Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Hellenika Part of 1 of 3
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Hellenika Part of 1 of 3

This is how

"If you want to avoid this update to keep your mods working or you just want to stay on the version on Total War: ROME II you’ve been playing up until now, follow these steps:

Open Steam and select Total War: Rome II in your library
Right click Rome II and select properties
Open the ‘Betas’ tab
In the drop down menu, select the ‘patch_17’ option
Steam will download your update and the name of Total War: ROME II on your Steam library will end with [patch_17]"


Hellenika is a total overhaul of the Wrath of Sparta campaign. It combines stunning and historical visuals with campaign mechanics never seen before. Nearly every aspect of the vanilla game has been redone for both Greeks and Persians with astonishing detail. Thanks to a dedicated team this mod has been created with the purpose to give you an immersive and completely fresh-new gaming experience.


This mod has been created with 2 targets in mind.
1 ) The absolute devotion to historic authenticity. We did not use any “what if scenarios” or fantasy units and whenever we faced a design dilemma between making the game follow historical facts or being “game play friendly” or “mainstream” we chose the path of history. Every gameplay or visual decision was taken after confirmation in historical textbooks and each one’s personal research .
2 ) “Force” the player to use his strategic skills and bombard him with dilemmas. In every decision there are pros and cons and hopefully this is an element to increase replay ability.


In an overview let us present you some of the mod’s features

- Authentic unit looks
- Unique recruitment system
- Manpower system with actual troop numbers
- Social system
- Political system
- Terrain affecting troops' performance
- Unique regions
- Diplomatic overhaul
- Agents reworked
- Entirely new technologies for each faction
- Historical Characters
- Gods and Omens system
- Unique edicts
- Campaign Ai rework
- Reinforcements system
- New siege philosophy
- New hoplitic animations
- Dozens of scripts simulating the impact of victories and defeats in the course of war, Ship capture, Wood decay of ships, Diplomatic sudden changes, Historic Rebellions and more (all described in the manual pages on scripts section)
- Historic battles -spawns at the specific dates and with the historic composition of armies (for harder difficulties. For easier settings spawned armies will be easier and lighter)

And many, many more!


Since this mod is in fact a completely new game you cannot jump right into it and play.If you do, you will simply diminish the enjoyment you could otherwise draw from your campaign. So it is strongly advised to spend few minutes to
read the manual[]
and this short guide[]
Watch Battle Mechanics Video
Watch Battle Tactics Video
Not compatible with any other mod. Use only on its own


- Hellenika Part 2
- Hellenika Part 3


- Custom Battles Unlock
- Greek music mod(created By ΑΝΑΞ)
- Crash Fix Submod
- ACR Mod For Hellenika (Historic unit colours created by DEMOKRITOS)[]

We all humbly thank our contributors and helpers

The Hellenika Team (Who we are..)[]
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5thWI Col. Tex the Veteran Jul 17 @ 3:40am 
Update Please!
jmax777 Jul 14 @ 9:05pm 
I hope the inflammation in your fingers/toes go away. been a long time now fighting that disease.
jmax777 Jul 14 @ 9:04pm 
This is easily one of the best mods for rome 2. I know its been said a thousand times, I know you and your team are busy but a patch to latest would be amazing, just to implement some of the changes that are pretty huge. Great word Phalangitis and team
James ßong Jul 13 @ 8:00am 
Not to mention ships now able to reverse, which solves a major headache with a lot of naval battles (of which there are a ton in this mod)
James ßong Jul 12 @ 9:54pm 
What are your thoughts on the latest update? I know it has a family tree which is not time-appropriate but the gameplay improvements (including battle AI and graphics) are really great.
Phalangitis  [author] Jul 9 @ 12:53pm 
We humbly thank you my friend
GATE-7~HOOLIGANS 4:20 Jul 8 @ 4:33pm 
best mod for rome ii total war ,it makes the wrath of sparta campaign historical accurate 100% ,worth playable and it takes off ..thanks for this mod is the reason i still play rome ii total war
Ntoumanis Jun 27 @ 3:32pm 
ok thanks
Phalangitis  [author] Jun 27 @ 10:06am 
@GR. replenishment only happens to home region of each state. Athens for Athens, Sparta for Sparta etc
@Skerbedeis Having barracks consumes caps. You probably need to take down some barracks
Ntoumanis Jun 21 @ 4:06am 
ama boreite re mages peite mu pos na to ftiakso