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Five Nights At Candy's Models (Source Film Maker)
Five Nights at Candy's is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan-game created by Emil Ace Macko, creator of the OCs "Candy the Cat","Cindy the Cat", "The Penguin" among others!, Five Nights at Candy's combines all of these OCs in one game to create a fun and tactical horror game!

FNAC model list

Candy The Cat: ✔ ( )

Cindy The Cat: ✔ ( )

New Candy: ✔

New Cindy: ✔

Blank: ✔

Withered blank: ✔ ( )

Unwithered blank: ✖

The Rat: ✔

Withered rat: ✔

Unwithered Rat: ✔

Chester: ✔ ( )

Withered Chester: ✔ ( )

Penguin: ✔ ( )

Withered penguin: ✔ ( )

Old candy: ✔

Unwithered old candy: ✔

The Cat model: ✔

Unwithered Cat model: ✔ ( )

Shadow candy model: ✔ ( )

Netty: Private

Monster Rat: ✔ (Or )

Monster Cat: ✔ (Only in DA, Link: )

Monster vinnie: ✔

Nightmare candy: ✖

Puppeteer model: ✔ ( )

Rat Actor: ✖

Cat Actor: ✖

FNAC 3 mary schmidt (Minigame styled): *Cancelled*


Funtime Candy: ✖

Funtime Cindy: ✖

Origami cat: ✖

FNAC map: ✔

FNAC 2 map: ✔

FNAC 3 Map: (Maybe)

Rat and cat's theater Map:

The Robot Factory (FNAC Factory) Map: ✖
Items (18)
[FNAC2] Cindy The Cat
Created by Z A M E S
Model and ported:Tigen Nas
Coming soon:The Other characters FNAC2.

Created by CutieTree
The RAT is done :P

Photoshop- Texturing
Blender- modeling/rigging



[FNAC] Old Candy
Created by Z A M E S
Model and ported:Tigen Nas

FNAC - Candy
Created by √ | Maximo | ♪
Message from Smoke:

"Happy New Yea
He will be updated soon

For Now Enjoy Please note do not alter and re upload if you really want to talk with me first,

Venturian tale talk to me before you make a video with this.

Special thanks to Emil Macko for the ...
[FNaC 2] The CAT
Created by Kitani
This is definetly my favourite from FNaC 2. He's just so cool looking, and he reminds me of Fredbear. And I like fredbear. Anywho, I'm extremely proud of the materials on this one. The preview image is a bit bright, so it doesn't show them off as well. But...
Five Nights At Candy's Adventure Candy
Happy New Year
He will nbe updated soon
For Now Enjoy Please note do not alter and re upload if you really want to talk with me first,
If used in a video please at least give me credit also I reserve the right to use any video made with this on my second ...
Five Night's At Candy's Cindy
Original by Emil M the amazing man thanks for permission to make

Made by Smokethe Bear and Confederate Joe
to support work like this check out the channel

Merry Christmas
She will be upd...
FNAC Candy and Cindy
Created by CutieTree
I wanted to make a candy and cindy model and people said I should upload the, soooo here they are hope you like them ;)

Photoshop- Texturing
Blender- modeling/rigging

FNAC - Burger
Created by RobGamings
I shall name this burger charlie :)
Made in cinema 4D
Transported in Blender
+ 3 skins to pick
+ Topings removable
[FNAC] Rat
Created by Z A M E S
Model and ported:Tigen Nas

FNaC penguin Remake
Created by Mikequeen123
here is a remake of a model i ported long ago.

this model is made by, textured by, and ported by me.

Added a small bump map to the textures. this adds scratch bumps to the model. tell me if you don't like the new bump and i can try a different...
Penguin Fnac Model (Read Description)
Created by Mikequeen123
there is a texture error turning the right arm grey. this can be fixed by adding overide materials to the model and using the color command on the arm material.

comes with white eye texture group

[FNAC 3] Rachel Plushie!
Created by Greg. [Cortez]
Rachel plushie is here.

- 1 - Models are too small, how can i fix this?
A: You need to use Resize option (In this link you can find how to use it)

- 2 - Will ...
Five Nights at Candy's 3 - Monster Rat
Created by AngryGal
"Go to sleep"

I've been thinking to port this model welp, here it is :)

Model belongs to Kowalski298
Go check him out:

If you wanna get this model for Blender here:
[FNaC's] The R.A.T. Pack Release
Created by FLꓥM☰Ꮢ
All Links:
Include the Repair parts and the Shadow Version!

Edit Poster/Icon: Blender/Photoshop

Model: TeddProductions
-port/improved: Me
-little help: RiseOfLi...
[FNaC 3] Monster Rat Reupload

Ported by Pte Jack

Poster by Oxed.

Five Nights at Candy's 3 - Monster Vinnie
Created by AngryGal
"You'll never be able to sleep again"

Here's Vinnie :D

Model belongs to HayStudios
Plaese go support him on DeviantArt:

If you wanna get this model for Blender here:
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