ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARKsburg Q-Land
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Better Beacons Redux! Map extension
Created by P0k3r
This is an updated version of the original Better Beacons -
This is a map extensio...
Stargate Worlds v3.0
Created by Loop
Goals of this mod: elevators rings, teleportation stargate, dial the address of a gate, connect, you are able to teleport (any number of players/dinos tamed & wild, until you reach the gate while open, you get teleported if enough room in destinatio...
Item Sorting System [No Longer Developed]
Created by Andrew
Mod ID: 543828831

This mod is no longer being developed. Read below
I'd now reccomend if you wish to have a better version of this mod look into Structures Plus ( ).

Tavan's Trough
Created by Tavan
This advanced trough not only distributes food to your dinos, but when it is powered it also preserves the food just like a fridge!

Learning the engram requires both the feeding trough and fridge and costs 5 engram points, available at the same level as ...
Homing Pigeon
Created by PommieGamer
Flyers equipped with the Homing Pigeon Leg Ring will automatically attempt to return to the specified, or the closest Homing Pigeon Flag owned by the tribe, in the event that the rider dies.

Simply place Homing Pigeon Flag(s) to act as rally points for ...
Created by Ivam
Creative version of this mod is now an open project. Feel free to collaborate.

Add a new set of Metal with Glass structures

The structures have the same durability than the metal ones, but w...
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2
Created by MacLobuzz
You don't like ramps or you need stairs in your awesome building or rounded walls to your castle? Now you can build them.
No more ramps!


Stone stairs
Required Level:20
Engram Points:1
Builder's Helmet
Created by Grebog
Builder's Helmet
This Builder's Helmet gives a buff, which helps you to build structures.
The target structure has a colored overlay. You can pick up the structure.

Helmet also available as a skin, the engram h...
Ascended Crop Plot
Created by ZánÐêr
This mod should help counter the fertilizer drain in v242.0

mod id: 694387754

- 50 slots ( can hold 2,700,000 fertilizer units )
- 2400 water
- 1/2 fertilizer usage
- place-able in water
- 8x max Greenhouse Effect ( default 4x )
- 20,000 hp

Capitalism Currency
Created by Impulse
Installation requirement
All the other Capitalism mods require this mod, so you need to run it first. BUT it's not required at first position in your whole list. Mod is 100% stackable.

ModID: 747539326
- [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Capitalism Props Table
Created by Impulse
Stackable modular Capitalism mod to buy props for Glory Coins, to decorate e. g. your trading tables.

ModID: 771279262
- FAQ[/...
Capitalism Research Table
Created by Impulse
Stackable modular Capitalism mod to conduct research on your items.

ModID: 775049557
- [url={LINK REMOVED}....
Capitalism Admin Table
Created by Impulse
Stackable modular Capitalism mod to buy admin/event items for Glory Coins.

ModID: 784166441
- [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Leech Blood Bin
Created by dubCUT
Leech Blood Bin

  • Leech Blood Bin

  • This Box preserves Leech Blood, Antidote, Squid Oil, Bio Toxin and Veggie Cake.
  • Needs Angler Gel or Sparkpowder to run.
Extra ARK 2.0
Created by Oblexive
                                                              MOD ID: 656525905

Stackable Foundations
Created by RedDwarf
Stackable Foundations!

Are you frustrated with foundations? Having trouble finding a perfectly flat place to build? This mod's for you!

  • Stackable (on top or bottom)
  • Foundations can be side-snapped 1/
Admin Owner Changer for Structures
Created by ☢ Grumbledore ☢

Changes the ownership of Structures. Read below for usage Info

Clean & Stackable

  • Anywhere placeable and snaps to owned wall
  • Able to make not owend st
Armour Stand
Created by Cdr
An armour stand that allows you to place the various armor pieces on it for display.

Mod id : 770854372

Features :
*Supported Armour Sets : Hide, Chitin, Flak, Riot, Fur, Ghille, SCUBA** and Tek***
Supported Helmets and Skins : All Re...
OSM Admin v1.33
Created by Ariien
An admin tool that adds almost all base structures into the game in Obsidian and "Phased" textures; these structures have unlimited health, do not decay and are perfect for public areas in your server. The Phased textures are also transparent, and there ar...
Hover Platforms (v1.2)
Created by Ariien
Adds Hover/Floating Platforms into the game! You can finally start that air base you've always wanted, and in three different sizes.

Mod ID: 762778283

v1.2 Update
- Modifications to thruster and particle systems. Removed the "point" in...
Cooking Extras
Created by DoctorDiscord
Pantry - Storage
Sprinkler - Irrigation
Kitchen Sink - Water Source
Advanced Plumbing Part - Plumbing System
Water Pump - Plumbing System
Wood Cook Stove - Cooking Item
Camp Stove - Cooking Item
Methane - Fuel Resource
Trailmix - C...
Medieval Structures
Created by Alley_Killa
This mod adds over 200 items from the medieval era. A full set of plaster, stone, and woods tiers. As well as items to place around that add visual appeal. New storage items, a set of new weapons, and lamps. These pieces are designed to fit into multiple g...
Medieval Tavern
Created by Alley_Killa
If you are running Medieval Props this mod is not needed, or if you are looking for more than just the tavern pieces checking out as well.

This mod adds over 38 items from the medieval era in a Tavern settings. It has 3 different types of table and a b...
Planting v1.2f
Created by Yoropatty
This mod has been obsoleted and handed over to ne
Primitive Xtras
Created by LadySavage

This is an expansion of the Building Xtras Mod. It was once part of the mod but the mod size started to get pretty big so it was broken up into multiple parts.
This mod DOES NOT require you to have the Building...
Morecrafting Primitive
Created by medivis
This mod adds the Tent , a new Sleeping bag, a cooking fire and the soups from the Morecrafting ARK II mod to your game and is completely compatible with other mods!