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G.O.S Al Rayak
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Mar 19, 2016 @ 5:33am
Jul 27, 2016 @ 9:20am
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G.O.S Al Rayak

The map is 20 x 20 km, and aims at loosely representing a middle-eastern country.

40 km of coastline,
7 cities,
3 seaports,
2 main rivers,
4 airfields,
about 100 villages,
many bridges, and far more trees than would be here in reality.

Changelog V0041:

Correction of dependancies.
Removed Chernarus and BRG_Africa fro mthe list of required addons.

Redone the whole config to cope with patch 1.60.
Modified ground textures and vegetation accordingly.

This addon requires CUP terrains to provide Arma 2 objects.

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May 15, 2019 @ 4:36pm
Runway lights floating above terrain at South-West island airbase
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EO Mar 20 @ 12:51pm 
@Rhyosode, map name is pja310
Rhyosode Mar 19 @ 4:49pm 
**** I should add I made a custom KP liberation Al Rayak file, I just need to get my mission config correct.
Rhyosode Mar 19 @ 4:48pm 
Does anybody know the the missionnamehere.(Map name) is for Al Rayak? my PBO isn't working because I don't have the proper name in that space.
Drift_91 May 15, 2019 @ 4:33pm 
This map requires CUP Terrains Core I believe.
Stratidemic May 7, 2019 @ 10:28am 
"Item502.type.Vehicle class Land_fortified_nest_small_EP1 no longer exists"

I keep getting the above error, is there a dependancy im missing?
riotgrrl_adria Apr 13, 2019 @ 7:43am 
Changing the names, and some of the physical aspects of it just to try and cover ones ass isn't a bad idea though, just to doubly be safe.
riotgrrl_adria Apr 13, 2019 @ 7:41am 
The only time you would likely face legal repercussions is if you grossly misrepresent a location. If I were to say that New York is home of American terrorists and represent that in my work, it could get me in legal trouble.
Otherwise, things like representations, like photos, models, etc. would fall under fair use.
riotgrrl_adria Apr 13, 2019 @ 7:38am 
" travel back in time around 1990 when copy right barely was a thing..."
Copyright is well over a hundred years old.

A city has to apply for a copyright on its name and be approved, and have the US (or other country) recognize the validity of the copyright.

Then, they would have to bring a copyright claim against you in your own country. If they want monetary damages, they have to file for claims against you in the state you live, if you live in the US.

How copyright is done these days, is that a company, on the behalf of the copyright holder, would file suit against you in your country. If they want to move further than that, they have to take it to your state, which often relies on hiring a lawyer in your state to do so on their behalf.
This is highly unlikely to happen, as its not worth the hassle, and international copyright is...messy.
EatDatPussy445 Mar 23, 2019 @ 5:15am 
Make a big ol urban terrain that is wartorn