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my favourite puzzles in workshop.
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Test H2 - First labyrinth
Created by Lothbrok
First test in labyrinth...
No money for chambers 2
Created by DaMaGepy
An insanely large medium-hard difficulty outdoor map with new testing elements, exploration, secrets, optional sidequest and a lot of hidden achievements!

If you like my maps and want to support me paying my bills or just want to encourage...
Created by Mevious
Intermediate cube transportation techniques...
Created by Mevious
Don't get too attached to your cubes. Inspired by some of Gig's maps....
The Winter Testing Initiative
Created by Tmast98
A new testing course has arrived just in time for the holiday season! Can you make it through the five festive tests GLaDOS has in store for you?

~We strongly recomend playing this map in high shader detail, as certain custom textures will not look ...
Simple idea
Created by LaFoRiK
Be here, press that....
Heaven's Gate
Created by Ness
Cross Heaven's Gate....
Half a Dozen Days of Christmas: Day 5 (2015)
Created by TheDarkBomber
Christmas Map 2015:Well, welcome to the 5th day of our countdown! And look, it's snowing! Hope the holiday cheer doesn't want to make you stop testing!!...
Killing Machine part 5
Created by Tmast98
Back on the testing track, continue completing Glados's tests......

~Difficulty: Medium

~Estimated Time: 15-20 Minutes

~Notes: This map/series spoils the end of the first DLC and the end of the Co-op campaign. If you dont' want these spoiled do no...
Quality Control: Buttons
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Easy] Welcome to Aperture Science's Quality Control Testing Initiative. Today, you'll be testing our Heavy Duty Super-colliding Super-buttons. Who's ready to do some quality checking?

Update 1: Added a pedestal button to the laser relay that temporaril...
New Testing Elements
Created by Mystical λce
New Fizzlers and New stuff that includes lasers. GoodLuck.

Made using BEE2.4

BEE2.4 links:


Created by Ciirulean
A clean, behind-the-scenes styled test chamber that requires the player to manipulate a rotating portal device, located in the center of the map, to finish....
Reconstruction: Part 2
Created by LoneWolf2056
Medium Difficulty
As GLaDOS powers up the facility you continue testing, looking for an escape.

Thanks to Josepezdj for custom signage and Lpfreaky90, tmast98, Mevious and VampireSausage for testing....
Created by Mevious
Conserve your energy....
Created by Mevious
Coordination is key. Unfortunately there's only one of you....
Created by Mevious
Use/abuse what you have learned so far....
Created by ColorCubeMan
Introducing the solid field....
Created by Mevious
Made for bi-weekly 14 "Double Sacrifice"

If you can please provide a demo, video or description of your solution. Also let me know if you can get a cube past the blue gel wall....
Bright Side Dark Side
Created by touchy_finger
One cube for both sides...
Created by Fluppy
Plan everything out before you act.

'Streamline' is a map made by Fluppy and Mevious....
Created by Enderlux
This is a sort of experimental map using a very reduced-to-the-basics artstyle, I had fun building it, and I hope you'll have fun playing it. The puzzles aren't too hard. There are three tests in this map and also a little secret! Please don't spoil it in ...
THE BEAST Rollercoaster
Created by sterling013
Legend has it, if you are traveling to Cincinnati Ohio, head north to Kings Island, and if you dare to go into the deep backwoods, you may run across something laying in wait known as THE BEAST.

In 1979, THE BEAST was unleashed upon the public as the ...
Masterpiece (Rollercoaster)
Created by Australiumfish
You've played other rollercoaster maps out of boredom.

Some even surprised you by using large areas, or thin corridors filled with turrets.

Experience a rollercoaster with more variety than any other.*

As always, portalable start and end for repl...
Smallest Puzzle in the Multiverse
Created by yassermalaika
...that is still an actual puzzle.

Less is Moore's law... On steroids.

Wait, what?

TimeTOdie 100 - The End Part 2/3 (Advanced Series)
Created by TimeTOdie
Welcome to my 100th chamber and my tenth special chamber. This is a series of three chambers with various difficulty. Each has four puzzles. Part 2 is an advanced chamber.

Part 1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=376109406
Part 3: ...
Verteron 2
Created by Skyferret
A sequel to Verteron. Glass floors and vertically stacked chambers. Reconstruct style. A little bit of BTS included. Minimal hazards. Easy to medium difficulty.

Look for easter eggs and Wheatley. He's roaming around in there somewhere....
The Best of Gig - Vol. 1
Created by Fluppy
Fluppy took two of Gig's best puzzles and redesigned them in Hammer. In this recreation of "Archipelago" and "Dovetail" you can enjoy two chambers with extra details while solving puzzles.

Difficulty: head-scratching

Puzzle concept: Gig
Design + de...
The Paradine Parable
Created by Skyferret
The lab boys have been at it again. I get the thing about teleportation, but zero point modulated quantum physics goes way over me. I call it science. Actually, I don't get this teleportation thing but I think it's cool.

Industrial and some underg...
Prolonged Exposure
Created by Stratos
Testing focus: Lasers and Hazardous Liquids
Difficulty: Easy-medium / medium
Expected play time: Several minutes to, say, twenty?
Version: 1.1

This map features Thermal Discouragement Beams, Toxic Goo and Fizzlers, with some Laser Redirection require...
Created by The Rabbit
Designed to highlight the acrobatics nature of mobility gels, 1971 is an old-Aperture science sphere featuring long-distance flings, steep drops, and puzzles centered around repulsion and propulsion gels.

All comments and criticism are appreciated....
Easy steps - A Wyld Drew Chamber.
Created by Wyld Drew
This is a solo chamber, I hope you like it.
The cube is your friend...

Issues fixed where test subjects could get stuck in wall panels.

Issue also fixed with a silly wall being naughty and not letting test subjects place portals on it when the
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. Apparently one of our employees was out "walking the dog" the other day - at least that's what he told me - when their dog just happened to dig up a lump of fossilised amber. Now, if you ask me it sounds like he was doing an archaeological dig w...
Don't Press the Button
Created by Mars
Don't press the button.

Unless you want to, I guess.

(sound on) ;)

I started this a while ago, but never finished it, so I decided to complete something for once in my life.
Let me know how it works or if there's any bugs or glitches or if some ...
Created by 7GE4
It's a bridge with a funnel. Good luck, and have fun. :)

Difficulty: Very easy (0.5/5)
Type: Logic-oriented, OR gate mechanics, beginner-friendly
Related maps: Shuttle

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