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Grimy's Loot Mod
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Mar 21, 2016 @ 11:07pm
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Grimy's Loot Mod

In 2 collections by GrimyBunyip
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Grimy's Modular Overhaul
52 items
This mod adds Diablo Style Loot to the game.

Lockboxes are opened with research.
Lockboxes contain weapons already filled with randomized upgrades.
Higher tier lockboxes won't appear until later into the game.

96 new upgrades for primary weapons
81 new upgrades for armors
45 new upgrades for pistols
45 new upgrades for swords
87 new upgrades for gremlins
45 new upgrades for psi amps
45 new upgrades for grenade launchers

2 New Continent Bonuses
Prowler's Profit - Lockbox loot contains only advanced and superior upgrades
Safe Cracker - Lockbox decryption time is halved.

Expansion Packs
Alien Rulers Expansion
PCS Expansion


Balance Thoughts:

Supply/Intel rewards are not as relevant in the lategame. This mod helps offset that

Epic and Legendary Tier upgrades don't drop until the mid and late game, but are intentionally very powerful. Legendary tier upgrades are around as powerful as colonel level perks.

The two continent bonuses: Armed to the Teeth, Lock and Load would be a bit too powerful with this mod, and are consequently disabled by default. You can re-enable them via the INI file.



Source Overrides:

Includes MCM Support

Drop table Overrides:
BlackMarketLoot_01, BlackMarketLoot_02, BlackMarketLoot_03
BasicWeaponUpgrades, AdvancedWeaponUpgrades, SuperiorWeaponUpgrades
All ADVENT and Alien timed loot drop tables from vanilla.


Console Commands
GiveItemNickname(string SoldierName, string Nickname, string HexColor, int SlotNum)
Use to give an item a colored nickname
Soldier Name - "Firstname Lastname", capitalization matters!
Nickname - New nickname for your item
Hexcolor - New color for item name
SlotNum - 1 = armor, 2 = primary, 3 = secondary, 4 = heavy, 5 = utility, 9 = grenade, 10 = sim, 11 = ammo

UpgradeItemsForSchematic(string SchematicName)
you can use this to force any items to upgrade.
example: UpgradeItemsForSchematic AssaultRifle_BM_Schematic

Use in case you can't see your research


Q - How to I add weapons/armors from other mods to the lockbox drops?
A - Please give this link to the author of the other mod if that mod doesn't already add their items to my loot mod automatically.
You can also edit the INI yourself to add new items to lockbox drops as well.

Q - How do I attach upgrades to sidearms and armor?
A - You will need all the required mods, listed in the required mods section

Q - How do I get randomized appearances for sidearms?
A - You will need my highlander mod, which is only available on nexus (Workshop won't let me upload it)

Q - I'm not getting any drops!
A - Try deleting the following folder:
C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\Config

Q - How do I change drop rates and other settings?
A - You can find the relevant ini files in the following directory:

Q - Why are my swords showing +20/100 aim?
A - Not caused by this mod, probably caused by balanced ranger swords or something else in your load order.

Q - I'm getting so much more / so much less loot now, please fix!
A - This mod doesn't alter drop rates of vanilla items. Either another mod is doing that or it's just RNG.

Q - I can't open my loot crates!
A - Use the GrimyLootUpdateResearch console command.
No it doesn't disable your achievements.


Special Thanks to:
PopeUrban, Haddox - Art Assets
Thunderbeast - Korean Translations
Вожбан-Литрус Вопурт-Тритьюдар - Russian Translation
Wraxil - Implementation for continent bonuses
I am of course, welcoming anyone else who is interested in contributing.
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Usagi Aug 18 @ 4:31pm 
I'm having a problem with this mod. That being that I can't find any way to open the boxes. I see them after missions, they re in my invintory and I can sell them to the blackmarket. But, i can not, for the life of me, find anywhere they can be opened. It says open them with reserch, but they aren't on my list of reserch options. Am I missing something or has something gone wrong?
于哥还是你于哥 Jul 31 @ 12:19am 
Breezy101 Jul 10 @ 12:22pm 
I have strongboxes.. none are showing up as researchingable though... I downloaded this mod about half way through the playthrough, is this affecting it?
Pulsusego Jun 17 @ 2:25pm 
Update in case anyone else is ever looking for a way to change this like I am: I'm sorry to say it but I couldn't find a damn thing causing the minimum number requirements, and ended up just having to replace default.whateverreferencednumber variables with the specific number I wanted. It's a pretty bad solution but it's the only one I could find lol. I am deeply inexperienced though, so there's that. At any rate, hope this helps (assuming anyone is ever interested in the fist place :D).
MB62 Jun 14 @ 2:04pm 
this work for wotc?
Crimsomreaf5555 May 15 @ 2:06pm 
any way to add a item into your inventroy manually through console i dont know the ids
Pulsusego May 15 @ 1:41pm 
Is there any particular reason that the minimum base research times and marginal increase rates are [reverse?] capped at 240 and 24 respectively? I wanted to make the loot boxes start at a certain cost but not increase with each box that's opened, but editing the config files both in the workshop and mygames/xcom2/config (or whatever the path is) didn't accomplish that, and just reset the xcom2/config file to 24's again, although the workshop config(ini? I forget which) didn't reset. I even reset the options in the mod options menu in hopes it would take the config info from the workshop file.

After all that failed I looked through the src files and all of the config files for something that would let me remove the minimum limit, but I couldn't find anything. If anybody could help me out here I'd appreciate it a bunch. Thanks!

Oh, and regardless of my trouble with this, the mod is really neat. Good job, thanks for your work. (:
Dragortius May 14 @ 4:46pm 
i see a lot of comment about no being updated, but i will still leave this "warning".
a psi amp that you can get from the crates gives your psi-op a ability to raise psi-zombies, cool, but gamebreaking, cause, if you gon on a mission in which you HAVE to evac, the psi-zombie will count as a agent, but he can't evac, and, for some reason, the alien reinforcements won't come to kill it when you already leave with all your agents, it will just say they are coming, but wont appear, and the mission "fails" since you can't finish it because you "didn't evac everyone yet".

just leaving this "careful" sign right here.
ruxolitinib Apr 14 @ 6:24pm 
I am using like 30 mods. Checked, no overriden conflict, but everytime i activate it game crashes (do not even launch) and try to collect data for feedback.
Grunty Apr 12 @ 1:17am 
A mod to add loot boxes in the game. Hmm, no thanks.