Poker Night 2

Poker Night 2

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Understanding Brock Samson
By Hyptu
In Poker Night 2 as you most likely know you face up against 4 opponents, one of which being Brock Samson from the Adult Swim show "The Venture Bros."
His playstyle
Brock plays very strategicaly folding most of the time when he doesn't have a decent hand. Brock can be tough to fight sometimes but sometimes he can go downhill and play stupidly almost to the point when he acts like he doesn't even know how to play. If he has a good hand you're gonna know about it, He's a daredevil and will bet high ammounts and will call large bets even if their is only a fairly small chance of him winning so watch out.
When Brock is bluffing he'll show several "tells" and by tells i mean ways of telling if he's bluffing or not here are some of his tells:

  • If he punches the table and looks insane this means he has a very bad hand and if he bets and raises high ammounts call him if you have atleast a 7 in high card.
  • If Brock scratches his ear he has a bad hand and if he bets you should call him if you have a pair or higher
  • If he has a good hand he might fiddle with his chips before betting or raising
  • When Brock cracks his knuckles he usually has a good hand

After reading this you should find it much easier ta face Brock when playing.
Other info
DYK Brock is the only character to be able to swear uncensored even when the player disables it from the options menu?

When the Army of darkness themed Table, Chips and cards are enabled GLaDOS mentions that Brock and Ash are actually related.

Brock seems to not like Claptrap, Max and Steve but gets along with Ash very well. He also kinda seems to likes Sam as he defends him when he's insulted by Claptrap. He seems to try and pull down the player alot but also compliments him/her when he/she does something well.