DOOM II: Hell on Earth

DOOM II: Hell on Earth

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Steam Overlay for DOOM II with Simple Steps & Pictures (No longer works)
By ShinDigPig
This will explain with simple & easy to follow steps how to get the Steam overlay working for DOOM II using ZDoom or another source port.
Preface & Things You'll Need
Hi, I hope this guide will get the Steam overlay for DOOM II working for you.

It's fairly straight forward, and I try to "For Dummies" this guide as much as I can. Feel free to ask anymore questions you have, and let me know if I should add a step or something to a step.

The overlay will allow for screenshots, broadcasting and everything else the overlay gives. Launching with custom settings with the Steam launch options also becomes available.

Things you need:
Windows OS. (This guide is done with 7 but I imagine it'd work with 8/10 and probably XP.)
DOOM II on Steam. (Duh.)
ZDoom, or another source port. If you choose another, you should have some knowledge of it to troubleshoot any differences. (Although there shouldn't be many.)
Notepad++, a file editing program.

Links to mentioned downloads: (Will be provided again in the guide when you need them.)
Note: As of 1/7/2017, ZDoom is no longer updated. Like I state in this guide, this should work with most sourceports. So you may want to consider another, like GZDoom[]. Source:
Part 1: Installing a Source Port
Step 1: Download ZDoom
Note: As of 1/7/2017, ZDoom is no longer supported. Like I state in this guide, this should work with most sourceports. So you may want to consider another, like GZDoom[]. Source:

This will most likely work with most source ports, but for this guide I will be using ZDoom for my examples. I assume as long as you can get to step 5 with your source port and have it launch through Steam, the rest of the guide will work.

Just click the Windows logo on
Step 2: Unzip ZDoom
Unzip zdoom with whatever program you use (I use winrar), you should get a now unzipped folder.
Step 3: Rename "zdoom.exe" to "dosbox.exe"
In that unzipped folder, rename "zdoom.exe" to "dosbox.exe"
Step 4: Copy/Replace all ZDoom files into DOOM II's base folder.
Copy the 4 files you recieved from ZDoom, and replace the dosbox.exe in there with your newly renamed one.
Step 5: Test to make sure ZDoom works, launch Doom II
You should now be able to launch DOOM II from Steam and it will launch ZDoom.
Part 2: Getting the Steam Overlay
Step 6: Download and install Notepad ++
You're are about to edit a file called appinfo.vdf, and to do so you will need Notepad++

Install NP++
Step 7: Locate appinfo.vdf
appinfo.vdf is usually in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\appcache", but it will be where ever you installed Steam at.
Step 8: Open/Edit appinfo.vdf with Notepad++
Right click appinfo.vdf and edit it with NP++
Step 9: Open the "Find" menu in NP++
Step 10: Find the .bats we are going to change (2 total changes)
In the find menu, switch to the replace tab. One at a time, of course, find "doom2.bat" and "doom2 + mouse.bat" and replace both with "base\dosbox.exe" without the quotes. (see pictures)
Note: I use "base\dosbox.exe" to keep it the same format as Ultimate DOOM and Final DOOM.
Step 11: Save appinfo.vdf and close NP++
Make sure to just save and not to save as another file type.
Step 12: Restart Steam
Self-explanatory, exit Steam and open it again.
Step 13: Enjoy DOOM II!
You should now be ready to enjoy DOOM II with Steam overlay (Screenshots, broadcasting) and launch commands!

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TheClassifiedID Jun 26 @ 8:35am 
This aint working
darkshoe Feb 22 @ 4:05pm 
This works with the other games?
Goddamn Van Damme Is The Man. Aug 24, 2017 @ 8:20am 
It didn't work for me :meatytears:
Alby May 24, 2017 @ 11:03am 
Putting a source port inside the doom II folder (but not the base folder) and renaming the source port to doom2 + mouse.bat (with no .exe at the end) gets the game to run but no overlay.
Butane Jan 22, 2017 @ 9:36am 
Steam support should look into allowing the Steam overlay on ALL their games. Or at least remove the batch file launches.
ShinDigPig  [author] Jan 22, 2017 @ 9:23am 
That's a bummer, thanks for letting me know!
guineu Jan 22, 2017 @ 1:53am 
Looks like the most recent update broke this method. Now there seems to be a checksum test on appinfo.vtf every time you start a game and if it fails it downloads a fresh copy before starting the game.

I'm trying to find another method but all I could come up with so far is disguising Doom II as a different game, you can play Doom II with overlay but the overlay recognizes it as the other game which is not really that useful.
A_D_M_E_R_A_L Dec 26, 2016 @ 7:47am 
Works fine if I launch it w/ classic controls
A_D_M_E_R_A_L Dec 26, 2016 @ 7:38am 
"Failed to start (missing executable)"
Butane Oct 2, 2016 @ 6:43am 
Awesome guide! Works like a charm.

Thank you very much! :steamhappy: