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G.O.S Al Rayak
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Mar 19, 2016 @ 5:33am
Jul 27, 2016 @ 9:20am
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G.O.S Al Rayak

The map is 20 x 20 km, and aims at loosely representing a middle-eastern country.

40 km of coastline,
7 cities,
3 seaports,
2 main rivers,
4 airfields,
about 100 villages,
many bridges, and far more trees than would be here in reality.

Changelog V0041:

Correction of dependancies.
Removed Chernarus and BRG_Africa fro mthe list of required addons.

Redone the whole config to cope with patch 1.60.
Modified ground textures and vegetation accordingly.

This addon requires CUP terrains to provide Arma 2 objects.

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Luke Stroud 20 hours ago 
lmao butchered the location names for where they are in accordance to eachother in the real world... wouldnt of hurt to go on google maps
therobloxskilleryt Aug 26 @ 2:37am 
can someone make Altis and stratis in one terrain?
TWKnight Jul 6 @ 12:41pm 
+we tortured some folks
Or you could just ignore the map.
But I guess you're too much of a cunt to control yourself.
Fuck S͘team Jun 15 @ 11:59am 
so i take it that like with every GOS map ever released for the past ten years youll do the same thing with this one: shit it out full of errors and glitches that make it unplayable then never update it again. then when people ask you questions you'll either ignore them or get angry at them. its been over two years and the map still looks like shit and is fucked up. you dont care? why do you frenchies even bother making this? do you actually use it for your little clan events? how?

why even waste everyones time saying youll fix things and then never doing it? just give me the god damned map files and ill fix all the bridges are terrain grade problems myself in 24 hours. i have to wait three years for one of you frogs to even respond to me. if i talk in french then would you care to read? Correction de la putain de carte! C'est poubelle!
GeneralKong May 20 @ 2:18pm 
@Sycholic: Read the Description
Sycholic Mar 26 @ 4:35am 
why's this say it needs cup_worlds as a dependancy is marked as none? o.O Safe to ignore that?
derfnerf Mar 11 @ 7:07am 
Will the map be updated at all to fix the look of the trees and vegetation? From far away it looks very low res.
ZEMPIRE-_H4X4D3- Feb 27 @ 9:00am 
why the fuck is this needed for an EXILE NAPF server?????????
✪ Nicky [BTTE] Feb 3 @ 10:33am 
There are towns that dont have roads or buildings just floating stormtroopers for our server can you explain why?
netskype Jan 4 @ 3:08pm 
@ GOS_Makhno, hey, there are floating objects on the map. nml. the guardhouses that where not usaly there. maybe you add them before the latest update. but great job on the map i like it.