Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Alexander The Great Campaign Hellenic Edition
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Mar 27, 2016 @ 8:34am
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Alexander The Great Campaign Hellenic Edition

In 2 collections by Cyrus The Great (FSOB)
Alexander The Great Campaign
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FSOB Campaigns
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“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”Alexander The Great

One of the best tacticians of the Ancient World. Alexander III of Macedon conquered the whole Achaemenid Empire in just 7 years. At the age of 20 Alexander ascended to the throne and invaded Persia 2 years later. He never lost a battle, conquered the greatest empire of that time and was the starter of Hellenization.
This mod brings you back to spring 334 BC, the start of the conquest of Alexander. Play as: Macedon, the Achaemenid Empire, Kamboja, Sparta or Scythia.

- The kingdoms and empires at their size during 334 BC
- Both Darius and Alexander models
- New technology system
- New building system for Kamboja
- More religions
- City messages
- Huge Persian armies
- Better AI
- New main menu backgrounds
- New faction intro’s
- New wonders, old removed
- Both Darius and Alexander are great leaders
- New faction effects
- New land units
- New Quotes
- New abilities for Alexander and Darius
- And much more...

Things I couldn’t make but love to have in my mod:
- Overall sea attrition (so it would have a point to capture all coastal cities)
- Tyre is missing the campaign wall display
- Voice overs
- An awsome movie for campaign intro
- In custom battles having both Darius and Alexander as commander in person

Usefull things to know:
- This pack is created to play against Persia not as. If you want to play with Persia I would recommend to use persian edition instead:
- is the prologue campaign
- This pack don’t cooperate with the Alexander the Great Campaign
- Tyre is a city with walls, you don't see this on the map
- Im always in for a multiplayer campaign
- The video of Ahdohgahlius Magnus is an older version of the mod it has been much improved since the episodes of him.
- If you need the patch 17 pack just contact me then I can sent it
- This pack is enough to run the campaign but the music and accession are great add ons

Other good mods by me:
Cyrus the Great Campaign
Alexanders Accession Campaign
Alexander Music
Hegemony Music
Alexander Extreme Edition

Making these mods costs me a lot of time (I have over 2000 hours) without getting anything in return. So please feel free to support me ($1 is enough) So that I will be able to finish at least the Xenephon campaign. Which will be a beast!
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stelionis Jun 23 @ 10:03am 
civil war
Cyrus The Great (FSOB)  [author] May 19 @ 2:16am 
graphics are fine! the rest wont i think depends on the mod. Thank you anyway I love these sort of things :D
Cyrus The Great (FSOB)  [author] May 19 @ 2:16am 
ahaha challenge accepted ;P I believe I can capture that experience you should use music for that and also play my alexander accesion campaign first. It has a lot of bugs i still need to work on but the experience is amazing! If I cant get it with my alexander mod you have to try my cyrus mod I think it will work even better at least for me
Herodotcom May 18 @ 4:36pm 
Oh not to forget..
sorry , a perhaps harassing question is left. Are threre any mods of limited extent s.a. Graphical Overhauls being compatible? Or would you absolutely recommend the "Vanilla Alexander"?
Herodotcom May 18 @ 4:33pm 
HI Cyrus, your mod will be the next one I hopefully dive into... Maybe it is the last bigger mod i have never really gambled in ,but always having intuited it, to be worth trying.
By the way I admire your whole Spirit, and therefore ,now swear "solemnly" to contribute in two stages of payment, if I hold it at least to be playable. This is for 5 bugs.., five bucks of course.
But.. I will grant you another 10 midges , in Euro then , if I get dragged into it the way you probably know, or at least remember dimly , when you aere thinking on times before your whole Modding Missions and Sessions began. ;)
Therefore I thank you for all work and endurance..
keep going for it mate
Cyrus The Great (FSOB)  [author] May 18 @ 2:27pm 
Thanks man! Much appreciated! I will update my cyrus campaign aswell in a few days
SteaPea May 18 @ 5:13am 
Thanks for your efforts and especially for keeping your works updated: very happy to donate.
[2ndFG] Gknight May 16 @ 7:05pm 
It just shows the normal campaign for me
[2ndFG] Gknight May 16 @ 5:21am 
Cyrus The Great (FSOB)  [author] May 16 @ 4:48am 
no just this one that one is a notification