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Nanite Control Factory - Automated Construction
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Mar 30, 2016 @ 5:45am
Jun 5, 2017 @ 8:41pm
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Nanite Control Factory - Automated Construction


This is large ship block that creates and controls specialized nanites. These nanites can be programmed to perform different actions that can aid a ship and player in various ways. This includes: construction, repair, deconstruction, projection building and floating object cleanup. The default factory allows a limited amount of each function, but can be expanded with attachable upgrades. The factory will use the conveyor system in order to draw or deposit supplies for it's various functions. Nanites do not require components themselves, but do require a lot of power to function.

Nanite Types

There are currently 4 types of nanites. Construction/Repair nanites are the only nanites available with the base factory. In order to gain access to other functions, you must use upgrade modules.

Nanite Type
Default Amount
Upgrade Amount
This nanite finishes constructing and repairing blocks
This nanite converts a projection into a block that can be constructed
This nanite grabs floating objects that are floating around and puts them back into your cargo. The range of the cleanup nanite is 500m from the factory.
This nanite deconstructs blocks. The nanites will deconstruct that have a special deconstruct beacon on them. The range is limited (300m), so it can't really easily be weaponized.
This nanite uses a NUHOL to seek out ore and mine it from an asteroid or a planet.
This nanite will heal a player that has taken damage
(PLANNED) This nanite will change the ownership of a blocks on the targeted ship

When the nanites return from their task, they will sometimes glow a different colour to signify if something happened with their task. These colours are as follows:

The task has been completed by the nanites, and all are returning home.
There was an error while performing the task. All nanites are returning home. (Missing components, missing power, block was destroyed, etc)

Factory Upgrades

Functionality of the factory is augmented via upgrades. There are many upgrades available. What each upgrade does is listed here:

A factory may only have 8 upgrades max, so plan your upgrades wisely.

Automated Component Assembly

The Nanite Factory can now automatically queue items it requires in assemblers. In order to do this, you must first select the check box in the terminal screen in the factory that reads "Use Assemblers".

In order to assign assemblers to be tasked in component creation, select an assembler in the termal screen, and you will see a new option "Nanite Factory queuing". Select this checkbox.

The process requires that both the factory and assembler are on the same conveyor network, so be sure they are attached in some way.


A settings file has been added for the Nanite Factory. This allows you to change the behavior of the factory without modifying the actual mod. This is useful for dedicated servers, but also useful for players who want to add more balancing to the factory. The settings file is located in %appdata%\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Storage\655922051.sbm_NaniteConstructionSystem\settings.xml. The settings are self describing. Just replace the value with a new value to change the behavior of the mod.

Factory States

The Factory will glow different colors to notify the owner of the status of the factory. These states include:

State Color
The factory is disabled. All targets and potential targets will be cancelled
The factory is enabled but has no targets or potential targets
Pulsing Green
The factory has some potential targets, but it can't convert them to actual targets due to a problem. (Another factory is targetting this block for example)
Pulsing Yellow
The factory is missing the required power to add more targets to it's queue
Pulsing Magenta
The factory is missing parts required for construction or repair, and can not find them on the conveyor system. The details screen of the factory will list the components missing.
The factory is active and performing a task

Please note that when the factory is active, the area inside the factory is VERY dangerous, and WILL kill you. Also note that if you're inside the area of a block when nanites are repairing / constructing, they could damage and kill you as well.

Check Ownership

In most mods, including this one, ownership is important. "No one" is basically an invalid owner, and if ownership does not match on projectors or the factory, you may run into issues with it working. Please make sure you own both the factory and the projector if you're trying to build projections using this mod.

Nanite Ultrasonic Hammer Ore Locator - NUHOL

This block is used to help nanites locate ore. It is embedded inside the ground of a planet or asteroid, and the nanites will use it to locate ore beneath it to harvest. Please note it must be powered. Also note that the NUHOL must be embedded in the planet or asteroid for this to work. If it isn't, it will not function.

Area Beacons

This block is used to setup "areas" that Nanites can operate in. These areas can be designated to repair, construct projections, or deconstruct. This allows shipyard like behavior. You can create areas for deconstruction or repair. Or also setup projection areas for ship building without having to worry about attaching beacons or playing around with connections.

Deconstruct Priorities

You may prioritize blocks for deconstruction by nanites. Adding "deconstruct priority" to the name of a block or to the Custom Data of a block will make nanites target that block before the rest of the ship. Please note this may cause huge ship splits if you priotize a block that anchors other blocks.

Mod blocks not appearing in game?

If you're sure the mod has been added properly, and everything looks correct, there may be an issue with the actual mod file itself. Lately mods have been downloading corrupted from steam. You can try deleting your existing mods in %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\Mods. Just remove all the .sbm files in there, and it will force the game to redownload your mods. This should hopefully fix the mod not showing up.

Issues and Bugs

If you have issues PLEASE START A DISCUSSION! I always miss comments. Please provide the following logs:

Known Issues

    Modder Team

    Modeling - Nukeguard
    Functionality and Animation - tyrsis
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    nukeguard  [author] 7 hours ago 
    more thanks to tyrsis, he's the one that built the code
    dwarven_tavern 10 hours ago 
    Thank you nukegaurd, I tried this one and it's still crashing like crazy. I'm really hoping that the new updates haven't broken this game for me.
    Thanks! It's a great mod. I love it.
    nukeguard  [author] 10 hours ago 
    dwarven_tavern 16 hours ago 
    Which verion of the nanite control factory is the most recent? I just got the brand new update for SE as of 7/20/18 and the control factory is crashing my game bi time. I won't play SE without it, so this is a game ender for me if I can't get it working.

    All info is most welcome and appreciate. :)
    dave.lister.2 17 hours ago 
    that's because you're using the wrong version of this mod, use the other one.
    entwine2 20 hours ago 
    Not working after last game update
    Lich King Jul 12 @ 5:17pm 
    i been seeing somethings when trying to build in sp like i wont even get the block it says it was palced but wont appear other than that ebfore the issue its a really great mod
    nukeguard  [author] Jun 14 @ 10:52am 
    it's a syncing issue and not resyncing when you come back into range
    Cheetos Jun 14 @ 7:08am 
    When on MP sometimes I can no longer see the nanites, or the node in the middle, and I can't see the status anymore until I rejoin. I'm just wondering if this is an issue with SE itself or if it was something to do with the mod itself? I was just wondering if it was something you were looking in to that you could fix, if it's an SE problem I understand though. Thanks :cure:
    nukeguard  [author] Jun 14 @ 6:31am