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Cities: Skylines

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OverLayer v2
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Apr 10, 2016 @ 7:53am
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OverLayer v2

OverLayer v2.0

OverLayer draws a high resolution picture over your map which follows the terrain surface.
To enable/disable the overlay, click the round button with an exclamation mark on the top of the game screen.

What's New

Version 2 brings a whole new rendering algorithm which utilizes the proper overlay engine of the game. Before this version the mod would use a hack through the seconday terrain layer, which caused lots of glitches.
Also, because of how that hack was exploited, the texture was rendered in fake colors. This is now gone! Your image is rendered in its full glory with all original colors.

Also new in version 2 is the ability to adjust the size and position of your overlay!
Read more in the "controls" section below.


This mod will load an image with name "overlay.png" placed in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Files\

~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Cities_Skylines/Files/

If you copy and paste the respective path above into your file browser (Windows: Ctrl+L, OS X: Cmd+Shift+G) you will be taken to the correct path.

Note for OS X users: The "Files" directory might not exist. If it doesn't, it is safe to create it manually.


These are the current key controls for the mod:

  • . (Period): Increase overlay size
  • , (Comma): Decrease overlay size
  • Arrow Keys: Move the overlay image (Up/Down: North/South, Right/Left: East/West)
  • Home: Reset overlay image size and position
  • Shift: Holding it makes all actions above go faster (less precise)
  • Control: Holding it makes all actions above go slower (more precise)

Note: In the future these may become editable through a settings screen.

About the Image

The image should be a square PNG image (alpha layer allowed and encouraged), the higher the size, the bigger the resolution in-game. You can download a template overlay image with all tiles delimited here:
Check this link to understand how the template image above is rendered in game:

The image will cover all 81 tiles by default. You can move and change the scale of the overlay using the controls described above.

To make the most out of this mod, I recommend that you use a transparent image where only the features you wish to be visible are drawn in black/white. For example, this overlay image for Barcelona:

I used the Google Static Maps API to generate the overlay for Barcelona above. The URL I used is available here:
You can get a free API key here:


The source code is avilable on GitHub:

This mod is distributed with the GNU GPLv3 License.


If you are going to leave a bad rating, please state why in the comments. Your negative feedback is useless if you won't allow me to improve my work. Thanks!
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asterisk11231 15 hours ago 
I would love to be able to adjust the transparency by a hotkey adjustable in options
asterisk11231 15 hours ago 
@Kebbin07 I used More Shortcuts to bind it to F3 (TM:PE on F2, info view on F1). It's not the best solution (don't hit the key in a menu) but it works.

@jornstoverink Per the description

This mod will load an image with name "overlay.png" placed in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Files\

~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Cities_Skylines/Files/

If appropriate, replace the relevant portion of the path to where you installed Cities Skylines (if not in the default location).
jornstoverink May 30 @ 2:34am 
i have my png image, but where do i place it?
Kebbin07 May 16 @ 3:59am 
Very useful tool for creating and detailing maps.
Everything functional on latest update, tho I don't have the SH DLC.
I rotate the hi-res square .png image 90° right to align with True North.
Alpha channel is the best, with just roads and transport features in colour.
Using this tonight, and just came here to see if there was any new option to activate the tool in-game. A key shortcut would be great!
Thanks for a great tool!
asterisk11231 May 12 @ 4:37pm 
Is the directory based off of Steam directory, or exactly C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Files\ ? My Steam directory is not primarily on C:\ (OS)
hpoonis2010 May 7 @ 9:24am 
There is a serious flaw here. I have been trying for more than 8 hours to get an image to fit into 81 square map. Every time I sue your overlay, no matter how little or how much I allow on the left-side of the content I want, your tool always slices the image at the same point.

My example: I am trying to get an overlay for London that contains everything inside the M25. Your app ALWAYS slices the right side so that the M25 is not a circle within the overlay. I try moving the image using the keys but all that does is create a blank area that the overlay no longer covers. Everything east of Dagenham is missing/sliced off/truncated/expurgated.

I have used differnt size images and different scales and no matter what I do, the right side is always snipped.
CheeseFries May 5 @ 3:25am 
overlay appears as big red "?". What happened?
赤卫东方 Apr 28 @ 3:09am 
why the road below the map
Eve Apr 26 @ 6:04am 
doesn't work for me either
brunolondinese Apr 25 @ 11:58pm 
works fine for me, although I would appreciate a key to switch on and off instead of clicking the ! icon, and better yet a way to make the overlay transparent