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Cultural Bonuses
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Mar 30, 2016 @ 9:22pm
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Cultural Bonuses

Give every cultures various bonuses[] from extra fort level to better relations. These are applied to either the characters, buildings or capitals.

Some bonuses are not totally lore friendly yet as some are based on EUIV ideas. More accurate bonuses are slowly added and if you are knowledgable about some peoples don't hesitate to comment.

Work fine without DLC, but some bonuses do nothing without them. For example, extra retinues won't do anything unless you have legacy of rome. There is also several trade related bonuses which won't do anything if you are not a republic (Silk Road Enhanced can help but require Horselord).

Should be save compatible and work fine with every mods that doesn't add modifiers to specific cultures or touch the static modifiers. If you play with a mod that add new cultures, the new ones won't have bonuses unless they are renamed default cultures. If there is a popular incompatible mod and i get a lot of request i may make a patch for it.

Installation of patched versions
Inside the main zip file there are several folders and ".mod" files (like "CK2PlusCulture" folder & "CK2PlusCulture.mod") , simply drag those with the same names as the mod you want in /Mod (where your mods are downloaded) and activate only the version of said mod, don't activate both the patched version and Cultural Bonus in the launcher.

Patched Mod:
HIP EMF (without SWMH)
HIP SWMH (if using both EMF and SWMH, only use this version)
Ibn Battuta's Legacy

List of Vanilla+SWMH cultures bonuses[]
Direct download link[]
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Aug 9, 2016 @ 10:19pm
Suggestion box
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Gwynlar 2 hours ago 
(Actually the game crashes at the Events loading screen)
HIP works perfectly by itself, it crashes only when your mod is enabled. I installed HIP with SWMH and I'm using SWMHculture.mod algonside its folder, and not using any other version of your mod. And of course, I'm on 2.7
Maal  [author] 9 hours ago 
Well, first of the obvious questions: Does HIP work by itself? Does it crash when only it and my mod are enabled? You did install HIP with SWMH and are using the SWMHculture.mod alongside its folder (and only using that one, not the others ****culture.mods)? Are you on the lastest game version (2.7) and using the lastest HIP version (Cacao1)?
Gwynlar 11 hours ago 
Whenever I launch it with HIP enabled it crashes at 'Generating Flags' (or something regarding flags). Any ideas on what to do? I'm using the folder that says SWMH
Maal  [author] Mar 24 @ 1:57pm 
@Avatar of Khaine
The pastbin is only a list of all the bonuses in the mod across all the versions. If you want to play without HIP, just use my mod as it is (my mod only add bonuses, it doesn't add cultures).
Avatar of Khaine Mar 24 @ 5:31am 
I see the pastebin includes HIP, but does this work without HIP?
Maal  [author] Mar 23 @ 5:30pm 
Updated for HIP.
Venne Mar 16 @ 10:09pm 
The red box means the launcher is "downloading" the mod. Best bet is to wait a minute (you won't see a change) then close and relaunch the launcher. That should fix the red and the mod should be selectable again. My guess is steam downloads the mod into one location and the launcher moves it to the correct version.
Maal  [author] Mar 10 @ 12:39am 
Spent some time googling and it seem to be an issue about Steam Workshop not syncing with the CK2 launcher, the launcher noticed that my mod is updated but the workshop don't understand so it break. So do try to unsub-resub or use the direct download version and dump it in the documents/paradox/crusader king/mod folder (unsub before to avoid conflict if you try the direct download).
Maal  [author] Mar 9 @ 10:18pm 
Did you buy Monk and Mystics and activated it? If you didn't then it mean the new variables from M&M break something for those that don't have it. Then reuploading the previous file as a separate download for those without M&M could fix the issue... I DO hope that you don't have monk and mystics, because otherwise i don't know what the issue is, I'll would to dive deeper and try to replicate it.
Chillwind Mar 9 @ 9:53pm 
@Maal, yes this is the first time I've tried playing since M&M, I have not un-subbed and re-subbed to this mod yet. When I loaded the game it listed the mod however there was a red box behind the letters and the [ ] was not only unchecked, it was not even possible TO check the box.