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100% Achievements Guide (eng)
By Chaoticum
Complete guide where and how to get all achievements in Samorost 3.
Guide introduction
Hello, welcome to my guide. I hope you'll find it usefull. There is 1 story achievement and 29 secret achievements. Most of them are not too hard so I highly recommend that you should try to figure it out by yourselves. Use this guide only when you are really stuck. Enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment. ;)

BTW, 7 achievements can be completed only after completing the whole game and revisiting certain places. And final note If you missed some achievements, don't worry, you can get all of them after completing the whole game. No need for restarting or loading. ;)

Copyright notice: Feel free to use my screenshots in your local language guide. Be kind and mention me as author of these screenshots.

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Secret achievement. Click on the blossoms. You'll get the achievement after clicking on all of them.
Secret achievement. Jump up and hide in the cave. Wait until deer comes closer and stops on the ledge.
Quickly get out and jump on his back.
Secret achievement. Click on three rocks marked on the screenshot. The third one will unlock after completing the bridge puzzle and walking on the other side of the screen. So wait until then because previous clicks don't count. I don't think there's a specific order in which you should click the stones.
Secret achievement. Summon and form up mushroom spirits three times in a row. First time guy will pick up some mushrooms. Second time you let grow all mushrooms back. And third time is the charm.
Story achievement. The only story achievement. You can't miss this one. Complete the spaceship. Video sequence follows during which you'll get the achievement.



Jing Jang
Secret achievement. Get to the top level and play two correct sequences on moth antennas. After second sequence you'll be rewarded with Jing Jang.
Sequence 1: 1 3 3 2 4 1
Sequence 2: 3 4 1 2 3 3 1 1 4 4 4 2 2 2
Secret achievement. Wait until woodpecker lands on the platform in the middle and click him. Woodworm comes out to chase woodpecker.
Secret achievement. After succesfully moving turtle backwards and revealing entrance to lower part of this planet repeat the whole process. Pop turtle's back as before. Turtle blocks entrance again. But under it's head will appear a little goldbug which starts running to the right side. Move turtle again backwards to continue main quest.
Liana Bats
Secret achievement. Grab and release 6 bats.

Secret achievement. After completing the puzzle in monkey spa and filling repaired cup with water go back to the location with cup. Put the "shower head" on water nozzle. And return back down to the monkey spa and repeat same process as before. Pump the water and flowers will grow out. Flowers attract bees. And bees attract goldfish which will every once in a while jump out of the cup. Click the fish.

Mimicking Parrot
Secret achievement. Click the parrot. He will tell you sound sequence. Click marked creatures/objects to replicate the sequence. Repeat 4 times until you get achievement.
Sequence 1: 1 3
Sequence 2: 3 5 2
Sequence 3: 2 5 3 4
Sequence 4: 4 3 1 2 5
Sleeping Parrot
Secret achievement. Solve the flower puzzle and grow a fruit on plants. Parrot will eat it twice and than fall asleep. TIP: In case of any trouble harvest all white plants. Leave the planet and return later. White plant will grow again so you'll be able to repeat the process and gain this achievement. (Thanks to Dondoko for this tip.)
Saint Termite
Secret achievement. Watch the termites. Some of them stop at the end of the log for a few seconds. Click them when they stop and they start singing. 5 termites should do the trick. Several more join the choir and Saint Termite will appear as well as your achievement.
Dancing Fungus
Secret achievement. Set the partition as shown and marked on the screenshot. And drop the ball into the first hole. It should trigger the first termite down on the left. Termite pulls the lever and fungus on your left starts dancing.
Spiral Smoke
Secret achievement. Click the green parrot. He drops a poop on the tent. Wait for it. While tea guy is distracted by cleaning the mess quickly go and smoke forbidden shisha to get achievement.
Secret achievement. Click on three cicadas and listen to their music. At the end of the sequence you'll get the achievement. All three cicadas must be "on". And I believe that the third one will appear right before completing mandragora puzzle and quest. So if you see only two cicadas, come back here a bit later.

Hermit Crabs
Secret achievement. Observe. Two hermit crabs are crawling at the bottom of the screen. Click bigger hermit crab. He stops. When he moves click him again. Repeat one more time. At this moment smaller crab should be close enough to climb at the shell of the first crab. If not just click the first crab again and wait.
Crab Pyramid
Secret achievement. Stack four crabs on thems(h)elves.
Story achievement. Solve the puzzle to open the Sputnik. Do not forget to grab second story book.
Secret achievement. Click hidden centipede. Let it crawl for few seconds and click it again. If you havent received the achievement try it again and let the centipede crawl on the wall for a bit longer.
Cave Bats
Secret achievement. Wake up first pair of the bats (1). Then the second pair (2). Then the last bat (3). Go back to the first pair and set them flying again (4). If all bats are airborne at the same time you'll get the achievement. EDIT: You can skip the first step and the correct sequence is just 2 -> 3 -> 4.

Singing Mouse
Secret achievement. Listen to the mouse hidden in the pipe and play correct musical sequence on the water machine.
Sequence: 1 2 4 5 7 4 5 6
Secret achievement. Click the white owl. You might need to click it several times. Took three times until I got the achievement. Possible locations of the owl are marked on the screenshot.

Four Flutes
Secret achievement. Use the flute on yourself and play tune with monks. After moving away you should receive achievement.
Distilled Spirits
Secret achievement. Repeat whole process at the distillery one more time and you'll create distilled spirits.
Cosmic Ring
Secret achievement. You have received spaceship upgrade. Hop in the spaceship and fly away to try it out.
Shem Is Home
Secret achievement. Fly to the crescent moon where lies the robot. Pick up the Shem. Fly to the blue moon where is Shem guardian and return him the Shem.

Young Spirits
Secret achievement. Land on the small moon launched from the volcanic planet.

Sprouting Tree
Secret achievement. Return to the log moon. Go left and visit sprouting tree. Tree spirit appears and achievement is yours.
Secret achievement. Return to your home planet. Come closer to your house. When the dog sees you, he'll come over to you.
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supernaut Feb 22 @ 3:11pm 
I gave the knife back to the mushroom picker after completing the card puzzle. How do I get it back from him or do I start the game over?
Ari Dec 14, 2019 @ 1:41am 
бомбическое руководство! огромный thanks!!!:samorost_mouse:
oiking Dec 3, 2019 @ 1:22am 
Thanks for your guide, so helpful!
MakoSipper Jun 24, 2019 @ 6:05pm 
I gave you a thumbs up just for the introduction. As I don't have to worry about missing anything, I can hunt for these achievements after I beat the game, and I'll try to figure them out from the images and names as part of the fun :sans:
qip 😈 May 12, 2018 @ 2:51am 
THANK U! :samorost_mouse:
♰Noxah✨Nukem♰ Apr 15, 2018 @ 3:27pm 
Helped me out a lot with certain things. Thank you so much! :Hope:
The Queen Salis Feb 5, 2018 @ 6:34am 
Another easter egg is that when you get back and took through telescope again, there's cherry in the left vision field and some floating critter in the forward one.
vancymoon Feb 3, 2018 @ 8:02am 
And there is an Easter egg: in the end let the boy jump into the bed, wait for a second and then he'll dream all the friends he meets during the travel. Happy ending and marvelous game!
catslanderer Dec 30, 2017 @ 3:55pm 
"BTW, 7 achievements can be completed only after completing the whole game and revisiting certain places. And final note If you missed some achievements, don't worry, you can get all of them after completing the whole game. No need for restarting or loading."

Thanks for saying this. I wish every achievement guide listed this information.
teemu92 Dec 19, 2017 @ 6:04pm 
Thanks! :wil::ontoagoodthing: