Space Engineers

Space Engineers

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UNSC (ONI) Ships, Stations, and Mods
This is the vehicles, stations, and mods used by the UNSC (ONI) faction.
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Longsword Bomber
Created by Dr. Fish, PhD
This is a speedy, atmosphere-capable bomber with 9 synchronized bomb chutes and a targeting camera. It is reccomended for use with two pilots for accurate bombing, but can be flown by one person. Also, equipped with a connector and a gatling gun controlled...
Sabre Interceptor
Created by Dr. Fish, PhD
This heavily armed Interceptor, designed for use in conjunction with the Longsword-class Bomber, is able to keep up with most fighters both in and out of atmosphere, and is prepared to dish out punishment from it's massive armory, including a missile turre...
Guns EX
Created by Aoi
Need a better gun?
Looking for something to squash some bugs?

Look no futher!

Update v1.1

Balancing and Ammo blueprints

Large Ship Railguns [Deprecated, link inside]
Created by Lazermaniac
Please check out the revamped version by Whiplash141 at

What's this all about?
This mod intends to address the lack of long-range ship-to-ship combat by introducin...