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Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade
Platforms: PC, Mac
Players: Single-player
Apr 10, 2016 @ 12:38pm
Jun 15, 2016 @ 2:15am

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New content update!!
Big thanks to all our friends and supporters!
Release date: Second Quarter 2016
The land is Cursed. Dark horrors have conquered the kingdom of men. Countless brave adventurers have attempted to cleanse this evil. None have returned...

A nobleman enters the inn seeking adventurers to join him on his holy quest. Once again a small fellowship departs on it's quest to vanquish the evil that torments the land. Now the fate of the kingdom rests upon the shoulders of one brave party. A heavy burden weighs upon their souls, for now they have to face the Unforgiving Trials.


Every 20 years Corruption spreads across the lands inflicting terror and fear in the hearts of villagers. No one knows the reason for this calamity except the old King who perished when the hordes swarmed the Capital city. Many tried to reach the king in attempt to gain any knowledge or insight to fight the curse. Yet it all proved futile as no one ever returned to tell the tale. The story begins in a bustling inn along the road that leads east towards the Capital. A mysterious young lord ventures forth only with his most trusted guardian and a pouch full of coins. It is up to him to recruit a party of the very best adventurers: knights, wizards, thieves and oddballs. Recruit whoever it takes to reach the old King and reclaim the lands of man. While your quest seems straightforward it is certainly not an easy task as vile beasts and threatening monstrosities lurk the realm, ready to strike you down at the first sign of weakness.


Embark on an epic adventure to save the lands. Form a party by selecting 4 different adventurers from a pool of over 12 unique classes. Battle your way through the cursed lands scaling the highest mountains and exploring the darkest dungeons. Face more than 30 unique challenging bosses in order to reach the capital of the kingdom. Trade and interact with other travelers, influence their fate and discover many secrets on your dark adventure.

  • Fast paced Active Turn Battles
  • More than 12 characters with their unique classes
  • Customizable leveling system offering different builds and playstyles
  • Over 200 spells and abilities to master
  • 30+ overpowered bosses
  • Animal companions
  • Explorable populated villages with traders and other adventurers
  • Extremely challenging and strategic encounters
  • Upcoming content updates with new characters, skills and more


We are a team of five video game enthusiasts with a childhood dream of making our own video games witch laid dormant till now. Every member of our team is a fan of old school JRPG genre. It's our dream to revitalize its turn based battle system witch is shunned more and more every year in favor of more action oriented combat. For this reason we decided that our first project will be battle oriented JRPG in order to reignite the passion of old school turn based combat.

Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade is now in late beta. While our game is fully playable and ready to be released, we are still working hard every day to improve it before the release. Not only are we conducting in depth difficulty and balance testing, we are also making sure our game is bug free and well polished. We think playing our game will provide you a very enjoyable and memorable experience with over 5 hours of interesting dialogues, challenging combat and occasional frustrations (caused by extremely hard boss fights). But with some creative thinking and a bit of tinkering with your party, you will be able to overcome any challenge. In the end, we plan to support this project for a long time and continue to expand it every day. We have many updates planned and some already in the making.

You can expect the following:
  • Visual update of graphical assets with our new artwork
  • New and improved skill animations
  • Addition of at least 2 extra classes
  • Brand new enemies and bosses
  • 2 FREE content updates that expand the story after the game is released
  • iOS and Android port of the game


We have finished a major content update and would like to let you know what has been added to the game. Bellow is a list of new content.

-larger villages in safe zones
-additional side quests that are parallel to the main plot and that influence the main story
-travelling NPCs
-multiple choice system that offers the player more influence on the main story
-more cryptic secrets for players to discover
-a bunch of new items and gear
-50 new spells
-10 additional soundtracks( bringing us to a total of 25 songs)

We wanted to add more customization for the player and expand our story. Now we will focus on adding more party members and classes in order to maximize the replay value of our game. Here is a short list of the things we still want to add before releasing the game.

-5 more characters
-3 more classes
-100 spells
-more bosses and enemies

We are grateful for all the support and are looking for your feedback on what kind of classes and characters you want us to add in the game.

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