just like the Park map, except it has a train. We're trying to integrate the train itself to the game, where it can load/unload characters.

4 different missions

We introduced 4 different missions in the ESGS build: Another Assassin, Evil Twin, Walang Forever, Say My Name. All four have the same goals, eliminate the target. Though all of these 4 missions are offensive missions, we designed the clues differently for each. In the next blog post, we will highlight how and why did we design those 4 missions that way, including and specially the clues.

Plans moving forward?
We will announce something cool soon but I heard it has something to do with the early bird catches the accessible worm.

Follow us on Twitter for more updates!

Release date: Q2 2017
They took everything away from you. Your wife, your daughter, and your TV. You are left with a bullet, a rifle...and a target. One miss, and it’s all over!

Shots Fired is a sniper shooter game where you take the role of a vengeful assassin because why not? Your mission? Take down your targets using a single bullet.

Key Features
  • Scope and shoot using your sniper rifle to hunt down targets. Do it fast! Do it clean!
  • Who's your next target? Take photographs of people and find out more about them!
  • Swipe right and earn cash in Huntr: a social network for extrajudicial killers.
  • Over a hundred missions to finish!
  • Can't get enough of missions? Try the mission editor and share your work with the community.

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When is it releasing????? we need to know!
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I would like... for the devs to THANK GOD for Jim Fucking Sterling, Son!

But really though, looks great and i wish you guys the best ;)
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Found out via jim sterling, I'll give this game a blast for sure. Looks fun for a quick time waster.
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Came from Jim Sterling; can't wait for it :)
AshleyIsMeow Jul 6, 2016 @ 7:55pm 
now this is how you greenlight a game without bs going on i wish the Devs the best of luck and i might grab a copy when it comes out
Cobalt Lightning Jul 5, 2016 @ 1:28pm 
There's a couple Flash games that are like this out there on the Internet. And they are some pretty fun games.

From the looks of the trailer, there might be a little puzzle element in it, too. That'd certainly keep things interesting.
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this game looks great! So glad it's been greenlight because this game is actually absolutely brillinat!!
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