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The Indie Guide to Stardew Valley - Print Friendly
By RedLace
This is a massive guide, over 70 pages filled with information & screenshots in a print-friendly format. This is a beautiful, informative guide. Whether you are a newcomer to Stardew Valley or a seasoned veteran, you'll find all the information you need and want within these pages!

Guide includes maps, general tips for getting started, Community Center bundles, Community Center & Joja Warehouse rewards, all about crops, all about villagers, friendship heart rating system, how to get married, how to have kids, Grandpa's evaluation, the Statue of Perfection, festivals, house upgrades, tool upgrades, farm buildings, farm animals, Stardrop locations, and how to get every single hat. Designed by professional graphic designer, YouTuber, and Twitch Streamer, RedLace.

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Getting Started
Welcome to the Farm
After quitting your corporate job behind a desk that you were tired of, you find a letter from your Grandpa who has left you his pride and joy, his farm located in Stardew Valley.

Your arrival is welcoming and you are greeted by Robin, the local Carpenter, and Mayor Lewis. They show you your new farm, in its current state, which is overgrown and lackluster, to say the least. Your house is small and your farm is a mess but the possibilities are big and you know you can bring the place back to life, and make Grandpa proud of you.

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Stardew Valley is a large area comprised of smaller areas, Pelican Town, Cindersap Forest, the Beach, the Mountains, and your Farm. It connects to the nearby town of Calico Desert.

Complete with full page screenshots of each region and information on each location within the region (including shop hours).

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Upgrading Tools
The player begins with a set of basic tools. A Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Scythe, and Watering Can. All but the Scythe can be upgraded by Clint, the Blacksmith, for a fee and metal bars.

Upgrading tools takes 2 days, so plan accordingly. For instance, if it is supposed to rain tomorrow, water all your crops today and then go upgrade your watering can. It will be ready the day after it rains, when you will need it again. While upgrading a tool you cannot shop with Clint or ask him to break open Geodes.

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Growing Crops
In Stardew Valley, growing crops will be on the things you need to do in order to succeed and progress in the game. Not only is it a great source of money, it will also provide you with cooking ingredients for recipes, gifts for villagers, Community Center bundle items, and quest items.

Crops are seasonal and can only be grown outdoors in Spring, Summer, and Fall. If you have the Greenhouse, you can grow crops inside the Greenhouse without the season restrictions and grow crops during Winter. It is important to remember, at the end of a season, crops will die on the first day of the new season. Pay attention to grow times and season restrictions. If you are making your own seeds, instead of buying them, plan ahead and have your seeds ready to plant on the 1st day of the new season.

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Community Center
After the 5th of Spring forward, if you go to Pelican Town between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm you will trigger a cut scene with Mayor Lewis. Lewis will lead you to the Community Center. He will talk to you about the history of the Community Center and how he just can’t bare the thought of selling it to Joja Corporation who has shown interest in it.

When he unlocks the door and you follow him inside, you will witness you first encounter with the Junimos. Mayor Lewis won’t see the Junimo however, and will think you are seeing rats and asks if you have time to take care of them.

After the cut scene ends, head back inside. Go to the left and into the first room on the bottom, this is the Crafts Room.You’ll find a glowing scroll covered in strange writing on the floor that you are unable to read. Attempt to read the scroll and leave.

The next day you will receive a letter from the Wizard, who would like to invite you to his tower. He may have a solution for your “rat” problem.

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Friendship Basics
Stardew Valley has many unique villagers that you will meet and interact with regularly. It is important to build your friendship rating with the villagers, as it will allow you to start receiving gifts from them, they will also share their favorite cooking recipes, and offer additional story dialog.

Achieve super best friend status of 10 hearts with a single villager (of any sex) and you could even get married and have children.

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Stardew Valley has 33 unique villagers, each with their own personality, likes, dislikes, and routines. You can also give gifts to all the villagers. There are 10 single villagers, 5 bachelors and 5 bachelorettes, who are available to date and marry.

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How to Get Married & Having Children
The player can marry any of the Bachelor’s or Bachelorette’s regardless of their characters gender. In order to marry, you need to meet a few requirements and complete a few tasks.

Spouses will offer assistance on the farm, such as repairing fences, feeding animals, watering crops, or filling your pets water bowl. They may also make you breakfast, providing you with an Omelet, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, etc. If they are happy enough, you may also be able to start a family by having kids - or by adoption if in a same-sex marriage.

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Grandpa & The Statue of Perfection
The player received their farm in Stardew Valley thanks to their Grandpa, who they receive a note from in the beginning of the game. That is not the last you will see of Grandpa though.

Grandpa’s Shrine is located in the northwest corner of your farm, when it is interacted with, it says ‘Grandpa’s Shrine’. You will find a note on the shrine that says Grandpa will return at the start of Year 3 to evaluate your success.

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Seasonal Festivals
There are two festivals each season and Mayor Lewis will send you a letter to remind you of the upcoming event. His letters will detail what time they start, end, and where to go to attend. He will also tell you if you need to bring anything for the festival.

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House Upgrades
The players house in pretty small when you first arrive in Stardew Valley. Robin the Carpenter, has offered to upgrade your house as needed. There are two house upgrades available, which give the player three house tiers.

These house upgrades will not only provide the player with additional room inside their house, some house upgrades are required for certain things, such as having children or getting married. You can also decorate the interior of your house using wallpaper, flooring, and furniture items.

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Farm Buildings
There are many different farm buildings for you to purchase from Robin at her Carpenter Shop in the Mountains. Some of the buildings will house animals, such as the Barn and the Coop while others may help around the farm or offer you a faster way to get around town. Buildings take 2 days to construct and the location where you want them built must be clear of all debris, trees, and items. Farm Buildings cannot be moved, only demolished and re-built.

Two of the farm buildings can be upgraded, the Barn and the Coop, which allow you access to higher tier animals, a larger interior space to house more animals, and an auto-feeding system.

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Farm Animals
You can house many different farm animals assuming you have built the proper buildings for them. You can have Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, Cows, Goats, Sheep, and Pigs - oh, and did I mention Baby Dinosaurs?

Having animals can be a great way to make money by crafting Animal Products and also gives you much needed cooking ingredients. Some items dropped by Animals are also required for the Community Center bundles. Animals do require your love and attention, along with a steady food supply. Adult animals can drop most items almost daily, if happy enough.

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Farm Cave
You may have noticed there is a tiny entrance in the north end of your farm that leads to a small cave. But RedLace, there is nothing in there. Not yet but there will be!

When you reach 25,000 gold total earnings, Demetrius will come by your farm in the morning. He will tell you he has been doing some research and noticed your small cave on your farm. He’ll then ask if he can continue his research in your cave, and you can keep the items left inside. You have two choices, the Mushroom Cave or Fruit Bats. The choice is permanent so choice wisely based on your play style.

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Why does it taste like cake? Not sure. What I do know is that Stardrops permanently increase your maximum energy by 34 points when consumed. They are very rare and hard to come by but you’ll want to keep on the look out for these special treats!

There are currently only 7 stardrops that can be obtained.

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You will receive a letter in your mailbox, after you unlock your first achievement, from a Mouse who has moved into the Abandoned House in the south of Cindersap Forest.

You can buys various hats from the Mouse for 1,000 gold each. New hats become available after you earn new achievements. A few hats can be purchased at Festivals or obtained from the Adventurer’s Guild.

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Thank you & Live Streams
Thank you for downloading The Indie Guide to Stardew Valley. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope it helps you along your journey in Stardew Valley. You can check out my entire farm below!

If you feel this guide was helpful to you and you would like to thank me for my time and effort that went into creating this guide, tips are much appreciated! Thank you to all who have supported me thus far!

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