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How To Get Free Hats By Playing Free Steam Games
By Fluffe
This is the guide to how you can get hats without even spending a penny. You also don't have play these game for very long
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Getting started
TF2, being known as a game that have lived for almost 10 years can result in some very old promotions, which all of these is...

Almost everyone of these games have a very small community so it can take a little longer for like matches and other stuff, my tip is to take a friend with you. The prize will be then that you both get free hats!

Also, everything here except the Spiral Sallet and the Professor Speks are Windows-Only, so
Mac-&-Linux-users, isn't it enough with two hats? Hehe...

All of these games are on Steam so don't search on the internet when it is on the same app that you're reading this.

Ok let's start!

Do you want TF2 hats? Yes?
Do you have money? No?
Do you have some free time? Yes?
Do you have space to run some small free Steam games? (they take like no memory at all)
(you can uninstall them later) Yes?
Then this is the guide you've been lookin' for!
Spiral Sallet
Want to be the so-called 2Fort knight? now's your chance!

Classes: All classes
How to get it:
1. Download the game Spiral Knights
2. Reach the Clockwork Terminal (tutorials on YT)
3. And there you have it! The Spiral Spallet! Now at your service/head!

Bolt Action Blitzer
Show them that, YOU, charging, is a bad sign for everyone on the other team!

Unfortunately, CCGW was removed from the Steam Stores Summer 2017 for unknown reasons, making the hat unobtainable.
I have decided to keep this section left in the guide for nostalgia.

Classes: All classes
How to get it:
1. Download CrimeCraft GangWars
2. Reach level 6
3. Go to Sunshine City
4. And there you have it! The Bolt Action Blitzer! For your advantage!

The Flamingo Kid & The Triclops

Unfortunately, SMNC was removed from the Steam Stores a week ago because of the GDPR law, making the hats unobtainable.
I have decided to keep this section left in the guide for nostalgia.

The Flamingo Kid
A half heart is someone else's penetrated head...

Classes: Sniper
How to get it:
1. Download Super Monday Night Combat
(once again its SUPER monday night combat! Many people just go to the store page for Monday night combat and i get bombed in the comments like, Monday night combat isn't free! You suck! So just go too SUPER monday night combat!)

2. Reach level 5
3. And there you have it! The Flamingo Kid! Always ready for some monday night combat!

The Triclops
More the vision, more the killing sprees!

Classes: Pyro
How to get it:
1. Just as before, it's the game SUPER Monday Night Combat. If you haven't already, download it.
2. Reach level 20 (this might take some time)
3. And there you have it! The Triclops! Ready to see that litte extra fear in the eyes of the enemy!

Alien Swarm Parasite
Can't think of some dark conspiracy theories about aliens taking over human brains? No Problemo!

Classes: All classes
How to get it:
1. Download Alien Swarm
2. Clear 2 co-op missions with a friend or someone
3. And there you have it! The Alien Swarm Parasite! Just for YOUR head to feed on!

The Black Rose
(This is not a hat but anyways)

Dosn't the girls get impressed by your wacky knife tricks? Is it the tricks? No? Is it the knife? Yes? Show them THIS garden of blood and see what they think! Either show them by: holding it in your hand for them too SEE the beutiful design, or stick it into them so they can FEEL the sharpness of the BLADE.

Classes: Spy
How to get it:
1. Download (A.V.A) Alliance Of Valiant Arms (Isn't avalible in every country)
2. Create a character
3. Play a match or two
4. And there you have it! The Black Rose! Now you can stab with style!
Professor Speks
(You don't get this from a game, instead you get this from a friend)

(These looks a little bit like sunglasses) (Have this as a excuse for not having gray-bans)

Your math teacher don't believing that YOU, have taught somebody something? No? Then prove it with these!

Classes: All classes
How to get it:
1. Make sure one of your friends is still F2P
2. Make sure he/she gets/has some money on their Steam account
(you can donate 1€ or more if you need to)
3. Get them to upgrade their TF2 to a premium account by buying something in the
Mann Co. Shop
(you can buy that premium thing in the Mann Co. Shop and give it them)
(If you do that skip nr. 2)
4. They will get a message about who they learned/got help from the most about TF2 from, if they pick you, you got it!
5. And there you have it! The Professor Speks! Show them what you studied for, go, go, GOOO!

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The Angry Commissar Jul 20 @ 4:35pm 
oh nevermind, smnc is protected for whatever reason
The Angry Commissar Jul 20 @ 4:26pm 
Have a link to some achievement unlocker software?
Fluffe  [author] Jun 3 @ 12:12pm 
I just googled it and it was taken down like a week ago, thank you for notifying me so i can update this fossile of a guide xD
I cannot find SMNC from the store, yes, it was probably taken down as well as bolt action blitzer, i am sad.
i think they removed SMNC from the store...
dastaguy Apr 16 @ 5:30pm 
can somebody trade me a triclops for freee plz
Kindred Apr 1 @ 11:05pm 
NightWolf Mar 15 @ 5:01pm 
CrimeCraft GangWars was shut down, the Bolt Action Blitzer is no longer obtainable...
Cutie Mumble Feb 17 @ 1:08am 
oh ok ....