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Better PvE V1.36
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Apr 12, 2016 @ 7:38pm
May 11, 2016 @ 1:18pm
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Better PvE V1.36

I apologize for my late update. Now the changes to meat have been added again. Please check them in game! Remember to rebuilt your campfire, industrial grill and preserving bin!!

This mod can improve your PvE experience especially for small and local servers. If you are tired of farming resources and just want to enjoy the game itself, then this is the choice! The mod ID is 664507528. It is not only a stack size mod, and I made an individual stack size mod in

Generally I changed stack sizes and some weights for most common resources, see below:

Stack changes:
Berries: 500
Veggies: 500
Raw & Cooked meat: 100
Spoiled meat: 300
Raw prime meat: 5
Hide & Pelt: 500
Gasoline & Sparkpowder: 200
Other resources: 300
Arrows: 100
Gunpowder: 500
Narcotic & Stimulant: 100
Electronics & Polymer: 300
Organic polymer: 100

Weight changes:
(counting in new stack size shown above)
Berries: 10
Wood & Stone: 60
Metal & Metal ingot: 150
Crysta & Obsidianl: 90
Oil & Charcoal: 30
Gasoline: 10
Pelt: 50
Arrows: 10
Narcotic & Stimulant: 10

Time changes:
Spoiled time of veggies, raw prime meat and organic polymer are almost doubled. I also decreased crafting time of cooked meat/jerkies and metal ingot a little bit.

Other changes:
1. Blood pack now can heal 30 HP.
2. Feeding trough can preserve food longer, but it's still less than a preserve bin or a refrigerator.
3. Fertilizer takes half time to convert.
4. Crops will harvest faster (I hope so) and large crop plot can hold 300 advanced crops now.
5. Your character can reach level 100 now, you can still obtain engram points after level 94.
6. Baby dinos are easier to hatch and tame.
7. PVE friendly fire is disabled.
If you want to apply change 5, 6 & 7, you need to put this mod on the first of the mod list.

Known bugs:
1. I recommend you to use this mod in a clean server, or the resources you already have can't apply for the changes. But it's not a big problem, you can still use them as usual.
2. You need to relearn Engrams and make new ones, especially for the weapons, mortar and pestle, smithy and fabricator (or any other structures that has an inventory).
You can use console command: 'cheat giveitemnum 413 1 0 0' or ask the server administrator to give you a Mindwipe Tonic. If that doesn't work, try to use quick travelling/respawning (Thanks @Ink for this information).
3. Always try to relearn & rebuilt first using the method shown above, if you find anything doesn't work properly.
4. Things will not stack when you demolishing them.
5. When you find a charcoal that will spoil, please don't be too surprise and it'll become normal soon (This is the best approach I can reach to make it auto stack in campfire or forge)!

Please leave a comment if you have found any bugs. Also tell me if you have any good ideas!

Here is something I want to say! This mod is created to make a better PvE environment for my girlfriend at the very beginning. But after sharing it to workshop I found so many people like it and that really inspired me a lot. Thanks all of you and I hope you guys can enjoy it and the game as well!
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DerHeftigBanger Dec 7, 2020 @ 1:31pm 
Hey, this mod also replaces weapons like the Crossbow right? Is that the reason why I can't use my modded tranq arrows on my Crossbow?
Zer'Ua'Eno #0071 Mar 26, 2019 @ 7:31pm 
refuses to load passed 30% for me
Shaneful Aug 7, 2018 @ 5:31pm 
Yep, Mod caps at level 70, exp gets stuck at a wierd number and never increases
Dont use until you know the bug has been patched, other than that, its a good mod
dhb457 Mar 22, 2018 @ 5:27am 
I am with Prophet, Honey and mutton stacking to even 5 would be so much nicer. Any plan to add them?
Unequalseeker6 Feb 11, 2018 @ 4:34pm 
This mod now caps level at 70 for some reason.
Zaanzabar Dec 27, 2017 @ 9:50pm 
If this mod is removed, will I lose all my resources? I have used this since the beginning and love it, but until it is updated with models for the earthquake dropped items on Aberration, it is hindering my ability to see what drops. I wanted to take it off temporarily to see what they look like to see if it is worth it, but don't want to lose all my stuff. (single player btw)
Mugiwara Sep 18, 2017 @ 6:30pm 
does this mod make the chainsaw unable to use gas
bluephoenixfire Aug 9, 2017 @ 3:56am 
so far your the only mod creator witha stacking mod that WORKS properly
Prophet_Of_Logik May 15, 2017 @ 6:58am 
Curious if you will be adding in raw/cooked mutton and honey? There are hardly any mods such as yours that increase stacks a slight amount but not to absurd levels, but none that do those two.
Dianka May 12, 2017 @ 3:00pm 
i love this mod, but last update ark give me max level is 85 (. How i can up my level? sorry my English.