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S - Realistic Door Buttons - NO Highlight
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Mar 21, 2016 @ 11:24am
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S - Realistic Door Buttons - NO Highlight

S - Realistic Door Buttons

This is in my opinion properly made doors - with buttons

It is more realistic than the current version in game

I hate Highlight on doors :)

Replace original doors

Survival ready

DX9 - DX11

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[27thT] Paradox Feb 8 @ 9:36am 
use catwalks and it looks like you threw some sheet metal down
space_artist_4real May 31, 2017 @ 7:28am 
Yo Sektan, could you do something about preventing blocks from merging into one grid when placing them individually into the ground? I'm trying to make a sort of walking path for the exterior of my base and, because the ground is uneven, I cannot just place my vertical windows in a simple row, I have to place them individually into the ground so the shutter parts don't stick out too much (I just want them to look like a grid that stand out of the ground).

However, if I place one too close to another (to make a path), they just merge into one grid! To prevent this, I have to give an angle to the vents but that distorts the design alot...

I hope there is something you can do about it :)
Vinyl ReWind Sep 30, 2016 @ 2:22pm 
Does this mod and your other one "" do the exact same thing?? It seems like one just acts more like a button would in space engineers than the other. Clarification?
Son o'Petrified Sep 18, 2016 @ 12:41pm 
I loved it when SE had it this way... I agree about highlited doors looking funny. I like mods like this.
Reev Jun 27, 2016 @ 8:56am 
Thanks man
Chase Gamer May 10, 2016 @ 12:33pm 
+1 I liked it better when buttons needed pressed instead of doors.
Arumath Mar 27, 2016 @ 6:37pm 
Thank you I thoguht I was going to be stuck with highlights...ugh
Alos Mar 27, 2016 @ 8:59am 
i hate the door highlight. its so close to the model that it make the static look. its horrible.
stratovariant Mar 22, 2016 @ 8:11am 
Considering that as a person you do not really look at the doorhandles(unless you are thinking about it) when you open a door, the door highlight makes sense when you reason it out, its just reflex.
NOT saying that your mod is useless, quite the contrary, I find it more secure this way, because it is so easy to just decompress a room by mistake with the new door highlight that having a small surface area to click(as it was originally) is far less worrysome. So thanks for the mod :D
Foxxy Renamon Mar 21, 2016 @ 6:46pm 
Hey Sektan, now that Battlefleet Gothic is out, are you going to be doing any mods themed from that? I'd love to get a glorious golden Eagle or such as a command bridge!