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C.o.T (Collection of Taunts)
These are a crap ton of good taunts that might or will make it to the game!
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The Snap Shot
Created by 'R' DoubleTap
Say cheese! No wait, you're dead.


3 LODs
Team Colored


6.2 seconds duration


'R' DoubleTap: Animation, SFM
Robot Agent: Pro...
Soccer Showoff
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Soccer Taunt for Scout.

NOTE: the taunt uses the already in-game soccer ball prop that spawns when the "Ball-Kicking Boots" item is equipped. It's scaled to 70% because it was a bit big for the taunt.

The Schuhplattler Dance
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
A traditional German dance, called the "Schuhplattler", performed by the Medic.

Note: The animation is 10 seconds long. If it was the standard 3-5 seconds, it would need to be cut or sped up.

zombie shuffle UPDATED
THIS ITEM HAS BEEN RE-UPLOADED! The new post can be found HERE

"Become a literal patient zero and spread the Zombie Shuffle through your team like any self-respecting virus would...
The Ten-Legged Terror
Created by Anomidae
Man's primordial fear of eight-legged arachnids has enabled him to survive against some of nature's most illusive predators - but let's see how he does against ten legs! We couldn't really afford nor engineer a ten legged spider, so we're going to need to ...
The Sound of Progress
Created by Anomidae
Progress comes in all shapes and sounds - and it takes only the most patient of men to lead the charge of progress. An eloquent composer can make even the most dire battles feel even more dire, because he's not really helping out much to begin with. at lea...
Wallace Warcry
Created by AyesDyef
Stand for glory and muster all your (liquid) courage!...
The Burstchester
Created by CobaltGemini
It's a close encounter of the BUSTING-OUT-OF-YOUR-CHEST kind! Perhaps wearing all those "face hats" that hatched from those space eggs wasn't such a good idea...

Meet Chester, a creature that our lawyers tell us to call a "burstchester". This par...
Fumbler's Fanfare
Created by Codenator
Everybody makes mistakes, rub it in with this trombone taunt!

Codenator: Animation, video, backpack icon
FiveEyes: Modelling, texturing, promos...
The Mic Drop
Created by Codenator
For when your opponent drops dead, drop a diss then drop a mic

Codenator - Animation, Concept, Video
FiveEyes - Modelling, texturing, promo imagery (team colors)
DonHonk - Promo imagery (Poster, thumbnail), backpack icon, Video

Special thanks to those wh...
Pyromancer's Performance
Created by Codenator
This vibrant taunt works as a loop taunt with 2 flairs


Codenator - Animation, sound, backpack icon
Paysus - Animation
The Winglet - Animation
Vipes - Concept idea
NeoDement - Model and texture
Bonk - Particles
Harry - Promos...
Heavy Ballerina Guy
Created by Daesdemona
"Fat dont mean he aint light on his feet"

Taunt animation and sfm video made by me
Edit on the sfm promo picture, backpack icon and avatar by jute-moth!

they say sfm would export the vcd file automatically but i couldn't find it anywhere, so i hope ...
The Shred Alert
Created by Double Fine
Harness the unholy power of the Dark One (Yngwie Malmsteen) and crush your opponents with blistering riffs, lava-hot licks and emotionally crippling power ballads!...
Spray n' Pray
Created by Dunkle
Spray your sprays in style with the new Spray n' Pray!™ Just taunt near a wall and your spray will appear, no decal tool required. Establish dominance by tagging every wall with your own graffiti, and make sure to paint over enemy sprays, to claim the w...
Bonk! Atomic Hoverboard Taunt
Created by Freeflow
By popular demand-Bonk! Energy proudly presents a working Atomic Hoverboard!

Using the same patented irradiated sugar found in our famous Bonk! Atomic Punch™ Energy Drinks. Enjoy moments of pure seconds of fun as you hover inches above ground level!
The Burning Passion
Created by Grambee
Love is expressed in many ways: Cheap cards, terrible candies, and those dumb puns that I swear are written by a six year old. Sadly, there's only one problem:
Pyro doesn't express his emotions through words. She expresses it through fear, and fire.
Sound Breaker's Fast Ball
Created by Grambee
Has anyone ever told you that you'd oughta be on a baseball card?

Entire taunt is 144 frames long.

An old taunt, no longer of any interest and possibly seeking a remaster....
Doctor's Defibrillators
Created by Hex
Shock both friends and foes into submission!

-Team Colors
-3 LODs

-Hex: Animation & Concept
-Rozzy: Model, Material, & Backpack Icon

Special Thanks:
-Eternal, for lighting and partially animating the promotional video.
The Bear Claw
Created by Hypo
Professional wrestling may or may not be fake; however, what is definitely not fake is the fear you're going to instill in your adversary's big dumb skull. Whether you make this your introduction or your finisher, you'll be sure to terrify your opponents w...
True Scotsman's Call
Created by Hypo
A true Scotsman knows how blow into his bag pipes and dance 24 hours a day. A truer Scotsman, however, wouldn't wear anything but his kilt.
With this looping taunt, once you start playing these pipes, you'll have the gumption to keep playing 'til the cows...
Second-Rate Sorcery!
Created by Hypo
With this new mind-bogglingly stupendous all-class taunt, you'll cast spells as spectacularly scary as the back-alley dollar store magic shop you buy all of your precious magic voodoo utensils from!

All NINE (count 'em, NINE) classes utilize their bran...
Created by Hypo
Embrace your inner arsonist with this absolutely twisted taunt!

I sincerely hope you all enjoy the video trailer! I had a lot of fun with it! There is a video demonstration of the taunt (rendered without motion blur for animation clari...
Hoodoo Hex
Created by Hypo
What was that? a sudden twinge in your spine? Its probably nothing to worry about... Probably.

Hypo - animation, promo video, SFM poster

Zoey "Sexy Robot" Smith - doll model, backpack icon

Square - concept, concept art, SFM po...
Soviet Strong-Arm
Created by Hypo
Leg day? Cardio? What's that, baby talk?
You may ask "Gee, how many reps you can do in a single set!?": With this looping taunt, Infinite! That's how many!
Because ripping off limbs all day is gonna need ripped limbs.

[Technical i...
The Trackman's Touchdown
Created by Hypo
What's the difference between scoring a touchdown and capping a point? Practically nothing!... you know, aside from the blood spilling thing, and the guns, and the dying part. Well all that matters is you celebrate them the same way, by gloating all the wa...
The Skating Scorcher
Created by Hypo
"Dashing through the snow
On a one-man killing-spree
O'er fields we burn
Laughing all with glee!"

Spread some Smissmas Cheer™ all throughout the battlefield with this jolly moving, figure skating taunt!

The Soviet Show-off
Created by Hypo
Tired of all those capitalist bullies mocking your puny muscles? Bulk up to mutant mass and show those pigs your true might with a delightful, yet frightening display of fitness, form, and physique!

The Grilled Gunman
Created by Hypo
Who won the most prestigious award of Single Best Killer of 2016? You did! Wait, where's your trophy? I'm sure your competitor wouldn't mind lending his head.

Hypo - all animation, video, promo art, backpack icon

Donhonk ...
The Handsome Rogue
Created by JPRAS
MaGGoT4th - Animation, promos
Texman - Idea, concept, texture
JPRAS - Prop model...
Pyro's Playtime
Created by JPRAS
Pyro's Playtime - overhauled!

Now with 100% more looping!

Brand new, remade animations and prop model!

The Winglet - Animation

JPRAS - Prop model, rigging

Texman - Prop texture

'R'DoubleTap - Original idea and animation, SFM promo...
Hourly Workout
Created by Jedi(fla)master
Soldier taunt. Intended to be looped (like engi's rancho relaxo or pyro's pool party) however cutting it up and uploading in 3 different files wouldn't let me get my gold star....
Merasmium Leviosa!
Created by Mall
All-Class Moving Taunt!


- Technical Info -
Intro: 0 - 115
Loop: 115 - 255
Forward Start: 255 - 280
Forward Loop: 280 - 419
Forward End: 419 - 442
Outro: 442 - 500...
Enlightened Thinker
Created by Mall
Never run out of ideas again!

-Includes particles
-Team Colors
-2 LODs

-Mall: Animation & Concept
-Corvalho: Model, Particles, and Backpack Icon

Special Thanks:
-Thoopje, for creating the music in the promotional video.
-Spunky Animations, ...
Runner's Rhythm
Created by Mall
There's nothing like a solid beat... A beat to the head with a blunt object, that is. But sometimes that's not enough to satisfy the void in your cold-blooded, sadistic heart. Let the beat resonate inside of you with a pair of bongos!

Maggot's Condolence
Created by Mall
Killing is common in the heat of battle, but not just anyone grieves for the dead after kicking the sorry life out of their spineless corpses. A stone, and a permanent marker (and duct tape) is all that's needed to pay your true respects.

Boaster's Banner
Created by Mall
I am a true patreet, no wait... What was that word? Polltrit? Peritat? Potrat! That's right, I'm a true potrat at heart! No, that's not right...


-Mall: Animation, Backpack Icon, ...
The Killer Solo
Created by McVee
Play them off, into the next life....
Lo Commotion
Created by McVee
Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now....
The Pyro's Pool Party
Created by McVee
Mayann Victory Dance (Taunt)
Created by MediExcalibur2012
Everyone thinks that the legend; deep within the jungle is some kind of idol or sceptre or some kind of magic.


Any common person knows that the REAL legend is some kind of guy, running around collecting apples and breaking crates with his...
Taunt: The French Revolutions
Created by Narry
How many wars have the French won?
Just one.

Revolver Ocelot?
Revolver Ocelot.

Works with all spy revolvers. Watch the video for more details

60fps Preview: {LINK REMOVED}
Mod Download (replaces default spy taunt): {LINK REMOVED}...
The Bunnyhopper
Created by NeoDement
Jump around! Flip with mouse 1! Spin with mouse 2! This taunt's got it all![/url
Taunt: The Boston Breakdance
Created by Nonamesleft~
What's the word on the street? "Breakdancing is totally hip with the kids". That's what.

Please check the video to see the taunt. Keep in mind that the video is rendered at 24fps without motion blur for clarity. It might look choppy as a result.

Taunt: The Catwalk
Created by Nonamesleft~
A new way to strut your stuff and be fashionably late to mid!

See video above for demonstration.

The music in the trailer is not part of the taunt....
Karate Kicker
Created by OverPovered
Jarate, then karate...
Cremator's Cookout
Created by Paysus
Who says an extremely dangerous pyromaniac can't cook?
Show them who's the best damn barbecuer this side of pyroland.
Just try not to show off too much, or you may slip up.
Taunt- You're Darn Good
Created by Paysus
"You're Darn Good" - Pistol Bobcat

Download it as a mod []...
Taunt: Highlander
Created by I can't be busy lol

Gadget - Concept & Model
Raxxo - Animation...
Taunt: The Soviet Squeezebox
Created by ShowGoat
More music coming soon!

Xtreme Overload: Animation
NerdsWeStand John: Music
Rotzlöffel: Accordion Model...
Created by Sir.Grey

The long awaited nope.taunt is finally here, brought to you by CrazyHalo, Kritzkast[] and by the creator of this iconic meme: [url...
Taunt : The Stupid Face
Created by Sinful Creature
Almost as bad as biting your thumb at us, Sir.

Technicall stuff;

Frames - 89
Blend In Frames - 3
Blend Out Frames - 6

Feedback is always welcome in the comments, and don't forget to vote/favourite!...
Booty Warrior Taunt- Pyro
Created by Snows
Introducing a new all-class taunt series: The Booty Warrior! Laugh at your foes as they die of embarassment and fire!

Pyro wiggles and giggles at your enemies!...
New Taunt: Santé! V1.5
Created by Sparkwire
Updated the animation. Thanks for the feedback everyone! :)

Please watch the video before commenting.

A good wine makes every moment worth celebrating.

Comes with two exciting new selections of wine, perfect for toasting every success.

Check out our ...
New Taunt: Most Wanted!
Created by Sparkwire
Please watch the video before commenting! ☺

"Dad? Dad, it's not the notepad of a nutter, it's more of a laundry list."

"One top ten list you don't want to be on."

"It's good to set goals."

This taunt includes a paintable prop....
Taunt: The Heavy Metalist
Created by Chuck
"I live, I die, I live again!"

Bonk-Tastic! Animation, Promo Posters, Idea,
Stove Pipe, Support, Backpack Icon....
Taunt: The Denied Monk
Created by Chuck
In the jungle, birds are chirping, grass is growing, rivers are waving, the sun is warming the atmosphere with great sun shin- OH LOOK!!! It's that b*stard Scout abusing his powers again!
Taunt: The Bloodman's Desire (UPDATED)
Created by Chuck
Boys and girls of every age, would you like to see something strange?


It Includes:

Maniacal laughter,
PHD in being a generic MAD DOCTOR!!!

Laugh at the stupid enemi...
Patriotic Patrolling [Taunt]
Created by StovePipe
A little tribute to the amazing Frontline Update:

idk, I've always wanted a taunt that allowed me march up and down the control point with my teammates.

Though this might the first version, I intend to improve it through CONSTRUC...
Taunt: One Step A-Head
Created by The Weakest Link
Get it?! A-HEAD! Cause all you see is a head! Ahahaha!

My first shot at a taunt...
Heck, even my first shot at any sort of SFM animation. ^_^"
Hopefully you like it!

[Update #1]: Changed the backpack icon, workshop icon, and smoothed out the animation a ...
The Acrobatic Arsonist
Created by The Winglet
Show off in front of your recently deceased enemies, to prove that you are not only violent and bloodthirsty, but also elegant and graceful.

If you'd like to see this taunt in the game, please consider voting it up....
Taunt: Heart Attack
Created by The Winglet
Ever wanted to perform delicate medical experiments while on the battlefield?

Probably not, but now you can anyway!

By the way, that "oops" line isn't actually in the taunt file. It's just a guideline for what I imagined the Medic saying, if Valve pl...
The Soviet Seduction
Created by The Winglet
If the video doesn't work, click here

"Kiss me" -Heavy Weapons Guy

Are you disappointed at the lack of new heavy taunts?
Are you distraught at your inability to seduce o...
Jackhammer Rodeo
Created by The Winglet
In-game demonstration:

A new controllable looping taunt for the Engineer!

The Winglet: Animator, Texture
XB33: Concept, Model, Backpack icon
Zxo ...
Taunt: The Facepalm
Created by ToxicWeasel
All class taunt to show your team mates how terribly bad you think their combat skills really are.

(Please note that all voicelines are for example only)...
Arsonist's Allergies
Created by ToxicWeasel
Nice Flower!...
The Heavy Thinker
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Da, this will work! *sniff* Maybe'

Everyone WAIT!... Heavy is thinking!
..... We could be here for some time ....

Loopable 'thinking' part of the animation

Concept/Prop/backpack icon: Robot Agent
Promo Video: Daesdemona
Animation: ToxicW...
Taunt: Power Press
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Heavy will lift tiny coward weight!..Da!'...
Brooding Vigilance
Created by While E.
Whether you're a hired gun or a predator of the night (who may also be a millionaire) you must always remain vigilant! Use this this taunt to keep an eye out for any bad guys, then keep taunting to intimidate them into seeing the error of their ways!

Ze Doctor Is In!
Created by Whomobile
Good Grief!

Years of following idiots around, trying to make sure they don't die takes it's toll on the human spirit. Now that you got rid of that pesky soul, why not make those idiots come to you! All you need is a few boxes, some markers, and a disregar...
pyro ballerina taunt
Pyro doing a ballerina dance to celebrate a fresh kill. There is a movie file and an smd in the zip file....
Unretrieved Surgical Archimedes
Created by Yawning Machine
Just a prank medic loves to play on scout.

In reference to the fact that Archimedes was inside the Scout at the end of "Meet the Medic", when the Scout dies via explosion with this taunt equipped, Archimedes will fly out of the gibs....
Dance of Delight v1.6
Created by [Symmetry]
Update #2
Smoothed out the Spy, Soldier and Scout dances, also added an alternate taunt for the Demoman ( a Scottish Highlander sword dance).

Update #1
We refined every taunt as promised and made some small changes in the moves. They were ex
Pyroland Prance
Created by Bone
Do you believe in magic, in a young-ish Pyromanic's charred black heart?

Remember that part in "Meet The Pyro" when Pyro was skipping? Neither do I

This taunt was mostly made by Princess Ruto
Taunt: Condescending Clap!
Created by _kyle
They may have died an embarrassing death but at least you can applaud them for their efforts

Animation, Promo Video & Poster - Killaman_Kyle
Backpack Icon and other art - Elvisblueberry

Shout out to Jordy for the name...
Taunt: Heavy Workout!
Created by _kyle
Start your match right with this routine!

This is a Heavy exclusive looping taunt made for the Heavy content pack

*ABOUT THE ARM* The right arm doesnt look as bad ingame. The Ambient Occlusion in SFM highlights the twist in a horrible way. Unfortunat...
Bullet Berserker
Created by _kyle
Mow down your foes with the unrelenting force of your imaginary, dual wielded, heavy weaponry!

Version 2 is out! I have re-animtaed the entire taunt from scratch. The Heavy is now less stationary and more... berserkery...

Taunt: Tryhard's Tripod
Created by heinous
This is a resubmission. After listening to suggestions, quite a few things have been changed!
> bip_pelvis is now stationary during idle. As a result prop_bone doesn't have any counteranimations that would have added slight jiggles. It should work even bet...
The Sassy Sizzler
Created by heinous
Talk to the hand, because the Pyro isn't listening.
Taunt: The Narcissistick (Obsolete: new submission in description)
Created by heinous
Hello, I reworked this taunt under a new name: "Tryhard's Tripod." Please go there because that is the newer version. This submission is outdated....
Western Showdown: Taunt
Created by justyn
Partner, I need you dead fast and my pistols are just too slow.

Publishers notice: Fingers are not actually lethal. Please point responsibly.
(Ergo, Not intended to be a kill taunt)

Made to test the taunt importer...
The Soul Reaper
Created by mr. 3nygma
Everytime you demolish your foe, you reap and devour their soul, for you are the son of Satan.

You are 'The Soul Reaper'.

No mercy.
No nonsense.
Much wow.

Engineer Taunt -
Doomsday Fever - All Class Taunt
Created by mr. 3nygma
When the stars align and the beginning of the end is prophecised, do this dance, for the celebration of the imminent destruction may just please the Gods and save your soul.

This is an 8.5 second long All Class looping taunt, much like the Conga taunt, ...
The Solo Killer
Created by paprika
Heavy crush squealing Australian mating horn!...
Soldier Bot
Created by ragdollbeast
Beep Boop

Actual taunt doesn't contain sound effects....
Pole Percher v2
Created by weelX
v2 is here! Taunt is still being worked on. Have a suggestion for V3? Get a discussion going here!...
Taunt: Twist and Spout
Created by ♥~Krunkidile~♥

An exorcist-inspired, possession taunt for Halloween! Let a spawn of Satan into your brainspace, and share the gift that keeps on giving: vomit.

And you can kill people with it! why wouldn't demon vomit set bushmen on fir...
Taunt of the Hats!
Created by ♥~Krunkidile~♥
From Tip of the Hats and Krunkidile comes a brand new taunt that's raising money for charity! It's Taunt of the Hats!

While other taunts may be rude, crude and insulting to the corpses of enemies, streamers, and that jerk Sniper that kept bodyshotting y...
Taunt: The Batusi
Created by ♥~Krunkidile~♥
Unleash the true terror of the Gotham Knight; A 40-year old gogo dance preformed by a dumpy guy in a spandex bat suit.

The "Batusi" was a gogo dance preformed by Adam West in the 1966 Batman television series. It was a dance craze that somehow swept the...
Taunt: The Texan Blues
Play a little song for that bit of pulp on the wall that was a Scout mere seconds ago.
Fascinating Fireworks
- Looping firework particles!
- Red and Blu variants
- Fireworks collide with ceilings if used indoors

For Valve: The particles are included in a dropbox file in the dev comments. The in frame of the loop is 90 and the out is 390.

Bumpkin's Banjo
The taunt is animated so that it can loop in game!

Scotsman's Stagger
Our experts have concluded that this is the actual real way people walk in Scotland, we promise.

Looping taunt that moves at the same speed as the Conga.
Taunt: The Battler's Brass
Doe is done.

Animation and model: SedimentarySocks
Sound: Pumodi...
Taunt: The Studious Siberian
Check that one fact in the middle of battle.

Watch the video to see the taunt in action!

Book is paintable.

[UPDATE 21/03/15]
- Changed the book angle to be more upright
- Tweaked sound and facial animation

Growling Grizzly
Created by Populus
H-He's like a bear! He's like a big
non-shaved bear that hates people!

Showcase your inner spirit animal by becoming the said animal....
Future Flier
Created by Populus
You gotta lick my hat Scout. You gotta - listen *burp* there's no time Scout, you need to *burp* lick my hat. We need to go to the future Scout. It's important.

Populus - Animation, hoverboard model texture.
Sparkwire - Hoverboard Model.
Greg - Promos...
Jungle Dance - Taunt!
Created by Populus
No, this is not an island resort!
No, you are not on vacation and no, you are not doing the dance of the island people!
This isn't even an island! Stop dancing!


A jungle dance taunt for all of the 9 cl...
New Taunt! : Last Rose
Created by Populus
A New Taunt for the Spy!...
Surgeon's Squeezebox
Created by Populus
The success of musical therapy is closely related to the loudness and noisiness of the instrument used in the procedure.

Populus - Animation
NeoDement - Model
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ============

Man's Best Friend
Created by Populus
A 3 part taunt with Man's most faithful of friends - the fully robotic canine.

The taunt is meant to be 3 different sequences.

-------------------------[TECHNICAL INFO]---------------------------

Due to the importer technicalities I was forced to import...
New Taunt: Art of War
Created by Populus
A beautiful piece of art that minutely presents the lifelessness of your dead corpse.

Lazy Lounger
Created by Populus
It's the Sniper's Rancho Relaxo! Including an un-robotized chair, a 50%-off barely used cooler, and hopefully a non-lethal umbrella!


A rancho relaxo style taunt for the Sniper for all his relaxin' and cam...
New Taunt: Bad Medicine
Created by Populus
Did zat sting?

Notice: The Syringe is not the beta one. It is made from scratch.
Luxury Lounge
Created by Populus
Because any cold blooded murderer needs a bit of culture from time to time.

Populus - Animation
Donhonk - Model
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ============

Intro 0-128
loop 128-642
Outro 642 - 720

Taunt: Zoomin' Broom [All Class]
Created by Populus
Spooky race!

Challenge your friends to a broom race!

Check out the Sorcerous Student here!

---Technical part---

The taunt animation is built so it could work with movement in conga-li...
Creeper's Creep
Created by Populus
Creeper's Creep

A simple all-class creep walk taunt for showing of your spooky costumes!...
The Boston Boarder
Created by Hypo
Not only is your inhuman agility able to mysteriously propel yourself twice in the air, it's also is good for pulling off some sick skate tricks!
Show off your radically gnarly pro skater skills to the whole battlefield with this moving, looping taunt!
Mann in a Can
Created by Anomidae
YOU ARE TRASH! And I mean it this time, but not in the usual context.

Tell me, where is the LAST place you would look for a top operative on the field of battle?

Notes on the animation:
(by frame)
0 - 30 intro
30 - 34 idle
34 - 63 peek (mouse1)
63 - 71 s...
Hovering Hardhat
Created by Sparkwire
Take over the skies, and whatever else you want! Everyone will bow down to you with this impressive display of dominance.

Hex: Animation, Promos
The Sneaky Feet .V2
Created by The Winglet
After decades of research, leading scientists discovered that running and yelling is actually not the most effective method of remaining undetected.

For the first time ever, experience the art of stealth in a cutting edge new form- walking slightly slowe...
Texas Truckin'
Created by Populus
Nothing bestows divine power over your crops quite like a tractor.

Populus - Animation
Donhonk - Model
Square - Concept
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ============

Intro 0-70
loop 70-400
Outro 4...
The Fiery Flamenco
Created by Hypo
¡Venga y sea feliz y cante la canción de las llamas!


Hypo - All animation, promo poster, workshop thumbnail, backpack icon
Petachepas - Model, concept
Vipes - Concept

(Music is used only for promotional material ...
The Pooped Deck
Created by Mall
Spend the hottest days in the Badlands drinking away in the comfort of your poolside chair. (Pool not included)

Mall - Animation, promos
NeoDement - Text...
The Fist Bump!
Created by Hypo
The Fist Bump, scientifically proven to be the coolest and most hygienic greeting to ever grace the battlefield!
Punch the fists of friends and foe alike with this brand new partner taunt!!

[Technical Info / Note...
Mission Impasse
Created by I can't be busy lol
Take charge of the traffic flow by making the road to the fight safer to cross. (Results may vary)

Technical Info
This taunt is intended to loop, meaning the animations 'intro', 'mouse1' and 'mouse2' would be followed up by the 'loop' animatio...
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