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[TTT] Lucky Horseshoe (Passive Perk)
Type: Weapon, Addon
Tags: Fun, Roleplay
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Mar 22, 2016 @ 10:22am
Jul 11 @ 2:15am
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[TTT] Lucky Horseshoe (Passive Perk)

In 1 collection by Zaratusa
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NOTICE: This Addon only works for the TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) - Gamemode.
For TTT2 (Trouble in Terrorist Town 2) use this version of the Lucky Horseshoe.

The Lucky Horseshoe is a passive item for Traitors and Detectives (configurable via ConVars), which decreases the taken fall damage by 90% and the remaining damage is limited to a maximum of 35 damage. After you've bought the item in the shop, an icon shows up on the left hand side of your screen to indicate, that the perk is active.

Includes an individual .vmt and .vtf shop icon.

Damage Examples
Without horseshoe: You take 100 damage, so you are dead.
With horseshoe: You take 90% less, so it's 10 damage.

Without horseshoe: You take 400 damage, so you are definetly dead.
With horsehoe: You take 90% less, that's 40 damage, but because it's limited, you take 35 damage.

# Should Detectives be able to buy the Lucky Horseshoe? ttt_luckyhorseshoe_detective [0/1] (default: 1) # Should Detectives have it in their Loadout? ttt_luckyhorseshoe_detective_loadout [0/1] (default: 0) # Should Traitors be able to buy the Lucky Horseshoe? ttt_luckyhorseshoe_traitor [0/1] (default: 1) # Should Traitors have it in their Loadout? ttt_luckyhorseshoe_traitor_loadout [0/1] (default: 0)

Note: After changing these values, you have to restart your map/server.

Server Infos
Add it to your server by following this guide: Workshop for Dedicated Servers[]
Use Automatic Workshop Download so all client automatically download the required content.

Note: You may encounter the following console message, which can be ignored: "Refusing to load ttt_lucky_horseshoe because it is missing Type and Base keys!"

The available translation keys are "lucky_horseshoe_name" and "lucky_horseshoe_desc".
See the official Translation Documentation[].

The whole source code can be found on GitHub[], feel free to contribute.

Thanks for reading, enjoy and have fun!
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Yeeten Cowboy Mode Nov 22, 2016 @ 1:12pm 
Thats good, gonna add it to my collection if the other owner agrees :)
Zaratusa  [author] Nov 22, 2016 @ 10:14am 
Changed the description and added damage examples!